In this little woods “private meeting” was the only thing people saw!

Jiang Chutian really blinked: “Oh, he will not be anything about children it?Quickly go look it.”
Well Huoer can not go directly to the herd.
A tree burst into the woods, they saw Liu Toho tied to a tree, who was also stripped of clothes are clean, leaving a Xieku, that face is swollen like a pig, I do not know to be a hit or because they were throwing in the little woods one night, the coming and going of the moth, which has even, this body out of a road with willow leaves to the “welt”, is really shocking.
Dongbao Liu also weak shouting: “Help, help ah.”
“Oh, do you mean the?He was given ended up this way?”Liu uncle to see the eyes are straight.
Liu Toho ferocious look to Jiang Chu, almost wished she would cut to pieces!
Jiang Chu was a look of innocence and confusion.
“Hey, you see Jiang Chu doing it?Chia is not the person to do it?I told you this kid is not too much, ruined his home