I could not help but temper, this is called white young leaves of the heart, although Mo Yu’s boyfriend, but even Mo, it may not be able to secure the jobs of him, a promising young would be so ruined.

  Offended Husan Ye, would like to mix it in the static pool City?Can not live out of a static pool of the city are afraid suspense.
  When Hu Dongliang voice down, leaves some lazy white against the chair, tilted his legs, his right hand on the table and index finger rhythmic pounding desktop, sound indifferent.
  ”Your father?Even Hu lame came, so he did not dare talk to me.”

Chapter 19 Yueyao birthday (four)

  Hu.Hu lame!
  How dare this guy Jiaohu sanhu lame!
  Hu three of the nickname many people know, but no one dared to so called, whether it is big business, or the brightest chiefs, who do not respectfully heard Husan Ye!?
  This kid really do not know bragging, actually dared to address him lame Hu!
  This kid want to live it!
  Hu Dongliang extremely gloomy face, angry.
  ”Chop suey, you court death!”
  Mo heart Yu also stunned, did not think things would develop to such a degree, had only thought at most, there will be some gunpowder, let Hu Dongliang