Sample, he said: “The gang noisy, even a chummy people do not, what does that mean there is a meals?While we still have to sing, wasted life.”

Tang Junsheng desert Taizi Ye know that he is, naturally do not engage in strenuous relationships.Other young performers still going to look at entertainment, even useless, at least to maintain harmony at the surface.

Hey miles snore two had finished the meal.Cen late to macarons and cakes close up, going to get back snacks.To go back to the Tang Junsheng.Cen said late own idle is idle, then sent him to the station, by the way walking eliminate digestion.

Two out of the snack bar, Cen night shivering, said: “OMG, I borrowed coat draped cold look.”

He said Tang Junsheng sleeves ripped off one of their own and got in.Tang Junsheng cover inside coat is quite warm, but two big guy squeezed in a military coat, do not walk.

Tang Junsheng had to be drawn to the other sleeves, like a cloak, like over your body, make do with him together with.

Cen late breath, could not help laughing, said: “You who stinks.”

Tang Junsheng angry, and fried hair and said: “This is the coat of taste, I also sprayed out in front of Zuma dragon cologne it!”

Cen late sniffed hard, sage is a little taste, feel better then laughed,