Sissy no matter how noisy, and Shen Dongming Liu Fu Lin Zhen did not move to let Ann go back Yicheng mind, it touches on so surprised Ann Zhen.Just look in her eyes, Liu Sisi Fu Lin Shen but responsive, did not agree at Cici Shen so noisy, can people really unexpected.

Early in the morning, Ann Zhen usual when five o’clock wake up, wash finished after her, carrying on a pair of sneakers out of the door, this time all the people inside the house were not up yet, remarkably quiet inside the villa, Ann when Zhen walking in the white jade marble, but the sudden burst of flustered, flustered this sense of her neck staring upright, she immediately stood, eyes followed intuition, subconsciously to the first floor and looked in another direction.

Look past that direction is room villa recently did not come to the guests, the room should be a person who did not fishes.Ann Zhen see of inexplicable, but my mind was very cold, she lifted her legs, to which one, let her feel the most unusual room went.

When she took getting closer, she heard the sound of footsteps behind him quietly, Ann Zhen turned his agile body, but come to find is wearing a uniform housekeeper.

“Ah, yes, Miss Zhen.”Butler turned his head to see the Ann Zhen, there