it is good.

  ”Why did he want to sell you shoes?”
  ”In order to live chant.”Boss shrugged:” Now working hard to find ah.”
  Understand small reptiles with shoes is not to go out on foot, but for cash after selling shoes, Donna shocked.
  In her prepared dozens of “catch back runaway slaves” scenario, just not the way to deal with this situation in front.
  ”Little sister how does this interest?You also have something to sell it?”The boss said with a smile.
  He had just casually ask, did not think Donna hesitated a long while, really come up with something.
  ”Uncle, how much to sell this?”
  The boss looked at her out of the candy box, laughed: “girl, this may not make enough money.”
  Donna Baba looked at him, pointed to two pairs of shoes on the counter: “two pairs of shoes that you can change?”
  ”Of course not succeed.”The boss did not hesitate to say:” Your baby is not enough even a fraction of what he.”
  He said no, then how do?
  Coercion, since the lure does not work, it will only.
  Donna just want to do something with a magic trick, a pair of large hand picked her up from behind.
  ”Receipt forget away.”Yu Chak black face, said:” You follow me out?”