What are the chances that your marriage will go wrong in January?

Every young person will eventually walk into the marriage hall after a sweet love period, and will always yearn for the marriage life at the beginning.. However, marriage is not only beautiful. As time goes by, some troubles and contradictions will slowly emerge between the two sides.. So would you like to know the chances of your marriage going wrong in January?? Test it and you will know the answer. Now let’s do a marriage test together.! 1、. Do you like being alone? Yes, no, not bad. 2.. Do you hide with your friends? Will not occasionally 3,. When are you most at ease? When I was alone, when I was at home with my friends, 4.. Friends you know borrow money from you, will you lend them?? Will it depend on the situation 5,. Do you like to play role-playing games? Do you like the occasional 6,. Are you a person with good living habits? Is it not necessarily 7,. Faced with difficulties, will you choose to face them?? Will take the initiative to face the choice to avoid seeking help 8,. Do you trust your other half? Trust, distrust, general 9,. What do you think is the most important thing in marriage inside? Concerned about communication initiative 10, are you willing to take the initiative to pay for each other? There is a 20% chance that your marriage will have problems in January.. It is very normal to have a little contradiction in real marriage. It depends on how you can ease the relationship at this time.. You are a person who is willing to pay for the other party and will take the initiative to care for the other party. You play a more dominant role in marriage inside.. However, when there are minor quarrels and quarrels about conjugal love, it will not be a big problem for you.. B, 40% Chance Your marriage in January has a 40% chance of problems in inside. You are a person who will take the initiative to care for each other, but sometimes you are more self-conscious, your care is often more verbal, and you will not take the initiative to give yourself. Although they will feel your concern at first, they will not satisfy their formal concern for a long time.. Dissatisfaction may become more and more serious, and more people need to take the initiative to give themselves up.. C, 50% Chance Your marriage in January inside has a 50% chance of problems. Your problem is that you neglect each other for a long time. Although there will be communication between you, communication cannot enhance your mutual feelings.. Marriage is not only communication between each other but also caring for each other from the heart.. When conflicts arise, you need to think calmly and don’t be too impulsive.. At ordinary times, paying more attention to each other will bring you new feelings.. There is a 100% chance that your marriage in inside will have problems in January.. You trust your other half very much, so you won’t ask too much about each other’s affairs, but you won’t take the initiative to care about each other easily, always making each other feel your existence.. Too much trust and indulgence can easily cause problems between each other.. You may need to pay more attention to the mode of getting along between the two sides. If you continue like this, it will easily cause big problems and both sides need to change together.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..