姆南加古瓦 sworn in as the new President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe to pay tribute: still as a father

  [Global Times special correspondent in South Africa Global Times reporter Li Zhiwei Zhang Xueting Ren Wang Kuaicong] Zimbabwe political drama into the final chapter。 (AFP language) yesterday released previously as vice president, fled to South Africa 姆南加古瓦 officially sworn in as the second national leaders since Zimbabwe's independence in mid-1980。
From the outside, this power transfer for 10 days under 24 Sunset curtain, which is also a key figure in the political fate settled; but for the people of Zimbabwe, a new era has just begun, 姆南加古瓦 left them the state will embark on a new path impression。 South Africa "The Independent" that people skeptical, but full of hope and patience。
  Historic moment, for the inauguration of the 24th Zimbabwe "Herald", the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other media have dubbed this title。
姆南加古瓦 the swearing-in ceremony held at the Zimbabwe National Stadium can accommodate 60,000 people。 This is the free admission ceremony。 The influx of hundreds of thousands of people early stadium, near the road is crowded, people can not enter the field will be gathered on the sidelines。
Zimbabwe Federation of Overseas Chinese executive vice president Zhao 24th Division told the "Global Times" reporter。
OTC, excited 姆南加古瓦 supporters dancing with music, written thank you, dawn of a new era of our soldiers banner of retaliation say the word is very eye-catching。 Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF Tianjin issued a statement before the inauguration ceremony, called on people to the site to watch: Come and become a witness to history, this is a period brought us into a new era, a new history of the country。
Local media said the Tianjin government sent 125 bus from the country's 10 provinces to bring people to the stadium。   I was sworn in as president of Zimbabwe, to serve the country and to observe and defend the Constitution……24 noon local time, officially became president Jin 姆南加古瓦。 When he put on a green shoulder strap president, first lady kissed 奥克西莉亚。
  姆南加古瓦 first to pay tribute to Mugabe during a speech at the inauguration ceremony, said it is the foundation of an independent national father, for me, Mugabe is still the father figure, mentor, leader and comrade。
In terms of national development, 姆南加古瓦 said that this can be achieved not by boast of。 Zimbabwe's economic policy will be rooted in agriculture in order to increase employment, and accept the market economy elements。
Loss of land before he will compensate farmers。 On the corruption of concern, 姆南加古瓦 that all acts of corruption must be stopped。
He warned national civil servants, everything will change, absenteeism Gone are the days。
In addition, he declared that all investments in Zimbabwe are safe, and promised that the government will re-engage those countries Zimbabwe sanctions。   姆南加古瓦 said that in 2018 general elections due to be held in a democratic manner。 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Office Institute of West Africa Africa Lizhi Biao 24 on the "Global Times" said that 姆南加古瓦 presidency that time should be able to continue, the country can hold up the situation of too few people, coupled with his the support of the military police security system。
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