Wendi Deng Beijing courtyard exposure worth one hundred million more compelling than little boyfriend

June 1 electric Recently, Wendi and her boyfriend's body lying open thing, surely you already know a small partner, but also followed the exposure of the courtyard worth a million。
Compared to small boyfriend, a lot of people more curious about this yard。
The first to recognize recognize photographs of everyone who is not familiar, left the first one is "Bazaar" editor in chief Su Mount, the most right-bespectacled uncle is the chief editor of Esquire magazine gentleman Mr. Liang Zhaohui。
Look at the middle of the two, it is a Chinese community tease carry handle Wendi Deng, a foreign guy left holding the right owner – the difference Wendi Deng 27-year-old boyfriend BertoldZahoran。
Of course, many industry celebrities also came to join, in addition to the fashion industry in several large coffee, as well as Hong Huang, Pan Shiyi Zhang Xin wife, actress Li Bingbing, and so well-known designers DianevonFurstenberg。 At the same time exposure to this party, as well as venues for parties – a touch of luxury courtyard。
This courtyard is located near the Forbidden City in Beijing, pond east of North Street, just to the north of the lot, the door to the courtyard of the pond in the middle of the street in the northern Strip's north west。 Compared with the Chang'an Avenue in noisy and quiet here is a real pleasure, you can walk through wanton riding a small yellow car。
Wendi Deng courtyard looks not so special, but the towering walls so that passers-by can not help but look up and around the house buildings are shorter than this courtyard, outsiders do not see the scenery of the wall。
Before there are media reports Wendi Deng courtyard where a total of seven rooms。
A source said: "It should not be a 7, because the number of rooms per basic courtyard should be 13, even made alterations courtyard, also depending on the position of the beams to get through, so it is impossible to seven。 "And then go in the yard, also it has an underground swimming pool, simulated golf driving range and a billiards room。 No wonder then throwing daughter Murdoch should buy it it, the configuration on this geographical environment and underground, Huangchenggen the foot of the high cost of land, not worse than Manhattan Avenue house na。
At that time the value of 10 million yuan, and now the value of this courtyard house is about as big as 100 million in。
Come to talk about the little boyfriend, to follow Deng led attend major events, is also backing it really is not small。 BertoldZahoran since 2014 reached the fashion world for the first time on the catwalk is Givenchy2014 men's winter weeks, after which it became a regular Givenchy, Versace, Balmain (Balmain) and other front-line big show field。
And Wendi Deng soon, is said to be the ex-girlfriend Xiao Lizi "Black Pearl" birthday party knew。
Until May this year, two people vacation photos on the beach outflow, just sit real this affair。
(United Kingdom Let's Talk) Editor: Fan Fei, Zhu Jianyu。