The origin of the myth of day ten years

In between Gaozong significant celebrate, Shujun Qingcheng a man, I do not know what is his name.This man was in Qingcheng mountain herbs, dug a large potato drugs, many feet deep dug down and found its roots gradually thick, so thick as urns.The man kept digging down, gradually dug five six feet deep, the soil will keep to the settlement.To a hundred feet deep when the men fell into the pit.After he woke up, he looked up and looking up the hole, only to see the stars so much as light, thought he was dead.Suddenly he found next?Hole, I thought how are dead, it is better to see it climb inside.Start the body hole is extremely narrow, he could barely pass.The more climb inside, the spacious holes, can stand up and walk.Not dozens of steps, I saw a light in front of vaguely.He walked Looking back on that light, probably about a mile away, the cave gradually become very high.He was going around the hole and walked more than a mile, get out of a hole.There is a river in front of the hole, about dozens of steps wide.There is a village on the shore, dozens of families, every family has flowers and trees, February and March, when it is spring, the tree beautiful flowers open, he is no name to come.The farmer in the village of arable land, women weaving, fishing, children, etc., look very contented, happy, from the point of view of their dress, unlike the current people.A man standing in the hole discovered silly of him, he was surprised and asked how come.So dig medicine people lay it to tell the man.The man with a small boat to ferry him in the past.Digging medicine man said that he had three days without eating, the man put the flax meal, baizi soup and a variety of pickles for him.He’s here for a few days, felt his body gradually becomes lighter, the man asked: What is this place?And against that man to inquire about the road back Shujun.The man smiled and said to him: You are of this world who do not know this is paradise.You can come to this place, it is a show that you should immortal fate, you can stay here for the time being.I generals you to the audience with the Queen Mother of the West and East King.At this time, the village heard someone shouted: Tomorrow is March three, you can go to pay homage to the Emperor of Heaven.The second tender, the man to go out with a man digging medicine.They drove clouds take a while, take a moment drove Lung Hok.The man on foot can walk in the clouds.A little while, came to a city, where all the houses are decorated with Jin, the palace pavilion, magnificent.From front to four people are brought together to a palace, according to a certain order into paid respects, except digging medicine man was left in the door Officer.A red big red cow lying in the doorway, its shape is very strange, eyes closed spit.The man took him to let him visit the Yasukuni cow, begging immortal way, if what treasures cow spit, swallow it immediately.Digging medicine man according to what he says, respectful respectfully worship the cow.Soon, this cow spit out a red beads, more than an inch in diameter.He just holding going, behold, a red coat and left the boy picked up the Orb.He Zaibai oxen and spit out a blue pearl, the result was a boy wearing blue clothes taken away.He then beg, another yellow pearl white pearl, have been killed each boy.Finally, dig medicine man in a hurry, so he hurried hand cupped cattle mouth, and soon received a black beads, quickly swallowed.A boy dressed in black came, did not see it go back empty-handed.The man then led the dig medicine man to the audience with the Emperor of Heaven.Emperor sat sons, looks very dignified.Seven guards stood by Saber.Hundreds of teen idol and attendants in the courtyard.The garden is full of exotic flowers and fruit, exudes the aroma of the world does not have.Emperor asked some questions, he answered truthfully.He often talks between four outright looked beautiful teen idol, the Emperor asked him: you really like these do serve a Lady?He was lying on the floor, confessing his sin.Heaven said: As long as you diligently intentions of monasticism, which will naturally.But your practice is not home.You must work hard, otherwise they can not easily get.Let Heaven about a dish of fruit cents.Sin fruit is green red, fist, looks like the human world crabapple fruit, very aromatic.Heaven to ambrosia to him and said: you just use both hands, holding several fruit, give you a few maid, he estimated that up to a dozen won, they reach out and holding, he only won three.Heaven said: It is enough for you.Because people are digging medicine just arrived, the palace without his position, let him temporarily with the man returning to his village.In addition to give him a house to live, three maid followed him back to the village to serve him.The village people are very keen to teach him the art of the gods to help him medication Lianqi, washing concept of this world.Later dig medicine man repeatedly Meet the Emperor, the Emperor of Heaven each time he managed to have wholeheartedly practice.He lived vegetation that place, there is no change in the fortunes of cold and heat, the world has always been prosperity in March.After about a year and more like the world the same time, he believes Sendo has become, all of a sudden midnight sigh.Asked about why he sighed, he said: This is my mortal man, because of the opportunity to come here by chance, when his wife gave birth to a girl, just a few days I left, and now after so long, I do not know how at home.I want to go back and look.Lady said: You have to leave this world a long time, his wife and daughter should have been dead, how can I then found!Probably because you read the dust unfinished, and now also cranky.He said: now only fills a year, his wife should be no change, I just want to figure out how it was.Lady then told the neighbors, the neighbors have lamented.He told the Emperor, the Emperor of Heaven people to send him back.Immortals play music for the song in the water, repairing the banquet to see him off.That three teen idol to say goodbye to him, gave him a gold apiece, said: I’m afraid to earth, home to find nothing, with the gold as it costs!One Lady said: You go there, if nothing to see, want to come back, I have put gold bullion in medicine, swallow you take out, you can come back!Another Lady said: You are worried read against dust, no more Xian Qi, we prepared the drug in gold bullion in.But the fear of gold bullion in the drug could not be saved, I was in a rock hammer clothes your old house east end of the bottom, buried Xianyao.If you can not get the medicine from gold bullion, as long as the medicine under the stone can also be eaten.Then, a group of swan flew from the sky, and everyone said to him: you see the swan bar?As long as they follow the fly, you can go back.The crowd of lift, free hip and he jumped up, came to the swan population.Swan is not afraid, and he co flying in the air.He looked back, but also saw the wave come ashore about a hundred to send him.Fly for a while, he came to a town.Many city people.He asked around, this place is a county Linhai, very far away Shujun.So I sold it for gold bullion money for the journey.After a year came to Shu.It was already Dynasty Kaiyuan.He had questioned his home, but no one knows.There is a ninety-year-old said: My grandfather in previous years because the herbs, I do not know where to go, and now ninety years of.He knew his grandson, then said his own experience.Zusun Liang cried.Sun Tzu said: aunt and uncle all had a death.Students away from home that her daughter later married grandfather also died, her grandson are over fifty years old.Zusun Liang’s former residence to look for, see House have become rubble and weeds, only old clothes hammer stone still.He, too, that the teen idol who say.So he smashed bullion find drugs.To take medicine when medicine suddenly disappeared.He again raised his hammer stone clothes to remove a stone from Yuhe, in the box immortality, he put it swallowed, entered the Qingcheng Mountain, I do not know where to go.Probably go back to cave.Digging medicine man could have been mortal, inadvertently become immortal, they themselves do not know.After that time a man named Luo male Warlock far in Sichuan, he listened to dig medicine man’s story, he said: This is the world fifth hole nine cents treasure chamber.Heaven is the East Duke, he stood in front of seven saber guards, is the Big Dipper.The red cow called Tuo, cow calendar spit beads, if people swallow the red, life and the world as; swallow the blue, can live five Long live; to swallow yellow, long live the life of three; a white Long live; black five Chitose.The man swallowed the black, although it can not learn Taoism, but people in the world can live five thousand years.Also a man named Lee Ball, who is Yan.Bao Tang Wenzong calendar year, and his friend Liu Sheng Mountain tour.Mount Wutai has a wind hole, visitors and somewhat noisy call vote was groundstrokes, it will blow a gale, torn off roof.Pull out trees, will inevitably lead to the destruction.So people climbing, always warned asked each other, do not dare touch it.Lee Xuekou the ball to the wind, taking a playful attitude, put a large stone into the cave.It took a long time, hit the stone wall of sound was no.He does have a horse like Mercedes-like wind burst out very quickly, there is a piece of wood like pillars, like, flying with the wind.Lee Ball temperament imposing brave, nothing scruples, so Banzhu Flanagan hard wood, but fell in the cave.Li ball was carrying wood, we can not come out, it took a long time, fell to the ground.I saw a man shaped like a lion, people say, he led the ball into the hole Lee’s study and saw two priests playing chess.Lee priests saw the ball very pleased, and asked Li ball practice of Taoism.Lee ball usually do not know, do not understand something about practice, so silent, I do not know how to answer.Two fairy blame that guide the ball Lee said: I am the essence of Taoism, phrenology should have granted insight and learning Taoism people.Why are you attracted mediocre casually profane, into my immortals ah?Fast boot him out.Incidentally, a glass of water to give Lee the ball make him drink, and said to him: Though you are mortal and his ilk, but I can see} with the government, I really Habitat foot, will have little affection of the road, the regret is that you usually do not practice Taoism, can not tell you the essentials of practice.However, you can let us out of here.If you do have the heart of Greek life, the birth of the blog, then you can come back ah.God drink the pulp, can also longevity.Lee Ball drinking water, Bese completed, cited by Lee brought the ball next to the arrival of the hole, showed him another way to say: this mountain is the Taoists Purple Palace cave, on top of Wufeng, to collect the world Keebler, with peak to town.Such as Maoshan hole, with a treasure town country-wide Yong rest of the city it.Spring Hill miscellaneous jade, fragrant water ring Joan, to the rugged cents residence.Dongfeng Yue from this mountain there is a fireball, Agricultural Yao Li Xifeng have room, there are holes Nanfeng special tree light, North Peak jade Joan Chi Jian, peak gold truism.Yu ring of light scattered to every volume of the female, the long heat rain, there is cross-phase luminescent public treasure, shine Rock Ridge.Spring morning, there are nine color day gas connection, brilliant flashes above the clouds.Han emperor commands too Shaoqing Division, East Jun and Mr. Purple Palace, led by six cents Wang Lishi Lao of God, in which guard.So called gods of the House.This cave has three doors: a has-West Kunlun Mountains, an outlet in this rock below, is always a wind hole, Wind Cave is the main entrance to the cave, the doors are guarded by snakes.Mr. Command has said: “There is a large stone into Portal, I hit the column, who on earth is going to get Taoism, where acceptance of Taoism.”If you hit, then let me introduce.I also learned a long time Taoism, it should be enough to verify the level of Sin.Although the savings a lot of skill, but not eliminate human karma.As the shade of exploits has always been there, and to be able to guard the mouth of the cave.After three hundred years, it should also be an exaltation.I have kept Mr. orders, it was just a stone’s throw hit the post, in accordance with the teachings introduce you sir, do not know you are playing catapult.For centuries, however, very few people throw stones, there is also no hit column.Fairy house, it is not easy to come in the future you will have access to the origins of the mysterious Taoist.Here’s Northern Rock trail, you can so that you can quickly return to earth.Having taken three pills unlock the belt she wear to tip away a dead branch, but also on the ball Lee said: roadside If you see strange things, it means the drug will not be hurt.This drug eat it, you can not have epilepsy.Lee took the medicine ball hand, went to the dark cave.Drug light, like a fire.There are several serpent, Da Li mouth toward the ball, medicine ball Lee refers to them, afraid to move on the ground serpent V.So Li ball out of the portal, already half-rotten trees outside, the hole must be plugged.Lee pushed the ball of soil and filling the hole rotten tree, long time to come out, have been outside the temple gates of the.Prior to this, Liu Sheng Li lost the ball, the ball Lee’s son is preparing to sue framed Liu Sheng, Liu Sheng suspected victims of his father, wanted to official proceedings, because the temple there Lent, failed to go.Since Lee ball back, and we are very happy.Lee Ball said he had seen strange things.Incidentally, the three pills, given to Liu Sheng and his son, they each eat a pill.When the ball Lee age of sixty, has white beard, hanging in the chest.When the people he was ninety years old, but looks like stature thirties.Speaking wonders encountered, often said with emotion: from medication to now, gradually turned into a decrepit robust, nature does not like to eat.His son also like thirty years old, determined to monasticism.So father and son went into the Wangwushan.