A trick to teach you how to drive mad twelve constellations

Most of the time when we are socializing with others, we may be mad at what others say, and sometimes we may explode with anger for some reason. Do you know how to drive Zodiac mad? Today, I’ll teach you a trick, especially for Aries. Aries is careless in temperament. You have to have a good fight in everything you do. The most taboo thing is to sharpen your haw.. When you provoke him, he is preparing to fight with you, at this time you suddenly raise a white flag to surrender, Aries anger is not spray nor spray nor not, can suppress dead Aries.   What Taurus Taurus likes most is that you accompany him to enjoy The Two of Us at home, sleep, watch TV, eat and eat. This is Taurus’ happiest thing.. Therefore, if you want Taurus to go crazy, you just need to do a lot of hard work on him, and let him climb the mountain and wade in the water, eat and sleep uneasily..   Gemini and Gemini are extremely smart and think much. Naturally speaking to Desire is also very strong. Padam Padam can keep pushing you.. Therefore, if you want to drive Gemini crazy, you just need to cut off the communication with him. If you don’t listen and don’t respond, you can grieve him..   Cancer’s mind is exquisite, and he has already paid both physically and mentally for the people he cares about. What he can’t stand most is to find out that the people he cares about don’t care about himself. Therefore, when cancer confides to the people he cares about, the other party can only perfunctorily reply with the word “oh” to make him lose control of his emotions..   Leo likes to try to be brave, because they are Saving Face and will never allow others to lose face. Therefore, when you say “you can’t do this” in a skeptical tone, they Minutes will burst into balloons at any time..   Virgo’s desire to drive Virgo crazy seems to be a Minutes thing. You just need to challenge their natural cleanliness and pursuit of perfect personality.. Leave a pile of leftover instant noodles snacks on the table, and when cabinet inside throws down a pile of crumpled clothes, you will be ready for Virgo’s fury..   Libra Libra is unwilling and will not refuse other people’s request, because they want everyone to be harmonious and beautiful.. So if you want to provoke them, you just need to turn to them for help, borrow the computer today, help bring a meal tomorrow, and help fetch water the day after tomorrow, then you will slowly notice the collapse behind Libra after he promised you..   Scorpio mysterious Scorpio usually seems to care nothing, a cold indifference, as if not to provoke their little ripples. But as long as it is a person, there will be emotions. If you have not seen Scorpio’s clenched fist, it is only because you are not the one he loves.. You should know that he will also have a storm in a teacup about the person he loves out of control..   Sagittarius for degenerate archers, freedom is all the fun of their existence, if he is firmly bound, at what time can only do what, his heart will be hit by despair.   Capricorn is very serious about work, they hope to get satisfactory results through work, but the process of harvest may not be so smooth, so Capricorn’s heart is often depressed, at this time you have to come over and show off your wealth in front of them like you want to die, and it is estimated that they will scold you ten thousand times in their hearts..   Aquarius has an extraordinary personality and a life of unrestrained freedom. When you control the bottle that goes its own way and say, “You are wrong to do this, you have to change it”, they will definitely give you a stick and then turn away..   Pisces is a dreamy Pisces. What they can’t stand most is that some people smash their dreams with reality while doing white dreams.. If you let them busy every day to make a living, then Pisces is no longer a dreamy Pisces, but a driven fish. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.