A trick to teach you how to deal with cold violence in the twelve constellations

In a relationship, when faced with dissatisfaction with the other half and unable to change, most people often prefer to avoid attitude and turn their dissatisfaction with the other half into cold violence.. But this kind of attitude is far more hurtful than simply throwing people away.. How to deal with the cold violence of the twelve constellations??   Deal with the following contents of Aries: Strengthen patience. The impatient nature of Aries will not endure long-term cold violence. Although she showed special impatience and didn’t want to talk to you during the cold war with you, this state of affairs will not last very long. As long as she softens and hardens, she will be easily defeated..   Deal with Taurus’s following contents: Serve all delicious food in Niu Niu, the constellation of the 12 constellations that will enjoy life most. Not only do you like all golden things, you also like all kinds of delicious food.. If you encounter his cold violence, in fact, a delicious meal can be bought off.! There is no problem that can’t be solved by delicious food. If you can’t eat one meal, you can eat two. There must be some way to make him give in..   Deal with the following contents of Gemini: playing with missing Gemini is a constellation with strong curiosity and is especially seeking stimulation. if you are in the cold war with Gemini, you must ensure that you can seize the first opportunity to fight with such people with many clever ideas, then you must have the advantage to attract them. playing with missing Gemini will disappear at this time. perhaps Gemini will be too anxious to stand firm and find you missing and will find you madly..   The following contents are to be dealt with: the problem is not big, don’t panic, just calm down. Cancer babies are a very considerate constellation. Although they are sometimes more emotional, most of the time they do things in a principled way. Unless there are special circumstances, they won’t indulge themselves too much and let themselves fall into hysteria. If there is a cold war situation, cancer babies will reflect on themselves after complaining, and then they will take the initiative to apologize because their hearts are already stretched out..   Deal with Leo’s following content: coquetry mymoe, our big lion in Tsundere, is what a constellation of 无. Most of the people in this constellation don’t talk when they are angry. They are also unwilling to cater to others. However, as long as you stay away from them and sell mymoe to them a little, coquetry will melt the lion’s heart very well..   To deal with Virgos, the following contents are: stick to yourself, but be sure to correct your attitude. Virgos are also cold war experts in the twelve constellations. To deal with them, be sure to talk about strategies. Virgos who look very serious are always pretending to be cold. If they find your persistence more reasonable, they will give up their dispute. Therefore, as long as you are correct in attitude, if you are right, they will not confront you..   Deal with Libra’s following contents: buy a small gift, calm down and get along with him. Libra is very easy-going and flexible in dealing with people. Cold War is generally not the case.. In particular, when they encounter non-principled problems, they will not take them into consideration even if they were a little impatient at the time.. Therefore, if there is a cold war with Libra babies, don’t worry. Before long, they will forget that as long as you buy them a small gift, they will take the initiative to make peace with you..   Deal with Scorpio as follows: Don’t worry too much about the hearts of Scorpio babies. You can’t guess them. They are deep and Black belly. They don’t show everything on their faces. They are also the constellation that likes the cold war. If they are in a cold war with Scorpio, they can say that the odds are not very good. Generally speaking, they won’t quarrel with you, but they don’t want to talk to you directly.. At this time, you need to insist on shameless to coax them until you are willing to talk to you..   To deal with Sagittarius, the following contents should be met: face it calmly, calm alone. Sagittarius will also care about everything and will not easily let down their dignity. Of course, if they want to solve the problem by cold violence, they will not persist for too long, as long as they ignore them and let them calm alone.. If you play the game as if you were innocent, the shooter will definitely freak out and don’t want to keep cold..   Deal with Capricorn as follows: Don’t say harsh words. Don’t use your breath for a while to deal with cold violence in Capricorn. Capricorn will try its best to solve such things as the Cold War. If you don’t hurt your feelings, everything will be fine.. Capricorn is a constellation worthy of trust and dependence, but if you hurt their star with malicious words, Capricorn will be very sad and will doubt in his heart whether the two are suitable or not..   To deal with Aquarius, take the initiative to make it clear that what Aquarius likes most is to follow one’s inclinations.. When confronted with the cold war with Aquarius, in fact, they often don’t care about the matter itself, but can’t stand too much care.. So the best way is that you don’t care too much and take the initiative to make it clear. If you have any problems, you can say so and everyone can solve them together.. Otherwise, the water bottle will be immersed in its own world, inside.   Deal with Pisces as follows: Be strong, and when you are asked to do something, Pisces will always do whatever it takes, regardless of the consequences.. If there is a cold war with Pisces, in fact they will compromise without principles. For them, this is a way of peace.. Pisces will not let the problem delay too long, and will take the initiative to deal with the problem, so if you stick to it a little and be strong, they will take the initiative to come to you for peace.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.