A broken hilt in secret

Zhang Zhaolong TV station in the province several times Kam Po program guests, sometimes as big names in the door and asked him to identify more and more people antiques.Zhang Zhaolong very business-minded, he simply opened a company Kam Po, Kam Po provide paid services.That day, a young man in rustic soil found Zhangzhao Long, asked him to identify antiques.Young man named Zhou Ting, suburban farmers.Zhou Ting took out a yellow cloth, opened it, there is a broken hilt.That hilt fine carving, antique.Unfortunately, less than one fifth of the remaining blade, and has been rusting.Zhou Ting told Zhang Zhaolong, which the broken hilt is inherited from our ancestors, I do not know how many generations pass.Listening to his grandfather talk, each generation of our ancestors asked children and grandchildren before dying: this sword is priceless, be sure to take good care.I do not know what this stuff is the year of stuff, really worth the money, I want you to palm palm eye.Zhou Ting said, scratching his scalp.Zhang Zhaolong the hilt in his hand a closer look.He hilt over and over looked a long time, and with your fingers on top bomb the bomb.It took a while, Zhangzhao Long Zhou Ting said: Zhebing Broken Sword is very strange, the moment I was not sure.If you trust me, it temporarily stay here, I invite other colleagues to study it.Zhou Ting immediately nodded: That troubling you, I come back in two days.Finish this sentence, Zhou Ting Zhang Zhaolong take on the fight receipt turned away.Three days later, Zhou Ting went to Zhang Zhaolong company Kam Po.Zhang Zhaolong out that the broken hilt from the safe.He told Zhou Ting: After repeated identification, colleagues agreed that this is a broken sword Ming Dynasty.Zhou Ting can not wait to ask: What about this stuff worth ah?Zhangzhao Long said: If the blade intact, should the market price of 10 million.Now this is the Canjian, the price is not to say.Zhou Ting said: I am going to be married, and other emergency money, if they can sell eight thousand million children I shot.Zhou Ting Zhang Zhaolong let buyers leave with the right address, he said he went etc.Write down the address of Zhou Ting, Zhang Zhaolong asked: your family ancestors it was done a high official?Zhou Ting said: like the late Ming and when there is a transfer of our ancestors when ministers.Later Qingbingruguan, that our ancestors to flee his hometown from Beijing.You still live in the old house inherited from our ancestors do?Zhang Zhaolong asked.Zhou Ting nodded: still lived there, but made several renovations to the old one.Zhang Zhaolong broken sword back to the Zhou Ting, send him out the door.After two weeks, Zhangzhao Long accompany a bald fat man came to the house Zhou Ting.A door, pointing fat Zhangzhao Long Zhou Ting said: This is Sheng Feng liquor company boss Liu, like the collection of antiques, he wanted to buy you off hilt.Zhou Ting very happy, rushed to seat the guests tea.Broken Sword seen, Liu boss said he would like to purchase a 8000 yuan.Zhou Ting promised, two people were crunching.After the sale of reach, Liu boss put that on the table bowl sip.Tea, tea!A saliva sinks, repeatedly praised Liu boss.Zhou Ting sorry to laugh: at home drinking tea, you had to pour the boiled water, sorry.Liu boss Picking Up, took another sip, savor in the mouth with.A long while, he was pleasantly surprised exclaimed: really good water, good water rare, only thousands of years old well to such a sweet and refreshing good water!Hearing this Zhou Ting was surprised.He said the family does have an old well, and Liu boss to drink from the well it is playing up water.Liu boss guess how this quasi?Zhou Ting asked curiously.Liu boss smug smile: I’m open wineries, water quality taste of a taste of it out.Zhou Ting suddenly realized, even referred to admire.At this time, Liu boss offered to personally take a look at the old well.Zhou Ting immediately got up, accompanied Zhangzhao Long and Liu boss came together in the backyard.Sure enough, there is a corner of the backyard wells.That exquisite carving bluestone brick wells in use, simple and elegant.Zhang Zhaolong at a glance, it is indeed ancient Ming Dynasty.Liu and Zhang Zhaolong Minato boss look down at the wellhead.After a while, Liu boss offered to go down to see what happens.He told Zhou Ting for a ladder.Zhou Ting said no home, you can borrow a neighbor.After borrowed ladder, Liu boss again another torch.Then, Liu boss down the ladder down the shaft.Might be about a quarter of an hour of work, Liu boss climbed up from the underground.He told Zhou Ting and Zhang Zhaolong: indeed a great millennium old well.If well water with this wine, I can create the best wine!After listening to this, Zhang, people are very happy Tuesday.Zhou Ting Liu boss to say: We want to buy this well, that is, bought this yard, you offer a price.Zhou Ting said this I Zuobulezhu, takes his mother to discuss.Then he went to his mother.Zhou Ting’s mother saw Liu boss shook his head: do not sell, do not sell, unworthy descendants and sold their ancestral home.Liu boss heard that on the anxious, he said he would like a high price to buy it three times the yard.Zhou mother still shaking his head: I have to sell the yard from their homes, no, no!Liu boss cocked thumb size: 600,000 yuan, 600,000 yuan me out!Zhou mother’s answer was that word – do not sell.Zhou Ting aside some running out of patience, he said, blurted out to his mother: I am married waiting for the money to use it, if Liu boss is willing to pay high prices, I think, or sell it.Hearing this, Liu boss hastened to use the service, said the move trees dead move to live, to sell the old house can buy a new house.Although Zhou mother still refused to sell, but some have been tempted to look.Zhou Ting Liu turned and said to the boss: Our family of ancient brewing wine may, if they know the other wineries will pay high prices to buy, I look at 600,000 yuan or less.Liu cruel ruthless boss, said: That coupled with 30 million, how about?Zhou Ting still too few.Is deadlocked with each other when the side of the Zhangzhao Long smooth things out: I’ll tell you, add another 100,000 money deal.Zhou Ting very satisfied.He said to his mother: Mom, look at the points that you want to get married I said yes right.Zhou mother nodded, agreed.The next day, go to the exchange and Zhou Ting Liu boss to do with the sale of real estate procedures.After getting one million yuan in cash, Zhou Ting mother happily moved out.Zhou Ting mother Powell left, followed by Zhang Zhaolong Liu boss and moved in on.Two people holding a ladder and a crowbar and other objects came to the wellhead, happy Bulong Zuidou.Zhangzhao Long enraptured say: one million yuan to buy a hoard of gold, which is at least ten times the profit ah.Liu boss smiled and nodded: This is heaven out of the pie, which is rich with Zange Liang.Finish this sentence, Liu boss took the pickaxe and crowbar, down the ladder down the shaft.Zhang Zhaolong watch at the wellhead.Soon, while banging beat sound rang from the underground.Half an hour later, Liu boss suddenly uttered a piercing screams from the well: God!Zhang Zhaolong shocked, poked his head into the busy wellhead: fat, how is it?Liu boss looked up, whimpered: Zhang brother, clip the wall empty, nothing!Zhangzhao Long heard that, immediately limp to the ground.His mouth murmured: fooled, fooled.What does all this Editor’s Note?It turned out that day when Zhou Ting Zhang Zhaolong please identify broken sword, Zhang Zhaolong found that the broken hilt of the Ming Dynasty is hollow.An occasional antique treasure of treasures, that is, in some ancient vessel the hidden treasure.Because known this, coupled with the teachings of our forefathers remarks about Zhou Ting description, Zhang Zhaolong suspect that there is something hilt.So he had an excuse to let Zhou Ting leaving the hilt.Such as Zhou Ting left, Zhang Zhaolong carefully open the hilt, really in it found a yellowed old rice paper.Access to more than twelve hundred wells Jiaqiang possession of the gold, but when in urgent need of future generations when: written on rice paper with teeny lower case.Department of paper with the words Chongzhen lower left thirty-five years in August.Chongzhen reign a total of seventeen years later hanged in Meishan.This is clearly inscribed Chongzhen thirty-five years of the Ming Dynasty from the hands of survivors.This detail is only as expert Zhang Zhaolong can understand.Zhang Zhaolong will note hid the hilt re-Hao.When Zhou Ting to take the hilt, Zhang Zhaolong ancestors asked him whether it was done a high official.After listening to Zhou Ting answer, Zhang Zhaolong of wills on the note sure of.Many gold finance ministers in charge of the country, Zhou ancestors who must have been with the treasury before the fall of Beijing to flee his hometown.Later, he put a hoard of gold hidden in the backyard wall of the wall slip of paper written in secret, treasure again, into the hilt.Before his death, the late Ming and ministers who may be too late to say in clear hilt of tricks to swallowed air.This statement made after the above analysis, Zhou Zhang Zhaolong wanted to buy the old house, and then remove the old well in the Booty.To this end, he found a friend Liu boss, two people intend to co-star a two-man, a share in the windfall.Liu boss really is the boss, but he was not open winery, but a small hotel.Liu boss very happy listening to Zhang Zhaolong plan.So, the next staged that scene in the old house of Zhou.At that time, the fat go down after the wall had been beating four weeks, it does have one sounds hollow.And that piece of wall long moss thick, looks like hundreds of years no one had.Now, the clip wall wall empty, Zhang Zhaolong know have taken the bait.He staggered to find next to a neighbor, Zhou Ting inquire about the situation of mother and child.Neighbors told him: Zhou Ting mother moved in six months ago, they spent 90,000 yuan bought the small yard.As for other cases, neighbors who knew nothing.Zhang Zhaolong They also know that even if found Zhou Ting mother and child, but also to tell people what it?To recommend the latest information sauna