Insists, means not to accept the advice of others, stubbornly do it according to their own subjective ideas.Western Han Dynasty, a man named Zhao Yu, who are Qiu Having submitted genus lawsuit.By chance, the Han dynasty saw him write the article writing sharp, pregnant with meaning that at the time few people as much as he.Emperor greatly appreciated, let Zhao Yu served as censor, and later rose to the doctor too, so that he together with the doctor too Zhang Tang responsible for the development of national legislation.In order to constrain officials work closely with the legal provisions; they are based on Emperor’s will, the original law was supplemented and amended again.At that time many officials are hoping Zhao Yu can be lenient, the amendments to the law have to have room for maneuver, they have asked him and Zhang Tang guests with dinner, but Zhao Yu never acknowledge back please.After a few times, a lot of people say he was a large bureaucratic airs; look down on people.After some time, Zhao Yu and Zhang Tang After careful consideration and research, decided to develop the knowledge of sin do not move up and down hair and official crime even wait for the law to limit the serving officials would not let them misbehave.News came out, the officials have to ask what the Lords have to persuade Zhao Yu, do not put too harsh a law book.Lords who took Rites Zhao Yu came home, who knows Zhao Yu met with the Lords, but the room filled with chatter.Neglects lords who asked him to modify the implied law, after a while, the Lords who see it not go on, he got up to leave.Who knows Before leaving, Zhao Yu literally bring them Rites refund.As a result, people really feel Zhao Yu is a very honest person of integrity, someone asked Zhao Yu, do not therefore consider the people around him do what he thought of?He said: I do break a friendship or guests if asked, just to be able to independently decide their own, to deal with things, act according to their own will, without interference from others.Idiom insists will come from this story, refers to the act of their own will, now used to describe autocratic, do not listen to the advice of others..[Synonyms]: opinionated, stubborn, hell-bent [antonym]: absorbing, open-minded