A thought heaven

Tonight exceptionally dark, dark clouds in the sky, the stars and the moon hidden in the wind in the grass, hiding a strong Ai.Ai Qiang is the first time mischief, before tonight, he has been a personal.His music lay alone on the streets no moonlight walks, because there is no moon, there is no shadow, careless strong Ai did not see in front of so high a steep slope, kick Ta, issued only gave a short cry, it becomes the ghost.Become a ghost just as well, anyway, there is no strong Ai relatives and friends, who did not shed tears for him.The first time he flew up, empty cold wind penetrated his body, perhaps, this is happiness?Then he met the devil.In fact, not old old devil, appears to be a child, but has been dead 400 years, he saw Ai strong aimlessly flying in the air, asked him: Why do not you scary?Strong Ai asked: Why do I have to go to scary?Old devil like real ghost horror laughing: scary thing is a lot of fun, scary ghost in respect of.Then he left because he wanted to go scare a very timid girl.Ai strong not done a ghost, but since an old devil say scary ghost thing to do, he decided to try it.According to the experience of many years of horror movies, scary ghosts of all, you should wear a white dress, which beat Ai strong, he flew pajamas store picked out a lighter white pajamas, draped over his body, floating ah float.Then he laid an ambush in the bushes, waiting for someone to go through.Sprinkle a touch of street lights on the road, far from footsteps.Ai expect a little strong, but also a little nervous.The light came two children, very young children are only about seven years old, wearing uniforms, carrying bags, holding hands, singing.Ai strong hesitated: Child scared it will not?The two children had come to him, a boy, a girl, they looked around, very frightened.So black, it will not be ghosts?The girl whispered..will not.The boy said, but his voice trembled, this world no ghosts!The boy’s words angered Ai strong, he decided to punish the two children.He was going to fly out of the bushes, when two children suddenly screamed ── too dark, they do not see the road, and strong, like Ai, also kick Ta, appeared to fall on the lower slope.Ai strong know, as they fell to the ground, and he would like to become a ghost.He does not think much, immediately flew out, flew in front of two children, they will gently hold.Ai strong moment, fluttering white, bright-eyed, picturesque.The children were him gently on the floor, stared at him, eyes revealing worship: Excuse me, do you angels?Ai strong Zhengzhu.He did not know how to answer.Then he remembered, not only is the devil dressed in white horror film, a fairy tale of angels, is a white, spotless, just like him now.So he is an angel or a ghost in the end it?Ai was a bit worried the strong.To recommend the latest information sauna