A precious IOU

A man driving a car with a woman crossing the mountain village school to go to the mountains to do good, they bring books to the children, to bring biscuits, toys bring these things, all their friends to chip in to buy.On the way back, they encountered heavy snow, even worse, their car broke down.Man opened the door to go down, he checked again, shook his head, and then check it again, then shook his head..He could do nothing, only professionals with a tool to fix the car.Men got into the car, shut the door tight, shivering.Women look at men, she knows men do nothing, did not blame the man meant, she asked the man: how do we do?Man was silent, yes ah, how to do it?The man pulled out a cell phone, he wanted to help, but very bad, no cell phone signal.Men stayed.Here before the middle of the village, after vain shop, sit and wait, is not an option.Men know, go back, they can return to village.Back to school, but the car were open most of the day, to go back then I’m afraid one day too.Of course, you can not go back.Go back, can not repair people, can only move forward.Men settled the woman got out, he walked.The larger the more snow, the wind is rising, harder than men go one step further.He walked down the road, has been go, go forward.Men come so far, come a long way, have not encountered the village, even a person did not encounter.Man thought he could not go forward, and walk if he does not find a repair man, and the woman was alone in the car, she will be afraid, be worried.Men began to walk back, thicker snow on the way up, he walked more difficult, his legs numb because of the cold somewhat, he fell again and again.To the finish, his walk, fell panting on the ground.He had never encountered so much snow, I never experienced such cold weather.Lie down for a while, he crawled forward, he knew he had to climb back, a woman must be seen.Woman sitting in a small car, she has been looking at the front, she worried about the men she did not know the man can not find a repair person, she does not know will not fall sick man in the snow.It was getting dark when the woman saw a man crawling in the snow, she quickly ran off.Woman stepped forward to lift men, men fall again, the woman once again propped up the men, she said: I carry you, I carry you!Of course, a woman can not move back man, a man lying on the back of a woman, a woman take a step, a step he tiptoes toes.Step by step, two meters, women and men experience as a marathon.And so finally back in the car, they lie on the seat, gasping for breath, shiver.Later, the men and women clasped.At that time, under the front of the car after the car the car the car all the snow, the car is no longer warm, a little bit into a icehouse.Their pure water becomes cold, thirsty again not Ganhe.Their only a small cake, a woman handed out a man, a man and a woman handed.In the end, the little cake back to the bag, who do not have the heart to eat.Because for tomorrow, they know nothing about.Man and woman in the car cold night, the next day, the snow still did not stop meaning.Men and women alike know something bad, but they did not dare, they clasped each other, each other warm.But women found a man’s body is getting cold, getting cold, even, a woman found a man’s breathing has become increasingly weak.Woman is very worried and asked the man: Are you all right?Man smiled: nothing!The man pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, he told the woman, it is an IOU, a friend lent him one million yuan.The man handed the note the woman she had received a good.Woman took the piece of paper, she saw that says the friend’s name.The friend, a man’s friend and her friend.The woman asked: how do you have so much money?He smiled the man told the woman that he was winning the lottery money, he has been buying lottery tickets, but did not tell the woman.Woman very unhappy, buy lottery tickets do not tell her nothing more, a prize, to lend money to someone else, do not tell her how soon it?Do not trust her, she did not care, or are there other purpose?Woman holds a promissory note, a long time silent.Man finally hold out no longer, and at night, he stopped breathing.Before his death, he will take off his clothes to make a woman dressed.Woman with tears, upon her IOU, men love, hard love; hate to say, hard to hate.Woman mixed feelings.Snow finally stopped, then, the more cold weather.Small car, the woman curled her tightly pinched IOU.IOU, is 100 million.$ 1 million house, she needs a house.So many years, she worked hard and men, is to be able to set their own house in the town to buy.With the house, there is happiness.IOU is a woman of the future, is a woman of hope.And even then, a woman feel IOU bread, a chicken, milk, candlelight.Because IOU, a woman feel warm.Because IOU, women insist on living, she saved.Back in town, a woman full of energy.Deal with man’s funeral, the woman found the friend, pay back the money she made to a friend.Friend was taken aback: pay back the money?I did not borrow money?The woman handed IOU friend.Friends took the view look, laughed: borrow 100 million?Not at all!I borrowed so much money doing?Friend patiently explained to the woman, saying it was not his writing IOUs.When a friend clearly the whole incident, he told the woman said: this is his own writing, he is to save you.Woman serious look, it really is a man’s writing, just write crooked, with the usual writing is not the same.Women understand that men knew that he die, he worried that she is afraid, worried that she can not make it, then for her fictional a 100 million promissory note.Because he wanted, with this promissory note, she had hope, will be able to sustain, out of desperation can.Holding the portrait of a man, a woman burst into tears.IOU goes on, women carry around every day.With me, she felt the man at her side, the man refused to leave ── because that is the most precious love, is always accompanied by a man.