Running at night is equal to suicide expert to get rid of rumors

  Equal to suicide for the "equal to suicide" this argument is really a rumor。 Experts have said that from the perspective of sports medicine point of view, running at night in fact more scientific。 Specific performance in the following points: 1, as long as the movement at night and have a good grasp of the time of exercise intensity, but also make people sleep better。
  2, the morning just up the operation of the human body organs are still at a low level, this time to exercise, cardiovascular function is more vulnerable people more dangerous。   3, the activity of the human body is fully developed just come out at night, this time running, the body more easily adapt to the rhythm of movement。
  4, studies have shown that the highest index of carbon dioxide in the air early in the morning, and the day before the dust suspended in the air also did not completely disappear, this time the movement is far better than a good night's environment。   5, mild fatigue at night moderate exercise needs arising sweet sleep to lift, which makes the quality of sleep after exercise greatly enhanced。
  Strenuous and excessive Indeed, from the perspective of sports medicine point of view, in fact, more scientific, but experts said the most important thing at night jogging, strenuous and excessive。
Running fitness at night, best to stick to more than three times a week, every 30-60 minutes is sufficient。
  For fitness, the appropriate exercise load on the body can produce optimal stimulation, movement is relatively low risk, but also to achieve maximum benefits sports。
Exercise load is too small to reach the purpose of exercise, but too much, beyond the limits of the human body and mind can bear, easily lead to sports injuries, exercise will greatly increase the risk。   And, more especially at night should not be excessive movement。 Night yang slowly subsided, slowly increase chi, with mainly static requirements, excessive exercise does affect sleep。
If excessive movement, a lot of sweat will cause the body immunity, weak vulnerable to disease。 Summer okay, especially in autumn and winter, due to the cold weather, but also likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases。   "One day is morning" may not be suitable fitness There is a saying: one day the morn。
So, many people will choose in the morning sports。
In fact, this may not be an appropriate exercise time。   Because between 4:00 to 9:00 in the morning, the carbon dioxide reflux, the air quality is not good。 In addition, the morning high blood viscosity human body, especially those who suffer from high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, get up early exercise on the body is very unfavorable。
  Therefore, the movement of people in the morning in addition to control the time, the best workout before also drink a glass of water to dilute the blood, reducing the viscosity。
  In fact, the best fitness training in the afternoon do not have to chunks of time to exercise during the day can also take the time to exercise。
Wherein, 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon best。   In its 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, the body is the most athletic peaked。 By this time sunny, suitable temperature, wind less, is the best time to exercise。   Want to lose weight the best choice compared to other periods, if your goal is to lose weight in a night exercise, the best choice in the evening workout。
Because the evening exercise can help digest food more quickly, it does not make fat accumulation in the body。 However, no matter big or small intensity of the movement, will cause the nervous system in the excited state, had to be moved after one hour and then go to bed, so as not to affect sleep at night。   Have to be careful or risk compared to the day, go for a run at night do exist certain risks, such as over-night run accident had occurred girls。 Therefore, the choice to run the night must do these tasks: 1. Select the safe route runners night especially women runners night, be sure to choose safe, familiar with the route, the best choice for camera-controlled areas。
Night run to try to avoid the beaten track, the lack of lighting lines。 Night runners to try to choose a street, there are bright place to run, to avoid accidents。   2, together conditionally while running night run, then find a partner to run with, each other can have a care。 In addition, running time try not to be too late。 Before departure the line to tell people close。
  3, carry flashlights and other equipment at night the sport's biggest problem is that light, if sometimes went to a place where the light is not strong, flashlight may really need it, and this will ensure your personal safety。   4, try to raise the pace sometimes lead people to light at night have some illusion of height and depth visually, thereby increasing the chances of runners fall。 Therefore, the best in the beginning it appropriate to raise the running pace, and gradually be able to familiarize yourself with this running posture, as far as possible to reduce the probability of injury。
  5, do not wear headphones jogging people like to wear headphones running, but at night, visual ability has been weakened, can not hear the car Ming, etc. will increase the probability of injury, will be distracted, once encounter emergency situations, not first time to react。