Forgot to take a money order

After work, I rarely call his father, but after picking up a monthly salary, to send home 500 dollars.Every time the post office, I always think of my father send money in college scene.At that time, my father never once sent me to spend more than six months.For four years, he will receive every month to earn a lot of waste volume change of the angle of contempt in the eyes of staff, humbly put on the post office counter and then I get money, they pass no let students see.Occasionally they saw, always deliberately raised his voice to ask: Is this your dad send you the cost of living, or intend to invite us to eat a meal of ah?Now, I’m the same way, every month to send money to his father.The post office has been familiar with me, always say: so busy with work, more than half a year to send a convenience, or your father to do a card, direct debit, you need not be so complicated again and again fill the address.Each time, I just smiled, I do not think they understand that this is a vanity me to his father.When carrying parcels of green postman, when the door shouting father’s name, let him sign the money order, the neighbors will be stuck his head out at the same time, look with envy at him complete this solemn procedure.A few days before Father will remittances came, and happy to anxious waiting.To the town post office to collect the money that day, he would like to attend important meetings, like, put on the most clean clothes, and then went to town.Along the way, someone asked my father, I do go ah?He always Yangyang Shou in the money order, said: send money to a son, to the post office to withdraw money.For the father, this should be a happy journey now.Every time someone else’s question, made him happy deepen once, and that enough 500 dollars he spends in January, but has become insignificant.PS a column on money orders, then my father, always let it empty.I have tried to write something on it, so that the father pay attention to the body, or go to bed earlier at night, but every once finished, I tore up.Post office girl always smiled and asked me: write so well, you’ll see dad happy, why get rid of it?I still smile, no explanation.I know, wrote this strange love, I would be very uncomfortable, this is not the habit of expressing our love to each other.Only once, post office specifically to remind me of the girls, he said: It is recommended that you write at least once a word in the postscript.I surprised a moment.She went on to say: So when your father receive remittances, almost went to Father’s Day, and this sentence, but this 500 bucks more important than you.That time, I did not refuse.Perhaps the people on the entire town, have not heard of Father’s Day, so a slightly hypocritical holiday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, as only part of the city.But I obediently in accordance with the girl’s words, in a postscript bar strokes wrote: I wish Happy Father’s Day.But it is this money, I do not know why the father, should have failed to withdraw money.Two months later, the money to come back.I called to ask him.He forgot to say.I am a little angry, because he wrote the blessing, he not only did not answer one, actually even forgot to take the money.When the post office to send you a replacement, I am a little angry and told the girl to listen.She holds the gills, attentively listened for a moment, suddenly interrupted: I think it may not be your father forgot, maybe he will want to have this done to commemorate the blessing of the money order to leave it.I was stunned, then she waved and said: how could it, he has never been such a caring person.But his father is indeed so caring person.Moreover, the secret, he did not talk to anyone from beginning to end too.Spring Festival that year, my father accidentally opened the drawer, only to see the piece was put into his collection box money order.The phrase short blessing, my father had already seen, and in such a way that hid the bottom of my heart.To recommend the latest information sauna