Delicate woman of Xiao Hong

In regard to this woman turned the text, are based on “text and with the derailment of life” at the beginning of such words, there is no complete understanding of her, she did not read the complete article, learn some few words, little by little is eroding, is attracted, like text and life derailment.Such a life is regrettable, people grief, people rejoice, saw some bitterness and brilliant in the struggle with the fate of; this text reassuring, heartbreak, people to whom disconsolate, saw the woman’s delicate and strong.    Story rare circumstances, so much happens to occur in a hurry child like this woman who.She and her fiance living together in a hotel in Harbin, because too many delinquent rent hotel can not be returned, even though at that time being attacked outside the flood, a lot of people have fled, she was locked in a hotel.For debt, came close to being sold to brothels innkeeper, pregnant in the body of her panic fear of fear of waiting for assistance, a letter to the newspaper to get to know her later gave her love Xiao Jun, he later her from the hotel rescued.Women’s passionate tale of perseverance, brave man pregnant with love, just like we want to see the hero of “lovers get married,” just like those days really is outside the story so happy, happy.Love sometimes hit his head, no matter how life is not easy, even if it is hungry, no matter how the weather in the north tofu frozen to the ground, dragging pregnant body alone shuttle in unfamiliar streets, will be so satisfied, happiness is strange thing, poured into your heart, circulation to the body is warm.    Hulan River, north of the small village, winter comes to make people feel suffocated, and want to get rid of the cold this winter, but it is so difficult, as that’s the same, see the warm sun of spring.Lack of warmth of a family who is so eager to get mother’s love bless you as easily broken, but the presence of the father is so dramatic, dramatic mistake, she did get a little warm from him to resist this cold winter.Perhaps how desperate exists, it exists in this world, but just then the cold northern winter, when there will be beautiful, a little ice world with intentions to carve, to the point of light can also be filled with some memories to taste landscape, in the only home she can feel the temperature of his grandfather also left a touch of comfort, and that the United States is like a little firefly in the night sky, but Miaomiao humble is so chilly beauty.Grandfather’s departure, like falling stars, like hurried panic, as if the world suddenly no longer their own, but then the world can not hold back the dark to find the light of strong heart, to the same clenched warm spring.    Desire for freedom look like crazy rotation in the snow, pay close attention to the feeling of flying, like.So run away or fleeing forced marriages, desperate to escape the desolate was not a little warm home, letting escape, to dream, in the distance.Happiness is the way to meet her forehead hit, how can wrong at first sight is wrong with it?But that she was really, really serious in thought as to seize the love, until the man.    ”Spring Song” as written, when the situation to the concentration, things are good, good unreasonable, like a pinch, like a kaleidoscope, how it all joy: “Only the love of a beautiful hesitate, Saburo, I am not cruel, only like to see you stand up and sit down, sit down and erect, meantime, is indescribably love affair.”When he loved her, she did a little effort, even the eyes are not open.In good times, you’ll just tiptoe to reach the sun, warm to the touch, they like Shenxianjuanlv like envy this time, love carrying a tumble just hit her, just flew into the arms in.Even hungry, starving the cold, the stomach is kicking the ball is put gas, love is such a wonderful thing, when feeling hot, love can also eat, “as long as she stood beside me, not hungry unbearable, and abdominal pain are also lighter stalls that “such a pleasant feeling only love to the depths of tramp type character, it will not feel miserable life, happier and have a poetic.    So everyone has a memorable period, it does not fit the old style, but also fear of hurting meet emerging ghostly looking lost and afraid warmth.Wrote sad “bitter cup”, then the United States love, cooked I do not know it’s like the height of the bush flower, dream cold disheartened, most terrible time is left on the sting stab wound ah, touched on the pain.    Later, they came to Shanghai, in this strange city, with a metropolitan point of sadness and melancholy with a hot and humid south.The city is bound to be a special, maybe it will be very brief, perhaps there will be pain, they are strong in Shanghai Lu Xun, Lu Xun often out of home, so that young people in different places to feel the warmth of home, in her city Literature is like bamboo shoots after the rain, this should be considered good enough, but this thing is a love so wonderful, came very suddenly, to the time it was as inexplicable, seemingly impregnable feelings will be a gap in time cracks.Perhaps they too have the same love of freedom, and freedom when scruples to forget each other’s feelings.    I believe the same long distance may be able to treat cracked wounds, she went to Japan, in fact, she was not happy in those days, the thoughts of the disease but it is kind of crazy.Unspeakable despair and desolation like that, like grains of sand “My chest filled with the sand,” “the same trouble on grass fields, students all over my body.”.Perhaps love is too deep to express love while ignoring the method, they too love freedom, the freedom to pursue something comfortable investment or love.Severely hurt no harm?So this woman is destined to be immortal and sorrow.Accustomed to life outside earth, long time, will hate, love, too, wandering a long time, tasted the bitterness of the world, she is also eager to dull the daily necessities of life, then she decided to hand holding Duanmu left half.    Or as rash, is the same desire for freedom, like nervousness on the same sad, lonely, not blessed marriage did not know she was sweet and astringent taste Suanku.    Vagrant life, from north to south, always chasing the war, stop fleeing, tasted impoverished, turbulent hardships.Just thirty-one years of brilliance, unbridled run through duty-bound to love, be loved and off guard driven to the wall.Worry lonely and always on grassy fields, soaring forward, raging.    Derailment of life, her careworn, and his sadness, loneliness; derailment text, made her writing fresh, bitter sorrow Anger immortal words.Q464367056 – stop cloud put pen 2014 · 12 · 7