Delicate flowers, do not fade in the campus!

School violence, by definition, school violence occurred, bullying.Such things have happened frequently in many schools, although teachers to teach again and again, some students still hardcore, Is this the reason for it is the teacher?wrong!It depends on many factors!    This year’s October 10, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province during recess afternoon on the fifteenth high school there was a very brutal brawl, even more shocking is that – those are girls fighting!Because some small conflicts, the perpetrators forced the girls will head the European project into the trash!But they do not want, but was repeatedly bent repeatedly kicking, and its perpetrators scold loudly!What a shameless!How arrogant!Similarly, there are many incidents of school violence: “Shijiazhuang, a high school girl was hit four”, “Jiangsu nude girls being beaten,” “Shijiazhuang Zhengding County girls beat” .I was most shocked that: the perpetrators are girls!This is what the people care, pet flower children who in the end took place?(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Most parents tend to focus only on the surface of things, but rarely the underlying causes people to think it all happened.As a high school student, to the face of these shocking tragedy, I also have my own opinion!These perpetrators at home or the much-loved, used conceit, or is lax parenting, childhood lack of companionship, forming a shameless unreasonable situation today.They often do not mind the thought of learning is not “academic”, but “play industry”.With “bad student” used to mix, the heart of the heart of the stronger revenge.”So and so I dare to offend?!I am not teach you a lesson not!”Basically the same attitude toward the teacher” This is how this teacher, my mind is not not being ass kicked?!I am not wrong, wrong is he!”These people tend to rely on the so-called ‘Brotherhood’, arrogant clamor:” I am the boss, who would not from me?Not from?hit.”The psychology.For them, the force will always be a panacea.Like attracts like, what they call “buddy” is also often the same people.Collapse and disappear, trouble came, “Dude” also scattered!    School violence can not simply say that the reason must be in school, parents and schools should be held accountable.    So, the parents how to do it?Parents themselves there for the following reasons: childhood neglect the education of children, always busy with work, busy rush, no time to care for and accompany their children.Therefore, parents should give their children care, influence them from the heart, do not let them mix youth and society, otherwise sooner or later turn bad; their discipline but also necessary to Tsz Yan, do not get too relaxed; when the child is making progress to give encouragement; to be responsible for them, do not be a casual parents.    Also in the schools, the teachers should strengthen the management of student’s misconduct in a timely manner and stop treatment, prevention further deterioration; strengthen ideological education, to carry out a variety of activities outside school, teach students to put themselves in empathy; to to discipline the students, not as good as its ex post facto punishment preventive work ahead.To help students in the school’s clear aim is to study hard, to comply with school rules.    Of course, the effect of these efforts can not be immediate, however, only the school and parents work together to be able to effectively solve this problem.Author: Cheng Cheng