delete memory

Part One: Delete the past without some memory recall, while others need to remember past events, I do not know, I really do not know, why should it recall.  Perhaps better, perhaps sad, life is a journey bound for a one-way ticket, no return, but always think of the most beautiful and saddest memories, perhaps childhood childhood, possibly meet a stranger, may duckweed together.Some people say: “old information should be deleted,” Others say: “memory need to remember.”The fact that it?I thought: everything is just a touch of it well, because it is really beautiful faint, why take it too complicated?  Should be removed and should not be deleted, not our last word, or to retain good, delete those sad – say goodbye to the past, to grasp the future.Part two: Remove the memory passage of time, and anyone can not stop the years hurried footsteps.Fantasy retain once beautiful and warm, but turned the moment only to find that you are no longer bright smile, after years of dreams, only bitterness in flood.Finally relieved, life without this tour has come to the train, there is no reverse gear. – Inscription May the wind beating desperately broken memories, Du Yi window, overlooking the starry night sky.Every now and then thoughts of the moment, a drop of icy fall, had smashed expectations, finally relieved, broken dreams have gone with the wind, I have no regrets, wash it Magnificence, with tears once loyal to pay homage to the truth, and short-lived perfect love.  Once in girlhood had a beautiful dream: to capture the moment a meteor passing, silently promised a wish, only wish this life can have a beautiful encounter with you, with a romantic fall to decorate the night sky full of stars beautiful!Rainbow after the rain beautiful your smile, freeze into my memory forever worried about.Pain, also quietly breeding, spread.Inspired by the love and warmth once, your footsteps lopsided, cruel crushed with the truth that my lifelong love tectonics fortress!Indifferent backs see a trace of love.You go, so clear sky fade my world, in addition to pain, not leaving a trace!Humble love, the unforgettable pain sequestration into my memory forever!Nightlife net gray day, with numb I pay homage to lost love, the heart has also come to death!May the wind distorted oppressive beautiful scenery, crush the slightest gentle moonlight, into a little bit sad solitude of dust speckled!Can not let go once beautiful, bustling away the lonely would still burns my every nerve.Lingering dash, dash lost, bitter tears into the vicissitudes of emotion to a desolate.He turned the moment, going to lose each other in the next reincarnation of the ferry, even though the other side is still fragrant flowers, but the flowers and leaves of life and life two missing!Air-dried in love has long been lonely monsoon blew away in the mortal world, and more hope that it drops into nectar, moist dry my heart the sea, washing the dust of dreams!Fade magnificent colors, love, looked so pale!Feebly struggling, crying sobs, blowing in the bitter night sky!I just want to know if I had a short stay in the shadow of your heart?So why ignore my true feelings?Perhaps you fled back is to give my best answer!  Countless lonely midnight, thinking of my dream eroding nerve pain.Loyal, wait, tears once again the heart sting.The passage of time, I finally numb slowly awake.You, but my life is the road of a beautiful landscape, is bound to be primed years the pace is much, why do we look forward to eternity?Eternity is just a distant dream, a past lives will never be able to honor the agreement!Fuzzy tears, I laughed, heart, and finally relieved.Life, this tour has to go no no reverse gear train, not the Enter key, the only way to remove that period of painful memories, and that part is not worth waiting for your emotions!Delete memory, delete that part of the painful past.I was pleasantly surprised to find me, even in transformation!  Delete memory in the near future, I, will become a butterfly.Part Three: Erase Memory Memory is really a sinful thing, the deeper the memory, the more severe the pain.Sad slow extension of the space of life, a touch of self-mockery is also strong say sorrow is beautiful.Passionate always be ruthlessly angry, ask the world where they could be quiet.I can not remember when, accustomed to a person’s loneliness and solitude.Whether it is day or night like a man alone, a cigarette, a pot of tea, look at some text, prose sometimes sad, sometimes about the word Wan.So quietly you think anything can be nothing but think, think also a fruitless want.Want peace of mind, calm the mind really do?If you can be calm and not to mention lonely lonely.Emotional vulnerability is the heart of loneliness and solitude, this fragile and suffering little to show people, so a person would be lonely lonely, lonely is a lonely person, afraid to face, choose to avoid.Always said to myself put down, put down no longer painful.Put down, put down no longer remember the.There is only love and hate, want to forget the past, no longer remember her phone number, her removing them, her life no trace.These make it really easy, but still wanted to hear from her, they did really can forget it, unless constituency optional and frustrated, deleted memory.  Defective character says is born with, purse share neatly by size, life should be fixed at the mercy of something, too detailed, emotional and delicate, a character flaw that really what you want to be offset by difficult, so sentimental, so lingering, it will fall very deep, it does not fit.Select the lonely lonely on the constituency selection, number of stars, hope the moon, always counting the days before, who would have this feeling happy?  Once the wind took snowy night, wine and coffee, peacefulness, dream life, accustomed to the bustling life.Now select the loneliness and solitude, accustomed to the simple life, looking for a simple life, a bread, a bowl of porridge contentment.But the heart of loss and emotional loneliness and solitude, but no one can know no one knows.Perhaps everything is doomed to God’s arrangement, the fate of the.But the soul is restless, 40 and perplexed, he suddenly thought of a 45-year-old retirement age, finally had a goal: 45-year-old retired it, I went to live in freedom!Been to the life you want.I kept thinking mind to be a consolation after all to calm.  delete memory.    Part Four: delete memory my friends have said heartache to find a good opportunity to make their cry to vent, cry later so that his tidy in a sober state of their own thoughts; but at this time I would like to laugh, laugh at my naive ignorance; laugh at my own stupid stupid; his smile again confused; even more ridiculous is probably my brains to really step on the cattle.Even the whole himself to this stage; Oh.I actually do not understand what a trust??How can we trust a person better to do?The other side is not doing all the time I want to see as not?Do you trust just from unilateral?A lot of people are saying; longer if you want to go with two people again, that the most important thing is mutual trust!It can be really hard to do!!If you want the other to complete trust, that first of all you have to do to make him able to trust you.Because the trust also comes with you; two ways of thinking are not the same people, it has a similar character, so two people can come together is a fate.If you can go longer something that I think is a kind of miracle!If you always feel the feelings come sooner lose faster!Because I think the feeling is to slowly heart to feel, or from dull to start step by step to deepen until later vigorous!!I think these steps in a day or two it is impossible!To twelve weeks?One or two months?Or something more permanent?If you can in some long, I want to “divide” the word would not say it’s so easy!Now I understand the heartache the best healing method is to delete the memory!