Degree below zero

Part One: minus was staring a late summer season, a high school campus staged a bipolar world of the story, mediocre Antarctic penguin strong hint of a polar bear mediocre, mediocre crowd does not outline a mediocre lines.  Penguin said: Perhaps because of the time difference belongs to the two of us, so we missed the love.  Polar Bear said: Perhaps because of our common lost, so we missed the love.  However, they really loved each other, but they do not know.  Lonely rainy season will bring dust into fertile soil, humid air, the evaporation of the warm summer and bustle, the leaves are still stubborn adhesion of the yellowing trees, the wind tiresome children and it sometimes joke.Sweeping leaves melancholy pervades the sweet heart, leaving a distant memory, ethereal tears.  Sweet can not remember exactly which day is the insertion of this class.Probably often went to the north and south side of the two places she had become accustomed to the climate, she was not a good student, not the teacher that emphasized her “intervention” would find it too put her into a corner by the window in.Fortunately, she has been accustomed to solitude, parents have each have their own family, but she can only do a contact in both the north and south of the extra man in her growth, no laughter, no touching, no resentment.  Sweet like quiet, so she will sit at the window, looking busy and sometimes on the street, people coming and going, she would think, big world, that no one can accommodate their place, I want more, some naturally sad.She will not ignore the classroom unfamiliar faces who never tired of the game, not perfunctory smile, as if his only dictionary apathy and loss.  Of course, no one paid attention to sweet, her name like the stars of the sky as strange and distant.Until one day, a coin in the air to draw a perfect arc and landed perfectly on the sweet desk, in aloof sweet side, the first time there has been an uproar.Silent coincidence, the sweet faint smile, she gently advantage of the opportunity to pick up a coin spinning with his left hand, stroking.Probably because it was the only one willing to break into the sweet life things right!Illogical, sweet to the owner to ask him a coin, from the left pocket will be more than sweet in the coin, the sweet heart also were more gentle shallow.When have mentioned, the owner of the coin called Yin promise, perhaps panic from sweet and sincere asked him to rocket coins, only to find that he called thin sweet girl and my heart is not measured alone in the end, after the sun the boy’s eyes Yin promise there will be a low-key sweet as ice.  New environment, new classes, sweet even more out of tune.Sweet always spinning coin greedy waited at the window, looks into the distance.She ignored the presence of the head teacher, always quietly silence to let that poor old man grimace.She ignored the teacher sarcastic remarks are not worried about his awkward expression, only her real angry, and only desperate dash for the door.She crouched like moldy, dark, damp corridor, looking at wrist watch in a minute gone, she would cry, but more just in a daze.I do not know since when, seems to have become accustomed to appear Yin promise “miracle”, casually thrown over a coat with a body temperature, she quietly enjoying his pay, but she did not understand why Yin promise never look at her, just straight away.Maybe she really do not understand, because Yin promise afraid of this strange girl will notice his heart, he was afraid she’d stopped him, he refused to let him shame.But I have to admit, Connaught Yin wrong.Only his presence would melt the ice in her heart, sweet long been accustomed to, and even fell in love with this rebellion, his interpretation of her undoubted value.  Missed by Yin Snow fell in love with the sweet, strong promise more than once Yin wants to change her, thoroughly into her world, he wanted to use his tenderness to heal the scars of her heart, at the same time, he to be afraid, because you want to have already broken mirror adhesive side then why not braved the risk of breaking it again, but Yin promise and urgent hope to get to know her, take care of her, waiting for her.  Inexplicable, sweet love with Yin promise, I do not know The tiny coin began her mind puzzled love, or that coat to please her sharp intellect, in short, she was looking forward to, but also very long, after all, a people take a long, long time, really want to stop and find a practical shoulder to rely on.  Finally, a picture of a small piece of paper passed between them apart, Yin is the promise of hope, is relying on sweet, they really written by every pen, every sentence, every paragraph of text, Yin promise really He did changed the sweet.  Each piece of paper is all a little sweet, and only looked at Yin promise of writing, her heart will settle down, it will not be like a lost child find their own stop destination.  In this way they touched each other, dependent on.  But one day, sweet Yin promise did not find a note, she startled a little at first, but then muffled heartache, accustomed to the feeling of love, suddenly find less like a time to be emptied heart, however, , sweet can only anxiously waiting.She did not look up, did not dare show you care about, she could do was to convince myself silently, silently understand Yin promise, life is too long, from the very beginning she understood, Yin could not promise yourself waiting so long but why the heart is still so painful?  The same day, the other side of the bow Yin Snow also distressed look forward to sweet reply, he did not dare tell her that he was afraid his sincere will give this girl brought pure repression, Yin promise in mind, she is a carved jade without any defects without a trace, her perfect accounted for almost his entire world, what he can not easily told her he was afraid to scare her, he was afraid she would run away, so if she is trying to evade his mind, then he faded only choice of his life, he secretly persuade herself, her own freedom is it not too happy?  Since then, a small piece of paper off the trail, even though there are thousands of sorts of unfulfilled love, sweet will try to let go of her life again, like a broken kite line, adrift, go with the flow.She is still used intently staring at the heart of the city, but she had eyes only put really noticed a different landscape.Sweet often touching upon the coin, will somehow doubt why did ask for it and the memory of this little-known.  Yin promise always to look inadvertently locked in the sweet body emaciated, his heart is really sad because this girl’s pain and twitch up, he might have a few times, ten times, or even hundreds of times desperately wants It puts her in his arms, to sympathize with her, love her, care of her life.But he did not love a person, not possession but to pay, but he paid most is to give her space.  Six months later, the sweet left that day, the situation has changed a lot, a lot, sweet buried put my luggage, with the same time, complex thoughts circling in her heart, however, in those books she’s deep evil pain of the disease, she found a piece of paper folds, familiar handwriting greeted her straight visually every word on a piece of paper, secretly with Resentment.Yes!Yin promise, you try to know everything about her, but I do not know why she never opened any of a textbook it?Out of the sun from the window of the door to direct into her eyes, sore, sore, until the tears falling down drops hit sent da da sound on slips of paper, sweet Hui Guoshen.  Just under a white snow playground, burdened with heavy bags of sweet sadness of looking around the campus, she stood, feeling particularly depressed.At this time, she clearly saw Yin promise stroll from one end of the playground, only around one more beautiful girl, sweet smile, tears flowing aspect also will be presumptuous, Yin saw the sweet promise, and he could do the only stop a stalemate there, because in his mind except the love of those unable to speak more than a side that responsibility.Sunset direct from the corner of the gap over the remaining leaves, warm, just shoot in the middle of them, if just a orange equator, the demarcation of the north and south poles, minus once doomed their gaze.  Antarctic penguins and polar bears are unlikely to spend, because they do not belong to each other’s world.  Postscript: Maybe this should then double clumsy hands, pick up a pen to write these words meaningless, because once a tear and a mood notes, it more than once secretly vowed never to these useful work, then do not put their minds at any sway, but still sentimental in the years to come, pick up the pen, put down, and then pick up, then down I do not know the mood of instigation, or long solitude, suddenly really want to write something to comfort me deposition monologue, empty self.So, without hesitation, heart and hand, some relieved, looked at all the people have changed around, there is always an impulse to want to cry, I feel like the salty liquid flowing down, across my face, but gentle and delicate , probably doomed my sentimental.Perhaps more experienced, always sleepless night, quietly tears, twenty years old, I want to leave something for themselves?But I do not know, there are not qualified, there is no value left.    Part II: Whispering degree below zero to zero you love, only to end up with ice.  March early spring still cold from time to time, certain days in April with some brackish spring, everything began to sprout, even the flowers are ready to share Your face dedicated to the best gift in the spring.  April seems to happen a lot of things, secretly pleased, but also secretly lost, piecemeal to get out of hand, quiet bloom well, also come quietly, had come upon the beautiful branches, scattered a land of crying, a small affair, back and forth between, fickle, like ice eventually zero, extreme cold water.  Occasional care, the wind came by water, the water was quiet, still clear.Smart network nightlife wind blowing wake up like two spirits flower, the flowers began to look bright, with a look of attitude, want to give some real beauty in this world, I know that flowers are natural, but it is those people passionate child they impose unnecessary grief, I do not know how much of a flower or one flower grief can sustenance, but it is so multi-lover bear the joys and sorrows of children.  March and April the weather should be sunny, but I did not find, among flash suddenly, I only see a gray, called the mess.  I have been a lonely, even this time without exception, I started calling themselves the Do not wishful thinking, the final result may be inevitable, once the cold of minus eventually fall off, did not come and, once again forgetting Red ,why?why?I call cease at flowers, frozen at minus, no one could see, no one could understand also.  Some things are not rational, I want to believe such a fallacy to give yourself an excuse, cold day at the beginning of March, can not see the bright spring, newly sprung April sunshine with a little warmth, the wind is light, the cloud is white, wind shake the clouds, clouds will be mad chase, forget that the present floating in a light, curtain air away.  A sunset in the evening, thoughts tunnel, inexplicable think of one kind never before seen flowers, and this is just the flowering season, at night in the early hours of radio programs also happens to be talking about this topic, that moment I felt expressions are Card live, really can not believe, so I caught, do not fall into such a strange relationship with my little inside, fall asleep that night with joy, I would like to go for god mouth is.  Early April day, there is the color of the sky, but also gave birth to the day of lilac, this is the later speculation.Sunny early April day, full of the smell of sun, Yun trip in my heart, green riverbank, green heart, For a second deep breath, as if all the sunshine to storage in general, deeply enjoyable.  I think, at this time, like my heart is like lilac, flowering implication day after tomorrow, will be looking to stretch slowly, looking forward to the coming of dawn.Time is of no itching, and will not appreciate so much sadness and joy, joy that I tell the blue sky, it does not nod, telling clouds that my sadness, it will not take them all, so, my nothing to them, they also like me has nothing to do, we are in a strange.  Early opening flowers are longing for this world.  Lilac smell filled the sky, a whole world of fragrance, after all, can not escape the last of a knot, but the United States yesterday, live in the moment, how helpless.  Once said, lilac open to white, does the kind of omen?Funeral of?  It seems prosperous is sad.  Can not tolerate long-lasting, it seems, tends to divide together for a long, long period of division the same token, since it is such a rotation, so why should?  Has shown signs of cloves, as if seen there in general, exceedingly familiar, I looked him about it, and no clue how many arouses love of flowers are four separate, non-taste is not liked, but that would suit I could not help but arouses pity.To strike through, only stay for a few seconds only, then went away, unwilling to your hospitality.  Flowering is short, I never thought brief.See the second time, a sense of loss will severely branded in my heart, forbear slight pain in the depths, there is inaction at.  At night from the wind, and brought it began to rain, and rain is always valuable, no extra half drop.The next day the sky cleared, as if what is proclaimed, micro Morrowind is still almost a sense of cold.  When seen, the petals a scattered manner, which also stained with raindrops, firmly attached to the soil, purple stained Nama, Smart wind in the morning, and was covered with residual, the branches already open space distance , no that familiar, circulation of heaven and earth, hidden in the soil, get clean of Jesus Christ.After all, to be scattered in the wind, cold, like ice cold quiet, chill thoroughly sad hearts, shaking once beautiful falling below zero, cold, there is no return date, only a moment, the flowers, minus once, will be unable to remember since freezing minus once, hope earth floating smoke, a few silk thread fall outside the stars.Part Three: At the moment, out of the window once the promise is below zero near term, “Meditations” seen too many, and many times can really calm irritable mood.But occasionally it will fall into deep confusion, and even some panic feeling, might be better unexamined.  I think everyone’s hearts are home to another self.Perhaps that is the most true to yourself.Many times we are accustomed to using a variety of external manifestations to hide the real you deep inside, or did not care to cover care about, or the appearance of indifference to hide his care about, or to cover up the fragile strong!In fact, everyone has their own dedication can not be questioned.  Often I think, maybe time to change something.But after time I passed disappointed that a lot of things is not the time to change.Sometimes felt, you might be able to deceive myself a very happy thing, but forgot, how can deceive got the most honest heart it!With some 2011 people and things away and devoid of wind, he has been residing in the hearts?In fact, I know that the road traveled, seen the scenery, met people, things happened, too, and left it since, so maybe just a moment, but fixed in memory, has become eternal life.  A friend said, in fact, not so much if, over time, those things left behind in this world is eternal.I can not help but ask myself, that are experiencing and will experience it later!?It is not the final answer for himself.Maybe I really need a little bit more courage; perhaps, should as a friend put it, the less stubborn.  In fact, sometimes to think, time to live so mediocre, irrelevant, so very good.Work, work, read, listen to music, do something you enjoy, go for a walk around occasionally arbitrary, so life is repeated.Looks really respect and follow his heart, I know, some relate only to its own way it is, but a lot of things not only in relation to himself.  The city, cloudy, from the winter of 2011 until now.  At the moment, three degrees below zero outside the window.    Part Four: minus one degree below zero in winter if the once quiet winter precipitation memories, memories that I hope it never picked up, minus only stay in those days was slowly sinking.  - Inscription winter, in a less self-deceiving attitude, quiet to my world just inside my left hand memories.I picked up the right hand of Love, the silent years of quietly shuttling from between my index finger and over.I opened the threshold of time, as in previous years, this winter calm stroking degrees.The remains of broken marks, in my youth in precipitation sleeping, I collected this spring and degrees, like the collection of poems I like, like, buried in my time box.  Yellow sun tucked rice flavored slipped from my ceiling windows outdoors in, sprinkled on my pale blue curtains and light green stripes on the floor, like a wounded bird quietly parked in my window, afraid to disturb the owner of the house like this, just gently stop with, looking at the sun with a hint of sadness.That serene sun stroked my face, like an elderly mother stroking was going far away from children, sad eyes as long as the coastal line.That touch has awakened the sleeping I.  He opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, hazy, like a winter mist in the moonlight that the general, trance.Turn on the computer, the TV drama playing soft light music, the moment seems to have a fairy living room-like aura that filled the whole house of life.Climb to get up, get dressed.I began to enjoy the beautiful and ideal day.That withered branches, climbed into my room, and I seem to have to share this beautiful music together.Dog in the room to run, play with play.  Like the sun in the winter, it is only a degree below zero in the winter, not too cold, they do not like that wrapped themselves packed in sets of houses were tight and do not see the same face.But more of a sentimental minus once the “Proton” pain.  Carrying a blue bag that I loved, walked to the classroom, the journey began with a day of school.Once through the clear green patch of withered trees and now, since there is no obstruction between the sun between the branches of the tilt pin seam down, dancing on the ground, forming a warm aperture, quiet lying there, like border the station disabilities, as guardian of that party static soil of their hearts.That yellow leaves and broken branches on the ground, after a night of heavy rain yesterday, “baptism”, the destruction of the disorder lying there, like the mass graves the bodies of Hong Kong in general, nobody cares.Step on the corpses came, I seem to be a sinful prisoner, suddenly came up with a little fear, but also like a guillotine that the guilty to punishment, there are numerous grievances mind but no one to talk, can only be the fun of the merciless fate.  When the sun gradually without leaving a trace from my world disappear without a trace when the moonlight like a companion that has been quietly behind the sun lover, in my world.Reminding us of scenes between, they would understand, the original moon has always been a lover of the sun.Although the sun and rain have already tied the knot, but the moon still remains standing silently behind the sun, has been quietly accompany him.Just quietly watching him, it was all her happiness.  TV drama dim lighting, floor to ceiling windows in the sitting, watching the outside world, but also enjoy the window melancholy pale moonlight, I do not know why, suddenly found tonight’s moon has a unique hazy beauty, mind gives birth sun emotion of jealousy.That a curved moon, like waves in the azure blue of the lake a lonely boat, quiet suspension that distant sky, lonely, as if ice is riddled with a highly emotional woman.That moonlight as if she shed tears like, with this sad earthly laity, but also her own grief.  This was the raw cold of minus moonlight, is that degree below zero in the winter most plaintive parting song, do come to an end, leaving only Yin song that people put up with this pain the pain of longing alone, no one to tell.  It was below zero micro hot sun, this is the degree below zero in winter happiest music, the song is not the end, people have scattered, leaving only playing music that people appreciate the beauty of empty string and wind, no one can understand the pain and suffering of friends.  Degree below zero in the winter, below zero once the sadness, minus once the sun, the moon was below zero, but sorry no one can understand the minus one degree.    Part five: non-existent degree below zero in the morning on the way to the classroom, laden with the wind chill, quietly touching the skin, then cool nerve overflowing.  I always kind of restless, unable to control themselves their own impetuous left atrium, will work out the phone or in study hall the moment in class.Did not particularly look forward to whisper in the ear of the phone, nor had expected SMS overflowing sweet baffling was hit fingertips, just like other people to see the dynamic in their own space, a scroll bar on the page slowly slid to the end , weather forecast in the state of Harbin minus once let my heart to wake up from numbness in.  I do not know at what time to write now lives in Harbin, Heilongjiang address personal data in, so I deceived myself deceive others became a citizen in Harbin.I am grateful to Tencent to provide a platform even if the crime is not punished, so I can wander carefree even unscrupulous in their own world, Happy every day outside the law, doing a Hunshimowang.  Things are not always good, can not go places always fun, other people’s things in his field of vision is always with perfect labeling.I grew up in a small village, perhaps the world just to see someone else has set up a corner perceive ourselves off, not the views of numerous, but I was stubborn bigotry in my heart or will stick to this city in northeastern China – Harbin.Time onward, I also came to the heart of the city from a small village, her friends for a batch after batch, but I have spilled my heart this seed has deeply taken root.  I feel like happened for a long time like, because really good fuzzy memories, if I am not so forgetful.But I’m sure the school is in front of the bookstore to buy the magazine, its cover is not very nice, but I’m sure it will capture your cruising floating eyes when you pass.The color of the cover is the kind of particularly deep red, but not so good, you look carefully, I guess probably a kind of black which it has infiltrated.I can not say that it is difficult to see, because on the cover there is a classical beauty.  I probably will not finance, but I really practical.If only because the cover of this book and I will certainly pass.Anthomaniac age, always temptation guy.There are magazine articles that tell Jimmy Lin, so I will have a reason to buy books.Now that I think of Jimmy Lin wrote the article was dismembered time, it left me only two words – Bard.  Increasing age I learned how to survive in society, I gradually learned to write something in my heart.So I can only say that essay let me obsessed Harbin article made me think it’s very beautiful.Since then, I became stationed in this treasure of a soldier, to the present, we should use it to refer to veterans.  Snow, light and elegant as always, it seems like a graceful young girl, also deemed newborn baby spotless.As a northerner, for the snow, or no stranger.However, when a city was called Bard, share the ultimate scenery will always be people fascinated.Manwu wanton snowflakes in the sky, full of snow, pure, dreamy fairy tale world so it probably is.And continued cold weather in the Northeast, will let you have this wonderful illusion of eternal existence.  Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale full of warmth pen, Cinderella can always meet the handsome prince; beautiful princess always encounter elegant, it is freed from the curse; wicked witch must not hospice.However, the fairy tale belongs to the vulnerable soap bubbles, face reality they killed, my heart greatly reduced in the life of the Holy Land.  Sometimes people will always be silly, but refused to repent.Remember that when playing drift bottle, drift bottles is received from the northeast, the contents of the bottle really flattered.At that time, I feel like I’ve been guilty of the same mistake, over-exaggerated the role of the environment that they have been blinders, imagine a paradise deceive.Aware of their error only occurs in the blink of an eye, the next second I continue weaving dreams.  Look at the weather conditions on the phone again, Harbin sunny degrees below zero to six degrees.Look, I really do not think there is a degree below zero, do not know that it will forward to the day in the winter, when I was not standing in the sun overlooking the East, whispering softly to it: the reality of the dream ah, could you please point near perfect, just a little?