Defecate gold Shek

In the past, western Sichuan for a man named Shu country, fertile land, rich, very rich.It is not far from the Qin early on this fertile land coveted, I want to put it all under the own.But the road to Shu is very steep, steep cliffs and across the bottomless ravine on the road, a fall down it will fall to pieces, march route not clear, despite the state of Qin eyeing, may sometimes also do nothing.  Shu monarch nature greedy, always wantonly plundered private wealth to satisfy their greed for money, sometimes even at all costs.Wangqin Hui Wang Qin country learned from the population temperament Shu Wang dispatched snoop message, that take advantage of.After agonizing over a long time, Qin Wang finally came up with a plan.  Qin Wang command craftsmen create a huge carved Shek, in the rear end Shek’s put a lot of gold and silver silk, released news that it will defecate gold head Stonebull.  Shu spies the name of the cow’s head on this defecate gold anecdote told Shu Wang, Shu Wang listened with envy, underground passage: If I have such a Stonebull, defecate every day to give me the gold, be nice what!At that moment, Qin messenger came, he said to the king of Shu, Qin Qin Wang Shu-friendly in order to show sincerity, decided to defecate gold Shek will give Shu Wang.  Shu Wang overjoyed, he heard the messenger said Stonebull huge stature, from Shu Qin transported to be afraid inconvenient, quickly promised: this is not a problem, since your country monarch willing to give me Shek Diego, where I have do not try it shipped to our country to the truth of it, please rest assured that your monarch.  Not Guda Chen Shu Wang who strongly opposed, mobilized a large number of migrant workers in the country, the cliff dug up, the valley also filled in, in order to allow the smooth arrival Shek, the trails are leading Shu insurance repair has become flat Avenue.Then he sent five Hercules to Qin to meet Stonebull.  Where is expected to get greedy Shu Wang, Qin Wang had sent troops quietly behind Shek, with Shek flocking, in one fell swoop exterminate Shu.  Shu Wang is a greedy little cheaper but suffered a major loss, lost the whole country, being ridiculed people of the world.We learn from them, take the long view was further ahead, in order to avoid little immediate profit and greed, harm the interests of the whole.