Default judgment

1 no snow in winter, not a real winter, cold snowy winter, real winter.  For months, my heart went through a brutal baptism of snow and ice, just let me read the winter, but also let me see the pace of the spring.  Afternoon, sleep time, almost did not call, I sat in the phone booth pedestrian bored watching the road, Li Chunlan a rushed.  ”Why such a catch?”Looking at the old school look of joy, I can not help asking.  ”Tell you a good news, Yang Fengying teacher back.”Yang Fengying is our junior high school teacher, because I am good fight injustice, often there Yang to complain, but Yang often support me, so my relationship with Yang’s particularly good, then I heard her do a false back to the city business, made from the sale of.He is a successful businessman.About ten years did not see Yang, so the brain cell excitability immediately mobilized.  ”Young teachers what to do to come back?”I ask.  ”It’s like nothing, he said he wanted the students, come back, and we hope to organize classes of students, put forward Alumni Association.”” It’s a good idea, so many years, it is that the students get together again, this time Yang presided over the back, more meaningful.”” Association set at No. 16, there are two weeks, Yang still have things back to the city, and No. 16 she again.”So I reckoned the day every day, looking forward to that day come sooner.  2 days Accidents will happen, people have always happens, a rarity in any punches pinching God, my good friend Sun admitted to the hospital with a car accident, Sun while my junior high school best friend, all these years has maintained contacts, my one of the few good friends.I heard that she had been hit, I immediately went to the hospital to see her.Her mother told me that Sun through the lumbar spine was damaged, never stand up, looking pale on the bed with the sun, especially uncomfortable I was, a middle-aged man will spend his back in bed half, how cruel and terrible reality, and her life is already difficult, it is not worse yet, with Sun’s husband died of illness two years ago, her son by working to support themselves and their lives, that she was paralyzed on her future One can imagine what it means to say.  ”Sun is how to hit the same?”I ask.  ”She walked in the street, a car hit her from behind police team went to the scene saw the man, took pictures, said the traffic police force, is not responsible for us, the bike has the overall responsibility for the accident car.”After listening to Sun the same mother, my heart just feel relaxed trace, at least with the Sun can obtain a sum of compensation can be maintained in the future life of mother and child.  3 Alumni Association held as scheduled, several activists contacted thirty people, not so many years I do not know specifically from the old school where out, all radiant, new look, is no longer a teenager that year, becoming mature more sophisticated, there are two or even clusters of white hair, immediately reminiscent of the vicissitudes meaning of the word.Although Yang Fengying teacher who is nearly 50 years old, and looks 10 years younger than their actual age, burning trendy curly hair, a decent casual wear, set off her shapely body, and the students danced ballroom dancing, fully integrated the intermediate students.The teacher looked at the year’s warm, my heart inexplicable give birth to an unknown melancholy, Yang’s status there, earn money, her life, the others have, but many of us people so far did not even working on the mix, I do not know the teacher unworthy of it, or himself unworthy, unworthy of the society.I’m usually good at this time and the relationship between Li Mei conspire to me and whispered to me: “You know what Yang trip to the real purpose is not it?”Her words made me wonder and surprise, is the Yang to carry out his Alumni Association is not known what secrets it?  ”You’re affordable, Yang spade what you believe, I know her to be the most.”” Why do you say? Say it, do not guessing, I can not no more that you Huahuachangzai.”” Yang’s daughter married next month, she is to play in front of the station, this time you get the point.”I do not believe that the German shook his head, I remember yesterday and went to see Yang Sun while touching scenes I have tears, how could she be so snobbish it, see I do not believe she reluctantly said:” Then you wait Look at it.”Having looked at me meaningfully, with the lively people go dancing.Brisk pace accompanied by soft music flying long lost old classmate infected everyone in the hall, the music flowing like years of brewing wine, so that everyone can not help but revel.  Gathered in dinner, Yang when people let stand on stage, the same as the year lectures, tirelessly tells her toast: “I want to say a word now is that you can see the year again together, I am very pleased that you are graduating nearly 20 years, I hope your future more communication, more and more attention, like that of helping each other at school.Yesterday, I went to see with the Sun, she Unfortunately, there is time to look at her, to help her.Yang’s words so that the people filled with emotion, recalled yesterday, wanted to past and present, the common aspiration of all sides of the students come together, heart surging infinite nostalgia for the good memories of the dead, so everyone can drink very fun, this is only pure good feeling among the students to be able to find.  4 outside float the snow, this is the first snow so far this winter, large, thick snowflakes filled the air, happy and carefree snow fall the moment, still is so laid-back and confident.N see God, with Sun’s mother with a snowflake, a chill into the phone booth, then remember I did not go there for several days with the Sun.  ”Sun is better with Mody?”I asked with concern.  ”Sun with a home medication.”Sun’s mother with the look of melancholy say.  ”How quickly released from the hospital?Well, it is?”” No money in the hospital, first on the medication at home.”” The recent police team did not find it?”” Go, they said, did not identify as disabled, unable to advance to pay medical expenses, had borrowed a lot of money, but also to identify a sum of money for medical.”I immediately understood Sun had come with her mother.  ”Aunt, you go back at night I go to you that, in my hand a little savings.”Sun’s mother was grateful to see with me, turned away.Looking at her stumble back, my heart hurts.  5 Yang Fengying teacher came back again, just as predicted by Li Mei, Yang teacher informed her students to attend her daughter’s wedding, the wedding is called Yang pendulum banquet.Because the real wedding of her daughter to be in the next week, I heard that her daughter found a engaged in real estate, very rich, really Ye Hao, false worth mentioning, and what we do with it, we just participated in the banquet good, participate in the banquet, teacher-student relationship can be a long friendship between the students will be pure, because everyone is eager to retain the hearts of the truth that the only reserved.To my surprise it is that the new Sun also came back thousands of miles away from the provincial capital.The new Sun do is pharmaceutical wholesale business, is a leader in all students, especially students of all ages so that he, in front of him, no one mentioned the Sun with injuries, so there is no way of knowing he was paralyzed due to injury in the bed of the old school, this is the only chance he’s visibility with Sun, but he missed, it was not his fault, and only God knows whose fault it is, maybe it is simply not wrong.  Yang once again visited with Sun, said some words of encouragement and sympathy, the non-stop back to the city.  6 Sun made with medical identification to the designated hospital, holding a medical identification, with Sun’s mother went to the traffic police force.From out of the traffic police force, with Sun’s mother came to my direct telephone booth, she told me, the traffic police team to the scene of the accident showed her the photos that traffic accidents are responsible for seventy percent with Sun, medical expenses can only be thirty percent liability Benefit.Sun’s mother sat in front of me with a trial of strength away tears, said: “This is how ah, traffic police team made a mistake, that picture is not true.”I realized the seriousness of the situation, so let her husband asked a friend to go to the military, the results surprised me, causing car driver turned out to be traffic police battalion’s nephew Yang waters, with Sun Yang’s mother to the waters of the claim, it is equivalent to traffic police team money.This is a civilian population which is competent ah.  I immediately let the Sun with the help of a lawyer mother to court, lawyers have helped win the grasp lawsuit.  Two months later, I went to see the same Sun.Sun with mother told me, lost the lawsuit.Because the traffic police team photo is the most powerful evidence, she did not understand, obviously daughter was hit in the side of the road, can be made to the photo, how to lay the middle of the road! Have photos can fake it?How false that is made, which can be called argue that there is suffering, look who’s wasting away with the sun, with me out to accompany his mother’s tears.  7 Sun same thing makes me feel very depressed, with the Sun is obviously knocked on the roadside, how in the photo becomes lying in the middle of that road, is it the photo is made special treatment, who have so much courage, dare to do such hands and feet, the parties really clear, bystanders fans.  There are two weeks will the New Year, the caller increased, and I put the Sun with things aside, early in the morning to a fierce wind blowing, I just born with stove, came in a middle-aged woman, she looked at me Lengle Leng, hesitated and said: “you are a student teacher Yang Fengying it.”” Yes, you know how?”” The wedding of the daughter of Yang, I’ve seen you, I am also a student teacher Yang, higher than you three realms.””You work there?”” I’m in the People’s Bank, a man named Sun with you that industry is hit by a car, now how?””not very good.Accidents traffic police team shot now and the actual situation is not the same incident, originally with Sun is not the responsibility of traffic police team get a photo into a 70% duty lawyer lawsuit did not win, and now Sun the same miserable, no money treatment, at home had to live day to day.”It’s the difference what woman, what not to say, make a telephone call left.He looked at me meaningfully travel.  And before dusk, the middle-aged women came, she took out a stack of copy paper from his pocket.  ”You put this to the Sun with useful to her, this is the day I happened that using a mobile phone, do not talk to people.”Before I say anything, she turned away and disappeared into the night, alone, I dropped.I’ll see her give me something, hit the scene with a Sun, and Sun with the description of the same, but the traffic police force and photos are completely different, I just stood still, heart beating fast, SUN is the lack of strong evidence with losing, people die there is always saved, this same evidence to the Sun is too important, with this evidence, will be able to win this lawsuit with Sun.I immediately shut the phone room, went straight home with Sun.  A week later, the lawyers share important evidence submitted by the court, with the Sun and her mother hopeful waiting for news of the court.  After a month, the lawyer told the Sun the same mother, the court case dragged him not to do, because his opponent is too powerful, lawyers powerless, with the Sun just ignite the fire of hope, the moment has been extinguished.  8 I suddenly remembered, and Yang a very casual conversation, Yang mentioned a word, her cousin, a police team in the city when not a small government, so I decided to take a trip to the poor SUN Tong, Yang will not do nothing about them, and trust the teacher let me firm confidence.  Sun and with no greeting given a free hand I would get on a train to the city, I have good evidence using a brown paper bag, carefully carry in his hand, for fear of lost, this is a person of foreign material not worth the money, it is as if her life is the same for the Sun.  Address by Yang left, I quickly found her shop.I explained what he wanted to Yang This is a great store of wedding photography row, there are four or five staff busy, Yang took me upstairs, when nobody in front, and the brown paper bag containing evidence of cross to her, she opened carefully looked at, and I watched her and found her very uncomfortable, his muscles seemed to move again.I do not understand why the teacher so difficult Poplar.She did not stand, put the material back into the brown paper bag, I expect her to say something, but she did not say anything.  From the city came back, my heart just like hanging a bucket of 7,8, uneasiness, had hopeful high spirits away, I did not expect, but it is frustrated spellbound.  I was doing on the phone hall 6 God nullius paced, nosy Li Chunlan come.  ”How do you have time today?”” Come here to buy things pass by and see you.”I gave her to a seat, could not resist to the city to find something Yang and her school again, she was stunned to hear.  ”You know why students do not do a favor to help with the Sun?””why?”” Because the Sun hit the same is Yang’s nephew, and captain of the traffic police brigade is Yang’s brother, who can help in this Manga, did not think you actually go to Yang, this does not mean meat bun fight dogs do?”I suddenly stunned, scared into a cold sweat, suddenly understood why Yang was the kind of look that I secretly pumping her mouth a wooden fish head knows better than home.  Had wanted to secretly help a good friend a favor, it seems that this is not help the busy.I gave thought, why people are hit with Sun Yang’s nephew, why the traffic police brigade captain is that Yang’s brother.This series of why I got dejected, have the heart to cry.Li Chunlan see I do not know the sound, said: “Students are very sympathetic with the Sun, what else can it, looked at the goblin monk was eaten only anxious parts dry, the Monkey King who is a skill, you do not bother.  What kind of stray dog, what I.Heart, gray, too lazy to say a word for several days.  9 months after day, with Sun’s mother received a court summons, with Sun’s case to a public hearing.  Court that day, I went early to the court.Under the court filled with people, bear full responsibility for the accident judge sentenced Yang Haijiang.  Sun with no audience figure, with the Sun can not know this great news the.  Two weeks ago, Sun was diagnosed with suffering from uterine cancer, she committed suicide in despair.  In the gallery, I saw a man, she sat quietly in a corner, I suddenly realized that she helped win the lawsuit behind the scenes.  She is the other end of trendy hair, but his face is painful and complex.