Deer fairy-crime python

Yao Wang and deer fairy after marriage, love each other, Christians farming, livestock trained animals, the world bumper harvest, domestic animals thrive, people’s happiness and beauty day.  Always good day soon, we knew that a few years.  This year, no trace of sky blue cover, the sun light was not a day leisure break.  Hard dry land in the road collapse, since the surface dust, fly ash step up dust Yang; dry field moist fertile soil, and split the gap, the seedlings wilted soft.At this time, people think there is no rain for a long time, not only this spring did not rain last winter with white fluffy snow has never seen.  Drought a drought was really powerful, people see health Tiandu Zi seedlings are listless soft panicked, what to eat after closing less than cereals?Think the time is already late, something life-threatening imminent, however, did not pay attention to people like winter without snow did not notice this thing.  It is noted that when the river floods is done, people had to live on both sides of the Fen River in hand labors to fetch water.  Fen River water is much smaller, and see every day is small, a few days like kudzu has become a trickle, water jar down even also dissatisfied with the scoop.Everyone had to dig a pit in the bottom of the river, fetching water in the pit, barely struggling for a few days, the Fen also dried up, drying up.  Only now you can only draw with the Pinghu.Although the road farther, finally also marked with a little water, has become a life-saving Pinghu Lake.  One day, Pinghu down nearly half of the water, was discovered when the morning to fetch water, people really strange, when fetching water yesterday also full of sparkling water, how every night a much reduced Pinghu elders can not sleep peacefully at night waiting quietly observe movement at the lake.Midnight midnight, an harsh wind blowing north-west, Kazamaki gravel hit the ground rustling hair ring.The sound is tight, there is a mammoth lake monster, the monster swaying fall Pang, a closer look, it turned out to be a python.I saw it a head out into the water, the lake cuckoo pound bubble, and shortly down by half.It is this evil monster!Quickly woke village elders, jars, Luanqiao stick stick together, and Monty Python was moved, rose from the water, blowing a gust of wind, and fled.  In the capital Pingyang Wang Yao heard the news.After the bumper year, he has been visited in the South, where the grass Sheng Miao thin, Christians sowing is a serious matter.His long sunny weather, no rain feel abnormal, day and night, back to the State, it absolutely did not expect to be dry Wo Tian crack dry, dry river without water, but did not expect evil python actually will take the opportunity to revolt from.  It turned out that wicked python is not another one, it was in that year Gushe mountain to swallow Yao Wang’s fellow.That day mouth such as pots, seeing Yao Wang will become the belly of food, and do not want to be disturbed deer fairy dream, not to eat Yao Wang also came close to being skinned her cramps, and even lose their lives too.Since then, the evil python sneaked back to the mountain nest, nocturnal, recharge your batteries, fertilizer Gong practitioners decent strong.Drought in the world to make it a pleasant surprise, the opportunity to revenge.  Python evil plan, it mouth to swallow the water, loving the people as child Yao Wang is bound to come, as long as he was come, and told him to not return.  I think of the evil python.Yao Wang did indeed come up, and back to Binh Duong evening, he took a rush of dust Hastening.He fell on the lake and the people in the village, waiting for the arrival of the evil python, ready to work together to catch demons.  Evil python wrong, fairy deer also come hand in hand.It is thought that in Gushe saved Yao Wang Shan she would return to the temple, to know where she was and Yao Wang became man and wife, glued to his assistant, Yao Wang, Yao Wang many times the escape, good luck.  To midnight, scratched an harsh wind, the lake Feishazoudan, python blatantly evil come.Detour around the lake, not seen Yao Wang trace it right again jumped into the lake water.At this time, Yao Wang shouted, crowd together to hold the lake, blocking the outward evil python.  In fact, do not stop evil python could not walk, along with Yao Wang shouts, deer fairy fly the air, jump in the lake, he has been riding in the neck on the evil python.Needless to say, hands strangling the throat that has been heavily demons.If you start something fierce, it will be a python Duane’s life.  However, deer fairy benevolent heart, it is only a Nieduan claws, scared evil python kept mercy: and then not harm the Yao Wang Zimin.  A fairy deer leg, jump ashore, gingerly slipped evil python.