Deeply, pour purple

Ning Wang Shangtong deeply, purple late Ming, known as “the mountains prime minister” of Chen Jiru, seclusion Kunshan, East Sheshan, he not only tea, but also purple soft spot, leaving a period of development of the “single-handedly pot” of his brother’s wife.The so-called “single-handedly pot” is one hand to steady prop, playing, tea, between a small teapot pocket between the large pot and kettle.Grandmaster Ming Dynasty when Dabin purple, happy imitation for the spring to make big pot.East Sheshan seclusion heard of Chen Jiru happy little pot of tea, when Dabin send apprentice ask Chen Jiru, Chen Jiru clever idea meaning, well-developed, back to Yixing, mentoring according to the Mekong creativity and careful burning out a beautiful first-hand pot.Ming Dynasty, for the spring teapot, mangosteen benefits furnace, kiln Xuan tea, won the favorite of the literati, bamboo stove to make tea, purple tea, back to nature, poetry reciting pay, enduring.Chen Jiru won playing purple road, as Zhou Ming Dynasty raised in the “pot Yangxian name system,” he said, teapot should make people feel the tea “can send real tea color, flavor” as the first prerequisite, “do color, sound, scent of Yun “, so the pot should be small, not big; shallow pot should not be deep; lid should Ang, not Tobe.Other words vernacular, no matter how teapot classification, the first prerequisite is the use of pot is the tea was good-looking shape again, no bubble tea to, and that was to be classified as false skill.According to legend, when the big bin to thank Chen Jiru, a handful of specially fired white clay pot is small melon edge Mekong, Hudi 12-character inscription: “goods outside lay just appreciate, the West has Chongjiu, Dabin.”It is reported that Chen Jiru and number of products outside lay.The face of this superior to make, Chen Jiru very fond.Satisfy pot in one hand and carefully enjoy playing, hand touch the pot body, smooth texture and delicate, like a newborn baby, stroking, sudden and devastating love and affection.Melon prismatic shape full momentum, unrestrained, natural, rounded slightly at the three-foot spout a natural Xu, such as Angtou chest, seems to be overstating the meaning, if the flower of life, autumn fruits, unlimited extension of between vitality, trance, as if to see: Mo farms, a trace of the warm spring dew quiet in the forest, branches calyx prime core group, Sparse wind flow, a pretty village girl of marriageable age, sleeves and skirt, swaying the spiritual grace, a life-greet event.Chen Jiru know tea was a man who always had a special tea room at the side of the Church of the East Sheshan, title reads: “When the star tea to tea, tea sets war who salty, bitter of Mr..”The problem is on the wall” was the only drink tea God, two or three people get interested in tea, seven or eight people to carry on the application of tea!”He invited friends three, ranking the tea room, a furnace burning incense, lit the stove, drain to ‘wash heart Quan’ water, take to you as Usnea of ‘Camellia’.Raging fire, bursts of tea, a pot of manpower, elegant tea tours, hermit elegance, like Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, Mountain and Flowing Water know Salon, Tao “under the mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” the free and easy, Wang Xizhi MySpace Lanting, pipa, Doujiu bold poetry, Li Bai “flowers jug of wine, drinking alone without a blind date,” the helpless, Su “fat boy crazy old lady talk, led by Huang left and right Qing Cang” wild.Slim tea, a bitter two Jing, Chen Jiru is quiet seclusion, and “non-diffuse waves Sencha, tea Xiangde character and must be,” is his motto.Chen Jiru is to understand the purple people, he knew a good teapot rely on to support their heart, need to have to wipe ground, multi-stroke, raising pot party was a trace of polish thousand days.Encounter first-hand pot, tea pot and dialogue, human dialogue with pots, tea man and dialogue is the dialogue of the mind and soul.As the Su tell the story: He said that a person on board the shock waves, got mad disease, and finally scraping the rudder handle on the sawdust dose, is said to have Shouze old helmsman above, after serving Jiyu, “Shouze” both are very good with words.Think, Chen Jiru holding a pot in one hand, careful play, exquisitely delicate, graceful hand and between.Hand touch the pot body, smooth texture and delicate, like a newborn baby, stroking, sudden and devastating love and affection.Long years over and over again caress, warm Shouze inadvertently infiltration purple, Shouze slowly formed a shiny patina, after years of aging in one hand and the pot has become an old thing children, old objects seemed to be with spirituality, more artistically vivid.Staring deeply, purple, purple love and this is the highest state of Chen Meigong.Chen Jiru not official, no false reputation, seclusion in the mountains.A teapot, a story, an episode.Away from the bustling Red Dust, with the beautiful landscape with, the plot full of purple, tea poetry, reading, painting, playing chess Fuqin, play in the water full moon, the quiet elegance of live safely enjoy leisure life.