On the Modern Warfare from the "Red Sea Action": sniper war movie interpretation

  Two years ago, Chinese action movies at a low ebb period, the vicissitudes of old age and Jackie Chan, Jet Li, playing a retired Conservative power, Donnie Yen canoe difficult to support。
2017, Wu Jing with "Wolf 2", with the theme "military + fighting," the action movie craze set off a wave。 In early 2018, the "Red Sea action" breakthrough 2.6 billion yuan at the box office, word of mouth is more rolling, "Wolf 2" and a "brave invincible, strong without fear" full Chinese dragon domineering force。
  If the "Wolf 2" is dressed in military personal martial arts Wu Jing skin, then the "Red Sea action" is one of "bullets and explosives" based team war film。
  Because of realistic and brutal, close combat movie biting, bare twisted particularly shocking。 8 people deal with 150 people, it is not only the guns of credit, but also the fist leg victory。 Commando-inch female dragon head bare twisted Tong Li (jujitsu implemented strangling tricks from behind the opponent) terrorists stopped a dirty bomb crisis。 Outside the plot, Tong Li actor Jiang Luxia is the Shaolin martial arts champion boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans。
Sniper Shun Gu actor Huang Jingyu also BJJ Blue Ribbon, or Shanghai Institute of Race SHBJJ (Shanghai BJJ) championship。   Some people say: "From the UAV to M249 machine guns, are too far away from us, only the fist leg is a common weapon of our troops and members of the dragon。 "After" Red Sea action "special forces in the end once again it becomes the topic of multi-play。
In fact, the reality of fighting on the ring, but also a gust of strong military forces: Chinese People's Armed Police star Pingxing Li KO Fernando broke into the "Gods of War" (Kunlun must sign tournament) 16; "Clash of the Titans' first generation of champions Zuyev of Belarus is the name of the SWAT; UFC (unlimited MMA) star Tim Kennedy is a "green beret" special forces sniper and instructors to participate in the war in Iraq to get green berets Bronze Star Medal, simply Gu Shun US version。
  In addition, we know almost online, a former People's Liberation Army Special Forces and tactical firearms answer to the question of the film won praise 53637, indicating interest in military operations and tactical firearms。   Today, we interviewed a second active French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment Combat fourth company (sniper, blasting) members, the second Parachute Regiment Majia surgery (Israeli fighting technique) instructor – Xiaoyi Fu, Secret international forces in unarmed combat, firearms, physical fitness , tactics and training of the real situation。   French Foreign Legion was founded in 1831, is the Army regular troops composed by foreign volunteers, known as the strongest fighting force in France。 French Foreign Legion admission rate of only 10%, of which a considerable part of ethnic fighting from Eastern Europe, ten pick in this competition in a globalized mercenaries, Army combat imagined。   Between 2 ring, street fighting and military three different Xiaoyi Fu before entering the French Foreign Legion is fighting an amateur athlete, MMA record of 6 wins, official or international Majia surgery Union IKMF instructors in China。 This qualified him to enter the French Foreign Legion has a plus。   Xiaoyi Fu said: "If you have to enter the French Foreign Legion expertise, such as qualified doctors, firemen done, even combat athletes, will be the bonus items。
"" Red Sea action "in the dragon players used in the fight in the biting, bare stranded, far from the martial arts film with shadowless leg of Xiaoyi Fu fighting, self-defense and military skill is well aware, the topic went from fighting ring the difference street fighting and military fighting talk。   "Fighting the ring, there are rules there are levels of competitive fairness, belongs to Sports。
Street fighting does not exist entirely fair, not rules, but also not a level, might not even be the face of a man, and weapons, it is necessary to solve the problem with the fastest time out of danger。
Belonging to the army fight a close encounter on the battlefield, the purpose is not to overthrow, but to destroy the enemy。 Three cases, way of thinking is completely different。 In the streets, fighting championship encounter a gang of knife rushing enemy might be at a loss。
Figuratively, Olympic shooting champion with a soldier than a purely technical soldiers certainly lose, but get them on the battlefield, a man with a gun, to see who can kill each other。
Olympic champion estimate unbearable, he may not even know how hidden, we think the method is not the same。 "In the system of military training, combat training is not the focus, more than 90% of all use of weapons, physical fitness and military skills。
  "A soldier's training time and effort is very valuable, from the battlefield to the needs and mission requirements point of view, too many things more useful than fighting。
Fighting is a sport, you can exercise physical and mental health of soldiers, but on the battlefield, know how to rock climbing, rappelling, armed swimming, field survival, reported the other location, call air support, and can even draw a map than fighting would be useful too many。
"" I'm fighting technology in the armed forces are in contact with more than 95% of the fighting weapon。 Because when the soldiers perform a task, who have a lot of equipment, such as backpacks, combat vests, helmets, etc., carrying so many things, when conventional methods are difficult to do fine action。 For example, to bring it back bare twisted enemy backpack on his back, neck, what occluders, it is very difficult to place the action。 So the army fighting in a concise action-oriented, not too delicate。 Second, we must utilize their weapons, even if there is no rifle bullets, it is better than strong empty-handed, hit with rifle butts, stabbed barrel, far more lethal than the fist。
"This explains why the" Red Sea action ", the members of the dragon moves seem simple and crude, do anything, Tong Li lay bare is not a shape, but tried hard to get the position only a few changes。   Peacetime fighting course not much, but for a specific task will increase the combat training course, but these tasks are not the war, but the guard on duty。 French Foreign Legion sometimes peacekeeping missions, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris on duty, the European Cup guard, guard the camps, investigation and civilians, this time fighting became essential skills。   "We need to search in the investigation dangerous weapons inspections, in order to prevent someone revolver, need to have some close combat ability。
In fact these fighting techniques with the use of folk fighting there are differences。
Because the troops will not spend too much time training, sophisticated technology is too time-consuming, not easy to be remembered。 But the mission is a group of soldiers。
Regardless of martial art fine is not fine, controlled people will follow you down, why?Because there next to you holding a gun pointing to his two comrades。
"3 Majia surgery: designed for special forces 'battlefield survival technique' in confrontation with the terrorists, the military Majia surgery is very beneficial weapon。 Majia surgery was originally designed for the Israeli special forces "Battlefield survival technique"。
When faced with an emergency crisis, often do not have enough time to think and judge, complex fighting technique often forget about, only simple actions can really play a role in times of crisis。
  Xiaoyi Fu said: "Majia surgery is not a set of fighting skills, but the concept of a defensive system, there are many degrees from the police to the civilian population, there is also divided into women's, children's classes。
A lot of people would like Majia surgery misunderstood as Muay Thai moves, in fact, not the same thing。
Some people want to play with Majia surgery can not, much of the technology is prohibited by the rules。
Minors learning Majia surgery, including fire, earthquake escape, was kidnapped how to do, how to remember criminals facial features and license plate number, etc.。 Defense technology is not only fighting, civilians encountered terrorists, the biggest idea is to use everything available to survive and successfully run away; law enforcement officers encountered the terrorists will not be able to run, but also to control him, so what's the most complex technical police ; soldiers encountered terrorists to destroy him with weapons and tactics。 Occupation is not the same, not the same way of thinking。 "As Majia surgery instructor in daily training Xiaoyi Fu also cause compressive strength training Ruma Jia surgery。
Xiaoyi Fu will let students close their eyes and wait for an opportunity to attack the coach holding weapons props, when the coach shouted the name of students, students can open eyes, the coach at the same time attack, simulate a surprise attack case。   "Stress training is to train people in a tense environment of the first reaction and judgment。
The face of danger, people increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, there will scalp tingling legs and physiological fatigue, in this case how to keep calm judgment, the right response determines your chances of survival。 "Xiaoyi Fu will enable trainees to carry out high-intensity physical training, when they are very tired after asking them to complete the task solution of the rope, which is the ability to lower physical fatigue of the brain calm judgment。 "War is encountered unexpected situations, under pressure is very important。
"In the" Red Sea action ", the real brutal war but also a huge psychological pressure on the front line of dragon players, even once doubt yourself。
The final team to complete the task calm, this psychological quality is out of practice。   4 modern warfare, how important physical fitness?  "Red Sea action" in physical fitness has become a major player dragon trough point, know almost in answer comes: "The female soldiers raid a heavy equipment in that case, tumbling, climbing, fighting for so long, physical exertion you Can not you see?Also carrying a machine gun 20 kilos of top hit in the shoulder?The female animals make when you?Martial arts champion is not a person?Martial arts since childhood not tired?"This is Xiaoyi Fu answer more convincing, because he used the same style of M249 Tong Li。   "Special forces physical demands are very high, because now more and more equipment and instruments, large load。
In particular, some special profession, gunner, sniper, medic, with a lot of things extra。 M249 gun battle with the movie kg weight, standard weight 600 rounds of ammunition, had to add four spare magazines, in addition to the barrel and ammunition but also with spare barrel, because of the high rate of fire M249, a state of war want to change at any time。
Also with a pistol, two pistol magazines。 Plus combat vest net weight 16 kg, with a backpack, a machine gunner to weight more than 40 kg。 This is also not carry medical kits, pliers, knife, flashlight, supplies, etc., so female gunner extremely rare, physically demanding too much。
"There are a lot of physical training in peacetime, the high efficiency of physical training, to some extent, can decide the outcome of war。 "Bluntly said, spent his spare time studying fighting six months, there will be no high attainments。 But half a year to train fitness, weight run, the swimming, the ability to upgrade soon, when I was able to perform tasks with more than two cartridges, fast speed, reach the high ground within the prescribed time than you faster than all this UFC champion Haoshi。
"Cause 5 troops fighting techniques prevalent That being said, the troops should all Triathlon master, why out of so many athletes fighting it?This war is not required, but the army "competition" resulting culture。
  Xiaoyi Fu said: "There are a lot of French Foreign Legion Fight Club, Little League, also often play with the local exchange competition, there are a large number of combat activities and weekend training sessions, the atmosphere is very strong fighting。
Fighting is not the main focus of the training course outline, but the military people are very keen, for two reasons。
  First, Combat sports bring people willpower and mental exercise can not be replaced by other sports。 Fighting is a sport face the fear of confrontation with opponents, and even hurt each other's movement can be seen as unarmed war。
  Second, although the military do not have much chance against the enemy by fighting techniques, but you can often use these technologies to solve some problems with his comrades。
Whom there are contradictions, to find a place for a fight, this is a man's practice。 "Military fighting techniques: 1, CQC (CloseQuarterCombat) close combat operation for jungle warfare, war room。 The SEALs coach, Bruce Lee successor Paul van Naik design。
Skills include joint Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai skills Zhouxi, punching boxing skills, Jeet Kune Do is simple and practical self-defense skills and Majia surgery。
  2, Sisteron (of Systema) for assassinations and counter-assassinations。
Esoteric martial arts originated in Cossack family, as a Soviet state secret, to extract the assassination of technology。
For example, it will teach you when suddenly caught his head a plastic bag, open mouth gasping for air bags will be inhaled mouth to bite, suffocation break。 Sisteron include "Pan weaponization" system, that anything can be turned into weapons around him, whether it is a comb, a hairpin can always become a deadly weapon。   3, Majia surgery (KravMaga) was originally designed for the Israeli special forces, only a simple gesture can really play a role in times of crisis, so that you quickly get rid of the risk, which is fighting the idea Majia surgery。
Majia surgery is not only a fighting skills, but also a philosophy of self-defense, in dealing with armed enemies, should try to make each other with minimal action weapon attacks axis deviation, brandished a knife and action to attack the opponent at the same time to intercept the key, try to opponents dead or moving side。
  "Majia surgery Road is a way of life, we must always be ready to do battle, and understand the essence of fighting, never give up, regardless of tomorrow we will face two or three, four enemy alone, you must work hard to beat them。
"6 battlefield iron law: Who large-caliber weapons who's boss" Red Sea action "in from pistols, heavy machine guns, mortars, tanks to unmanned aerial vehicles, different weapons recount。
Then the weapon on the battlefield is how to choose it?  Xiaoyi Fu said: "The use of weapons is generally decided by the task。
For example, infantry weapons, mostly rifles, pistols chance on the battlefield is not much use。
Generally only two cases will use the pistol: the first is not the primary weapon or ammunition malfunction, the second is at war with the enemy distance of 30 meters, which is very frightening。 On the battlefield pistol is standby emergency weapons, can not play the main purposes。
But if it is to rescue the hostages, then pistol bigger role than rifle。 Because the distance of 5 meters, requiring precision shooting killed the robbers, then the convenience of the Sex Pistols came out。
Rifle difficulty within this distance is too big pistol。
"It was such a concept," Red Sea action "there is a very classic gun battle in hostage rescue fragment。
  In addition to the pistols, mortar bombing of the bus video content giving a strong psychological shock, after a few rounds tragic scene, the power of people to re-examine mortar。 "There is no substitute infantry mortar fire support weapons, from the point of view of fire suppression is very effective。 81-mm mortar attack is terrible, but also follow the company go quickly to provide fire support, air support is much faster than calling。 In the city the war, if the enemy hiding in the building, no one would fight his way through street fighting, are reported to the mortar squad position, directly by mortar and gun down。
"For ground forces and say, 'Who is large-caliber weapons who is the boss,' This is the iron law of war。 Beat rifle pistol, rifle beat machine guns, machine guns, mortars but dry, but the most horrible or air fire。   "Whether it's unmanned aerial vehicles, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, and now the war has air superiority and air support is very important。
"" Red Sea action "in the UAV critical moment to blow up a tank, let the dragon troops to get out。   7 sniper war?That is the interpretation of the movie "Red Sea action" in the classic scene from another dragon sniper sniper duel with terrorists。 In the real battlefield environment, whether it be between PK sniper?  Had served in the French Foreign Legion sniper sniper instructor Huang family to explain the situation on the actual battlefield combat: "The minimum configuration for the two sniper team, responsible for a sniper lookout responsible for a range of tasks primarily personnel and materiel sniper, investigation, cover。
Lookout personnel responsible for communications and cover, sniper weapons carried by light and heavy automatic rifle sniper rifle +。 Sniper team also has threesome or foursome, so you can synchronize multi-hit。
Team leader than is generally lookout communications, there may be equipped with light machine guns, these are the tasks and conventional forces with beheading。
Finally, there is the reorganization of the sniper team, there are eight to ten people can be small patrol and convoy ambush。 "From this interpretation, the" Red Sea action "sniper team is the smallest of the two configurations, also in line with the characteristics of rescue mission。   But PK between the sniper is a small probability events on the battlefield。
Xiaoyi Fu said: "The sniper shooter priority goal, the first is the machine gunner, belongs to a class target shooter, it is the second mortar soldiers, the other side is the third commander。 Sniper shooter combatants is one thing, but if it can accurately report the location of other key personnel, to air support a position, do not open fire, several shells passed, more important than the other shooter。 "The first is to deal with the means by sniper smokescreen, then rely on large-caliber weapon: grenades, anti-tank rockets, mortars, swept away one, like the movie as a sniper sniper probability is too low, it is dramatic interpretation。
  "Red Sea action" Unlike in the past point to another movie heroism is that the real protagonist is not kill Superman, sacrifices and injured more than a dragon players in rescue operation。 So in the rescue operation, the task will be terminated under what circumstances it?  Xiaoyi Fu said: "I have not performed the rescue operation, but the task has any standard, the task plan for the task termination under what circumstances is a clear standard, such as commander killed or how many people the number of injured reached, once one of the cases reach , the task will terminate。
And from the way of thinking of the war, in fact, you killed the other wounded more efficient, such as a group of seven people, the rest of a person killed six people, but also to continue the task, but one person injured seven people, probably will be higher than termination task, because at least two people out of care for the wounded, will contain too much。 "Manpower / Liang force。