Deep in the bamboo forest nostalgia

One day, I went to Miss China together with colleagues and a few companions summer home play.    Chinese sister’s home in the East Village Town of tea, a half hour drive from Ruyuan county, winding road winds all the way in the vast mountains, close to the side of the mountain, while confronted with the abyss, would be a terrible few anxious font turn, it would be a big steep slope straight into the sky.Dressed in lush vegetation endless towering majestic mountains, mysterious clouds with scattered wind when poly floating about.I am like a dice dangling in the car, hanging side of the heart, one side could not help but admire the scenery, look back, now scattered among the ridges and peaks disappeared the road as a gray line when the come, the more come farther and farther away, as if people leave the original time and space, go to another distant unknown world.Nightlife net when I landed feet, walked into the old Yao village, indeed affirmed this feeling.Yes, it is a different world.    Eyeful is green and green, in addition to the roof, stone roads and streams, all kinds of flowers and trees in the fertile soft earth with wanton growth.Walk along the creek path forward, straight and tall roadside Metasequoia, canopy clouds, summer sun no choice but to fall on top of the tree, only to take advantage of the trees when the wind reached into streaks of sunlight to seduce us.Creek on both sides of the mountain, the mountain is covered with bamboo and dawn redwood shade of a seat Yao houses, yellow thick mud brick walls, black tiled roofs, balconies log ride, very harmoniously blend in with the natural environment.    I noticed that there are a number of independent mountain chalet, thick wooden walls, take the bark roof, I am excited to say: “I want to live in cabins, tonight we live in cabins, not back to the county!”China sister laughed:” This is not for people to live, of course, if you have to live can go live.”Not to live, is it a pig sty?Miss China was making fun of me a pig it?I want more, China said Tuesday: “It was previously used to put food granary, take every household has a log cabin put food.Now that most people have moved out of the mountains, and occasionally come back to look after the old house, only a dozen families living in this long-term, the main source of income is the mountains of wood, herbs, and other game, we do not plow, so cabins are empty useless.”At some distance, on the ride there is a stone or wooden bridge over the creek, stream on both sides of the mountain villagers to facilitate mutual exchanges.Now the bridge covered with mottled moss, found that people usually do not walk.In the past, people coming and going on the bridge, under the bridge laundry wash rice women at her work, while laughing loudly, and now here is quiet, only the gurgling stream still flowing, with only the birds singing in the trees still only a variety of plants still filled with the smell in the air.In the corner people have moved a long with a impatiens, purple pink bloom is brilliant, but then that distinguish nails with flowers dyed Mimi girl but where is it now?    Then her parents went to the door of Miss China, and the room out of a medium build, round face black man, fifties look, China said Tuesday it was her brother, sister brother Hua simple and honest smile, told us to go to tea, is preparing to greet us with a smile into the house, they found several flower pumpkin basking in the wild fungus on the front Chaiduo and piles of glistening, suddenly drunkenly picked Ganoderma amazed, and took the phone to the various angles of pumpkin shoot.China said Tuesday: “Anyway, now there is no good food, simply take you right into the inside Abstract Stone leek!”So we continue toward the direction of the source of the creek walk, not in front of people, on both sides of the creek is relatively flat wasteland, China said Tuesday there used to be paddy fields, now is not the plow becomes a wasteland.But I do not think wasteland shortage, because the earth grows a variety of vegetables, varieties surprisingly, I know out here are wild, such as bitter vegetarian, wild Artemisia barrel, wild celery, knotweed, loosestrife and so on, the number of also, a lot of hand a pick, and fertilizer and tender.Of course, the protagonist is a stone leek stone leek is a feature of the Yao people wild, into a film into long pieces in a small stream.Leaves wider than chives, leek flavor but more sweet, leaves pulled up roots is vain and tender, this season grasses grow a stone core, core stone leek sweeter than the more brittle leaves.Stone leek and smoked meat is a perfect match Yao, Yao Jia Shi leek fried bacon is well-known specialty is, when the sweet world of mountains and a reunion of fireworks, the taste, they want it.    Then we go back to pick up a lot of wild plants, then we’ll be satisfied ate his fill Yao Jia dish, then the owner pointed to a pile of pumpkin front of the house, said the atmosphere to take lightly, then we packages reluctantly bid farewell.    The fact is that there are a lot of stories later, because there are five or six years when I write this from the first time I went to the Village of tea, then I go almost every year, in different seasons to see different scenery, eat different berries and met different flowers, until to become a nostalgia, there is no reason for not going.    I wrote this article to commemorate my homesickness.