Deep emerald shade, water and groaning

Light summer, Huaiyin turn afternoon, I drove away from the hustle and bustle of the city, came to the outskirts, looking for a quiet and secluded place to enjoy the cool summer.Bliss rare half a day, that is also, in the busy work, take a moment, into nature, broaden their horizons about, relax mood.    As if the sun listless seedlings need for timely irrigation, but also like, deflated tires need to replenish gas.People often need blood metabolism, impetuous heart needs washing bath often, people tend to take the initiative away from the noise Fuzao China, to find a quiet haven.    Suddenly, the car has rolled into a Buddhist temple in the verdant open.Verdant trees, lush foliage, the road to put up a pergola providing shade, as if being in an underground tunnel, but psychedelic Shenyou.    Probably he pulled out a few kilometers away, eyes suddenly suddenly, a vast expanse of water greets.Mighty water, leisurely wander wide.A glance in the past, the white gleaming crushing waves, Bo Wen waves go, and the days of border.    At the moment, the burning sun, got into the clouds, gray sky and pink clouds wisp Gu Hong takeoff, blue sky and the lake form Shuitianyise, cloud water, the water goes.Albatron floating, swirling smoke, water days connected, as if the people are melting with the waves rippling water in the clouds, Youran mood with floating clouds wandering, with rolling waves flowing.Clouds as if stepping on the foot, strolling in a dream.    Lake side of the road is very long, like a soft light gray with Rose, a few kilometers along the lake extended rain delay.No towering mountains block the view, only blooms nestled in lush Hudi, occasionally a small piece of land projections standing margin of the lake, the water For tobacco, green grass fibers, like cotton carpet green envelops studded with nameless small flowers, it is refreshing.    The most attractive or those Osprey oasis on an air of Enron.They stood staring at the sky occasionally, occasionally fly on the lake, not far from flying, not close to you, just hovering in the air, back and forth on the water, contented and happy to tear his voice loud humming their favorite songs, From time to time into the water, picked up a small fish, happily fly back to land.With their long sharp beak, playing to show off their spoils of war.Scream of joy from time to time.    They completely ignored watch tourists, no one else, to uphold pleasures.Leisure kind of tranquil charm, quite attractive to me, I stopped watching.They live in their own little world, with no side Ao, free, and that is not to battle with the secular, entertain, carefree state, really envy, it is often inaccessible, humbled.    The lake is very vast, very quiet, in the stretch of road on one side, the parking lot of vehicles, but it is rarely the shores of Lake tourist crowds.I looked around, at the far shore, in the quiet of the dam, rows of colored summer hat in small flashes, all these people came early on, crouched there, staring at their swim bladder, fishing.    I walked over to see if their fishermen, only a few small fish, some fish farmers in empty, I can not help wondering secretly together, maybe they catch not only fish, but the main thing is to catch a mood of it a detached mood a reverie of hope it.    In the evening, streaks of dark clouds floating in the air, the slightest cool rain, wet my skirt.On the lake clouds confused, easy really easy to Magic.Fishing boat from far back, and really a bit “Yu Tian thirty thousand ares boundary Joan, my boat leaf.”The distant and peaceful mood.    Came the distant flickering rowed pulp sound, is not today a lot of their harvest it?You listen to them with song and laughter drifted down Lakeshore, I suddenly remembered a few ancient words Auspicious: “do pour Jiangxi, fine pour Compass, Vientiane for the guests.Xiao sheer deduction alone, I do not know Jinxi evening.”It seems that not only the rich life can bring you a happy life.As long as there is light mind clear, regardless of poverty, from the wind happiness.    Su Hui the month, a total of moon shadow.Walked watching, unconsciously, it was late, the sky rain seemed too big, misty lake, a little more poetic, halo circle around the water, like a riddle a trance inter, it has entered in an empty clarity Qingming.    People who live in the terraced rice paddies in the mortal world, often after stormy tempered, a fragile heart to be strong, to be able to withstand life’s long road of suffering and frustration.Only after the exertion, when a little spare time, out of the heart of the secular mundane world, came to this quiet and secluded place, you will get a kind of spiritual tranquility, and a relaxed physical and mental pleasure.    Stepping on broken bits of moonlight shadows, I drove away this lake misty rain is also odd quiet place.On the way out, I look back staring at the road surface is hidden in the shade, I thought: Wuling Fishman did not like, out of paradise, forget the entrance, I have firmly remember when the road, when dawn color Yunkai when I will enter this quiet dream again.