Dedication to stick to their dreams departure

It has been said that the tragedy of life is: the wrong stick and easily give up.Looking back, indeed, one day something good is easy, but a lifetime to do one thing but it is not easy.Some people just do not have enough patience, do not have enough willpower, perseverance is not so easily could have given up the chance of success.    I almost always feel that life is so short, like a good place to seize the opportunity to do something they like to do, but I do not have to work hard, talk and no action will never succeed.Came to the university to learn to think properly, because my dream was to be a primary school teacher when, in the future to find a stable job, get a steady income, and my heart is thought, may not have been put into action, even do it, but also adhere to a few days, things just three minutes, three days of fishing, two days of drying, really accomplished anything.    The face of difficulties to give up, but just do not want to adhere to the perseverance, finished just want to learn, insist on doing everything, but less than three days, gave up, had forgotten his promise, began the Internet, read novels and so on, now approaching graduation, and recall the original work hard, they are a little regret, the parents worked hard to make money for my school is not easy, I am worthy of you parents?Read a book ten years, and he sent the final step, we must be close to success, why give it up, why not stick to it?I did not adhere to the dream, never just a “dream”.    God is fair, he gave everyone a key to open the door to success, no matter who you are, as long as you adhere to seize the dawn of this key, success will not hesitate shine to you, with the stick, to chop chop Jing spine, can fall a thousand thousand zero once stood, why we do not succeed, it is because he insisted on not accumulate enough product highly successful.Mandate of heaven so people, it must first suffer mental, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger.Nightlife net face of difficulties, we must move forward.For example, just like Steve Jobs from dropping out of school to start to re-start to fight illness, he always face the dilemma with the attitude of the brave, tenacious dedication to the pursuit of dreams, achievements in life and finally become live strong.In fact, not suffering, not the loss of self, but finds the target is no longer hesitate.    Jobs Dorje a way of life, but because the cause of love, because love, he bravely assumed a great responsibility, glory.In the face of difficulties, many more great men insist.Confucius coach in the terraced rice paddies small bumps on the road of a lifetime, but also how loud the court does not buckle the door.Liu played Battle Hymn of the magnificent life with perseverance and optimism.A a talented people, it seems life and suffering always connected, they suffered a life of misfortune, but in which tempered the immortal spiritual wealth.Because they insist on the achievements of their dreams.    I understand the difficulties should not a punishment, but an opportunity to learn, it makes me reflect on my faith more determined.Facing the difficulties, is a kind of courage, a persist, a responsibility, true success is not just a result but also how you success.Dedication to stick to their dreams of departure, moving to success, I believe I will succeed, persistence, dreams come true.Only perseverance, success is at hand.