Dedicated, eighteen-year-old you

Dedicated, eighteen years of age you that in mid-1997 to the cool winter you heard loud cries birth announcement in this special way you came to this colorful earth from my life more of a responsibility and obligation from then on I became a busy and full life and my world since then more of a care and love from my life became more complete and meaningful to the babbling toddler from ignorance and from the naive to the sensible maturing from barren thought to increasing your knowledge of life after many tests and wash reason you grasp the life times and transmutation and sublimation of opportunity for you finally ushered in a beautiful long way to grow butterfly has a song and laughter but also there are also suffering tears but you brought us endless joy and surprises along the way we have witnessed the growth of the miracle of life we experience great humanity and selfless society we enjoyed the love and support we feel beautiful and inclusive world time flies blink of an eye you transfer time to usher in the age of eighteen flowering season this is a solemn and sacred significance of the day this is what you really go into adulthood Logo is your self-improvement to change the destiny of a critical period in this special day a thousand words, although I do not know where to start only with the silent poem to express emotion send my deepest concern and asked me to send most real hope and blessing into the age of eighteen Youth means you have to gradually get rid of the shackles learn whether living or independent learning, whether action or thinking you have a little more of a serious rash and casual and you have to put less a lazy and rely on more of a self-improvement and self-reliance you have less of a blind impulse and more of a calm and rational as industrious and Wyse is a wealth of people will never bloom into the age of eighteen means you have to slowly whether it is to face the reality of social life but also life skills whether it is also the plight of the good times you have to be cautious and prudent humble you have to have people of goodwill grams tolerance you have to know how to pay since Thanksgiving learn humility and kindness are the best tour passes society into the age of eighteen flowering season means you may face love and admiration of the opposite sex love life is a serious and important issue which is related to life a life of NPC And happiness so be sure to carefully handle the faces of love seriously do not escape lightly and do not pay to keep their eyes open to distinguish right from wrong song straight to have the courage to refuse to say sorry to know because there are pure in the world of love, kindness, sincere affection is also false, evil the desire of the game so you must be vigilant to protect themselves in this vibrant young age of eighteen you have already entered the university halls of further study and we feel very proud to meet you also want to give your deep concern and May you bless this wonderful life experience to grasp the youth cherish your feet on the ground ready to devote themselves to learning not in the colorful world will lose yourself you wish to make persistent efforts to new heights of achievement of a better believe you have the ability and good interpersonal knowledge relations have more opportunities in life to believe that a more brilliant future just around the corner waiting for you Postscript: I would like this poem dedicated to the upcoming 18th birthday of daughter! I wish her health, joy and happiness a long long time! I wish all the world the coming of age of a friend happy birthday!