Dedicated Valley earnest: New Year

Baby, unconsciously, my father’s been more than thirty years.Dad on New Year’s memories, mostly staying in the home when Huarong.Rural home of the New Year, let Dad come to understand the valuable affection, let Dad know, for a Chinese families, reunion, joy, peace, more important than anything else. Over the years the first thing to do is to kill the Pig.It’s something I guess you rarely see in this life, because of this tradition, probably only in the countryside.The villagers looked on from the pig sty lira, my father will always be young at heart numb, the shrill cry of a pig and long, a fresh life in a manner that is left to greet the New Year.After the toss, swine sad cry has long been my father off my back, replaced by a look of pork to kill.What is killing pork?After that is finished killing of pigs, the owner of a home blood, lung, liver, pig heart, pork chowder together, full of pot, used to entertain the villagers to help.Father carrying his bowl, villagers often got into the crowd, killing a bowl of pork piled like.House rules, many guests when a child is not allowed on the table.Then the fun is watching the adults drunk, meal Luanche far apart, you can usually hear a lot of strange stories. One thing that will do the New Year reunion dinner.Different customs around, reunion dinner time is different, and the reunion dinner staple food is different.Huarong reunion dinner time is noon New Year’s Eve, and very particular about the general people will do more than ten dishes.Tianyi open light, each and every family of big people began to get busy, wash, cut, fried, fried, boiled, stewed, and serve a variety of delicacies eleven.Baby, small dad when most like to see grandma dish is egg dumplings package.First lit the stove, the Beat eggs, meat ready.Wait until the pot burns, pour the oil, eggs ironing skin.The egg dumplings, the most should pay attention to the furnace, fire was too busy, Dan Pi will be burned, enough heat, the egg can not type into the skin, could not cover meat.Whenever this time, my father would take the initiative to help, actually eating Danpi.Grandma often wonder: obviously a number of points, how is it not enough?Eat dinner when the family gathered in the house, shut the door to the main room, the sound of firecrackers too, before Dongkuaizi.Baby reunion dinner, my father remembered, often accompanied by cries grandparents, that year, uncle or aunt working in the field, come back, empty seats, will inevitably evoke thoughts of grandparents love.Young migrant workers, which is a common phenomenon in the village, my father was very young to understand, in a symbol of home, a symbol of reunion, a symbol of love and care between each other loved ones, but also a symbol of the cycle of life and stretches. There is one memorable anecdotes that go to relatives stopping New Year New Year.New Year’s Day is usually in the morning, with my grandfather and uncle, uncle riding a bicycle to tens of miles outside, uncle home.Grandfather riding a bike, my father sat in the back seat of a bicycle, shining, piece of gravel to relatives always extend dad’s dream.To relatives, usually grandfather and relatives playing cards, a few sleepless nights, changing the pattern among our cousins goofed, hide dodge, fireworks, you pulled me, I pull you, sweating profusely , adults do not bother, but do not get too out of line like.Relatives in the mountains, when the father began some sensitive and delicate, often after a man went to the house of the hill, the mountain snow yet complete ablation, Dad shuttle from the forest, stroking Yi Keke bamboo and trees , thinking their own thoughts and love of people.Those times, precipitation in father’s memory, constitute a very important part of my father in childhood.Now the New Year is how look quite different?Dad rarely go home, cousins scattered in the horizon.In recent years the bad news constantly, from a car killed an uncle, another uncle drowned in the fields, there is another aunt had cancer last year, unable to heal, to die in vain, these family members, like the mountains of snow in general, little by little thaw out.Baby, Dad wanted to tell you, this is life, is part of your life will certainly experience.For aunt had cancer, and my father has always feel guilty, always felt he did not try to save her life, and my father is very selfish, fervently hope you grow up to be a powerful man.Baby, Daddy’s consciousness, already in flavor fades, many of kinship relations, are by fathers in maintaining, playmate when the teenager has already alienated the diaphragm, the era of rapid development, too much to subvert the traditional. Baby, New Year’s bell will soon ring, watch you sleeping little face, and my father would like you life’s work, loved life, have wanted, have not let go, and people will never own loved ones living together, happy, joy, peace.