Dedicated to you the most beautiful streets of Lhasa lover – Lama

This is your believer civilians, it has become reincarnated soul boy.In the end is the fate of the attention, admiration or Misfortune.Dalai Lama’s elite, cast your short his life.Live in the Potala Palace, you are snowy eagle, you are the greatest king of Tibet.Walking in the streets of Lhasa, you are civilians Tangsang prosperous cloth, you are the most beautiful lover.You are living Buddha Lama, that you are passionate Kenjiro.Rising wind horse, crank drum by eyes in the house by Xiang Wu.Not pray only for the beautiful girl.You are rebellious Buddhist, Tibetan poems Lang.You have a beautiful soul as pure Hada, also abolished the ruling class elite of the king.Qingdao Lake trace the disappeared, you became the mystery of the Incarnation.In that Dongshan top, the bright moon rising.300 years of controversy, will never disappear lover.Immortal poem, created you – the king last forever