Dedicated to the past in the past years

At that time the cloud, especially white, just like the ice cream freezer inside out, you can see slightly above ice.    Sometimes in the car, sometimes sitting in front of moving a bench, looking at the sky, constantly changing shape of the clouds in the imagination, like a long-eared panda, like a samurai sword to mention, like a Mercedes-Benz horse horse, like a young girl’s.Clouds become what depends entirely on your imagination, sometimes repeatedly watching clouds change, the only way became boring pastime.    Remember, still in elementary school, every day after school finished, put the work in the classroom and sometimes written, more often confused bag aside, everywhere Paoqu Wan.But the only constant is that almost half past five every day or so turn on the TV, waiting for Southeast TV.    Those in Southeast TV put a lot of Japanese animation, from “EVA” to “Digimon,” and “armored Andy”, “Pokemon,” “Four Brothers”, “Chinese small Alone”, many, many, I not remember the.Before playing always put a few ads, father and son Fu Tel series, the Alps, “can not help, turn non-stop” ad to an end, the familiar music will be remembered every day looking forward to the most is this moment.    A child can see the world, friendship, blood, almost all come from these anime.I remember the first Digimon end, they with the help of Father Time, riding the train back, several Digimon them farewell, chased all the way, the music sounded, was sitting in the room, staring at the screen, tears constantly fall down, and thought: “how could?How it ended?”There are not a lot of enemies to defeat, there are not many stories unfold, they will go back, then they simply can not accept the fact that the end.It was his first since the end of the animation and tears.    Now every time I hear “Digimon,” “Four Brothers” These child, watching anime music, and my heart will be a warm, recalling the evening slumped sitting in the living room of their own, end of story recall the cause of their own and can not sleep.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) Zhang Song of God, sing in the “blessing” in: “hurt parting, though parting is at hand.Say goodbye, goodbye will not be too far away.”Always we face a variety of parting, bid farewell to the boy, say goodbye to old friends, who bid farewell to that of a delicate pork, bid farewell to the one who had the first sight of the girl.    Parting is inevitable, this is an irresistible fact, the growth process is constantly waving goodbye process of.Long road, a lot of stay by us through a section of the day, with laughter, mixed with tears, a growing day by day.In the past that led the young girl blush hand will now also mixed in between marketplace, competing their lives.    Later, watching anime cry, just Piece, nose several times crying tears drip, that surge of blood, that kind of fetters, vow to pursue that kind of unyielding, always easy to hit the lacrimal gland.    We do not always want to end the story, but like Jay singing “to the end of the story, you still say Goodbye”.    Full of tired, no tears also silent, I miss in previous years, remember the past, once the young blood, mixed in between marketplace, then the next like a girl, had disappeared in front.    The situation continues to change, feelings change.”If destined, destined looking forward to tomorrow, I’d like to meet in the most brilliant season.”Dedicated to the past in the past, inadvertently you indulged in my years, interwoven a most touching picture.