Dedicated to the mother

After Yang into the American mid-1964 still bear a grudge, for fear his father to death will not forgive his sin throw the country abandoned village.The American decision is the result of several rounds of hesitation; he has said that the tragic history of overseas Chinese in the United States: a night early 1960s, I was sent by train from New York City to Sawgrass Brookhaven.Deep night very heavy.Rickety carriages almost empty.I sat behind an old man, I chatted up.He was about as born in 1890 in Zhejiang, lived in the US for 50 years, to help people washing clothes, washing dishes, not necessarily.He never married, has been living alone in one room.Always a smile on his face; Is his heart really is no grievances?I do not understand.I watched him stumble through the car dimly lit passage in the Gulf coast stop, old and bent, a little trembling, my heart grief intersection.January 1961, Chen Ning Yang watching TV to see the Kennedy inauguration poet Robert Frost reading “No to retain the dedication”, if epiphany, go ahead and apply for naturalization procedures.However, in this “Selected Papers”, he said his appreciation for the quality of physics is the year in Kunming of school age develop; there are four Chinese characters on the title page of this book: to mother.