Dedicated to newly graduated college students (Original)

Young friends, please do not complain about social injustice to you.A graduate unemployment, no place to display full of talent, the government should bear some responsibility.But you do not complain to the economy, why not try to change from ourselves, learn how to adapt to the competitive society it.Now I would like to accumulate through their own life experiences and work to give you some advice, for your reference and reference, and hope to give you some help.  Who wants a foothold in the community, we must first learn how to adapt themselves to society, rather than society to adapt to you.He says more aware of one thing: that is, to give their correct positioning in society.  How can we adapt themselves to the society we must first learn to communicate, and communication is the most basic need to adapt to society.If you do not have even the most basic communication, how to get along with others, how to adapt to work and develop their business and tap the potential to improve the market share it?The key is not only to learn to communicate, but also to know how to communicate: first seeking common ground, then divergent.  Secondly, we must continue to learn the experience of others indirectly, according to the level of the individual’s ability to fight in the shortest possible time, to enhance their value, and strive to become the field of rare talent, so go with the flow you will get promoted That promotion.  Third, we must learn how to behave often hear people talk behind: Who, who is not a man.This man is not only rich in content, but also a wide range of.Sometimes refers to not respect others; sometimes refers to the ways of the world do not understand, do not know reciprocity; other times refers to the self-righteous, narcissistic, without regard to the feelings of others; sometimes even too selfish means, damage to the interests of others…Against these, check and identify yourself, and then determine what they will behave?  Man, to do: to grow, then success.In other words, let yourself continue to work hard in a complex society, honed, suffered a sour, sweet, bitter, spicy taste, learn from your mistakes, lessons learned, and then make their own grow gradually, until the time is ripe also success is the day you harvest.  Finally, learning to do things, to do: first stop, then stop high.If you are a firm foothold in even the most basic no place to go, how can we expect to stand higher?In other words, when you find yourself the right positioning in society, at this time you have to learn to eat two things, one is afraid of hardship, the second is not afraid to lose, so you can get down to gain a firm foothold on this basis and through your own efforts and hard work, enhance their overall quality and value, so you can naturally stand higher than others, some.  Also, when you received a mandate superior layout, you first need to consider is how to complete the task within the stipulated time, in case the task has been completed to ensure that the pursuit again how to do things more perfect, the task completed better and better.Your ability to act so as to reflect the unique style of doing things and Superman.Occasional buried talent is a common thing, but, please do not complain, gold will find spotlight highlights, Bole Maxima eventually be found, man is man.  Opportunities are always in the hands of those who are prepared, young friends, you are ready for it?I hope you do soar sky eagle, to fly in storms in the abundance of milk your wing, make the most of their own shining.