Deciduous tell

Wind, gently, gently blowing, blue sky, speckled with fruit like atmosphere, inadvertently falling leaves, autumn, she slowly come.Autumn is a season always say sentimental, the roots of this season, gently fall to the ground, gone.Leaving only memories only lightly!    Walk alone in the tree-lined path campus, the breeze to whisk head, filling into my clothes there, suddenly, feel the temperature fall, autumn chill blowing leaves from the ground, a piece of leaf eat only a little wind, slowly I stopped to quietly approached with, I can almost see her exhausted all its efforts, the last dance through a dance, finally leaving a beautiful, my heart also will be quivering a little, perhaps this is the world’s most moving, most desolate beauty.He leaned over, slowly picked up this piece of old leaves, yellow color, the vicissitudes of the profile, different thickness of the veins, full of depression and melancholy, as if narrating what?It is life?I was quietly listening to her tell.Nightlife Network “I am a wind and falling leaves, no magnificent peony, no bustling Xiahe is not proud of the cold Dongmei.Only now, no longer green, the wind has been stop.But I do not think you worry, just know Gong “Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle”.”” Spring, gave birth to me, let me in on a fine spring day, enjoy the greenery of spring; summer, nurtured me, let me in the herd dance atmosphere, feeling wonderful natural; fall, my only love, autumn, she silently endured the world of exclusion, rejection and indifference autumn depression, few people understand, her lofty turbulent flight, her maturity, her harvest.She let me know that beautiful dream.”” Autumn, most people understand, reluctantly sent me into the arms of the sky, to host this party for me, and I was the protagonist of this dance, draw a Road arc in the air, enjoy playing around with my dance, like a only brown butterflies, no regrets, no sorrow, too serene fly to earth, into the arms of the earth.Waiting for the next cycle time, gave birth to a new round of maturity and harvest in the transformation.”Slowly, I let go, watching the leaves Pianfei, dance once again, at this moment, I read – a leaf falling.