Deciduous feelings article

Part One: deciduous leaves paving feelings, Montreal golden, dyed yellow earth, bring a dash of the vicissitudes of life to the world, people sad, but also people to comprehend leaves feelings, to understand deciduous sinking lonely heart.  No wind, as if the leaves like a puppy love girl, lying quietly in the bosom of the earth.How many people may know, people can understand every two thoughts.Looking to the branches, that had let himself glorious, so that my happy place.Today, they’re not the old place, his heart has always been less than give up, lotus broken wire is also connected, the slightest wound care heart, throbbing with his heart.Every time the wind shook the branches, looking in the eyes, pains, anxious that their own wind.Can be frustrating is that the two not far away, you feel so far, far away.Strands of sorrow, the slightest feelings talk to whom, where to sustenance.  Windy, the wind moving the leaves.Knowing that they can not realize their dreams and branches meet, knowing that this round bright moon can not be successful, still desperate to fly up.Not for day and night, only willing to meet its side.Cowherd, meet Tanabata, Magpie Bridge is believing, you can own it?The mind quiet, a bit can not face such a harsh reality.However, the relentless autumn, there is no love and affection comedown children, still frantic with Silue.Wind, leaves struggling journeyman branches.Weak leaves, how can proposition and autumn.Times and narrow the distance between each other, but once again disappointed, issued rustling times and to lament.  Stop the wind, the leaves fall.Covered with scars, endless disappointment, frustration, looking at the stars.  Time in the wind disappeared, taken away covered with scars, can not stop the thoughts leaves.Perhaps the leaves of return dust, into the root of the tree, might dilute the thoughts, the wind leaves fall, do not go with that love, fall is endless Silian.    Part II: Deciduous feelings roam in their own little roof garden, looked at the branches gently swaying and that piece of yellow leaves rippling in the wind, then gazed down at the leaves that garden, and my heart ripples micro swing, a trace Qingchou quietly barren heart.Gently pick up – piece holding in her hand, she looked.She tendons is completed, black specks.Secheng yellow.Yellow leaves in the hands graceful light moving, as if in an instant if hanging branches and sister still bright with flowers, seemed to smile slightly turned to me, still whispered Nick furans.With youth had Qie intended to meet after gestation.And successful adults infected with contentment color, full mature charm.In the autumn of retention, the dance between autumn, the sound of the drums Qiuchong years, without a trace of lingering, no slightest regret, diffuse light to the wonderful, little guilty leaving no body, to a new dedication – the mother’s back feelings of parenting, the fullness of the earth.This is her eleven sauna net leaves, calm, calm and quiet face.  Why nostalgia?Zhang Yang Guo has been wanton youth, enjoy heroic too.  Have any regrets?Gave birth to the sweet, fragrant and full of praise has reaped people laugh.  When in the splendid backdrop of the perfect show themselves, bathed in sunshine caress, too Tianmi spring of love, too fragrant spring kiss.  Dyed green to the earth, to cover over-Rehan shade, for their dedication to the joy of harvest.  Should not be touching.Leave, life is embarked on another cycle, in preparation for a new life.  This is her eleven leaves, narrate to me softly.  Double yellow leaves Perfectionist smile for me, consoled me: Avenue in justice, this natural cycle.You need not for me, as a process that we must experience and broken-hearted.That will affect your mood, affect your life, and even affect your – born.  Still leaves me tenderly says..  I’m relieved.Gently holding her, calm her buried in a tree.That leaves the final vote for me to quiet, serene smile.He waved, but owned by Wyatt.  I hurried down the stairs, excited, jumping with joy makes key.Character all the way to remember her laughter calm smile, furans and earnest self-sufficient Nick asked.  what!Philosophical leaves feelings.