Decide the fate mentality

[Part One: decide the fate mentality] why some people are more successful than others, make more money, have a good work.Many busy people to labor but can only earn a living.In fact, there is not much difference between people.  Many psychologists found that the secret is the people’s “mentality”.A philosopher said: “Your mind is your true master.”A great man said:” Either you go to control life, or is life control you.Your mind to decide who is the horse, who is the jockey.”It was probably 40 years ago, a poor village in Fujian, lived two brothers.They can not stand against the poor environment, they decided to leave home to go abroad to seek development.Big Brother seems luckier, was a wealthy slave owners sold to San Francisco, my brother was sold to poorer than the Chinese in the Philippines.  40 years later, the brothers lucky to get together.Today they have what it used.A brother, when the San Francisco community leaders, has two restaurants, two laundries and a grocery store, and many children, some inherited the mantle, and some become outstanding engineers and other professionals in science and technology.  Brother does?Actually became a world-renowned banker, Southeast Asia has a considerable amount of forests and rubber plantations and banking.After decades of effort, they are successful.But why two brothers achievements in the cause, there is such a difference it?  My brother said, we Chinese people into white society, since no special talents, cooking only with a white hands to eat, clothes to them.In short, whites refused to do the work, we are on top of all the Chinese, life is not a problem, but they do not expect a career.For example, my children and grandchildren, read a lot of books though, did not dare to paranoia, only keep quiet subdivision to take on some of the middle-level technical work to make a living.  See my brother so successful, a brother, his brother can not help but envy the lucky.Brother says, fortunately, is not.When first came to the Philippines, as some menial work, but found the local people and some are more stupid and lazy, at the top so they give up their careers, slowly and constantly acquisitions and expansions, business will gradually expand the.  This is the true history of struggle overseas Chinese.It tells us: affect our lives much more than just the environment, the mentality to control the individual actions and thoughts.Meanwhile, the attitude also determines their vision, career and achievements.  The success of a person, to see his mentality.The difference between success and failure is people: successful people always use the most positive thinking, the most optimistic spirit and the most glorious experience of domination and control their own life.The loser is just the opposite, most of their life all the past failures and concerns dominated guide.    [Part II: decide the fate mentality] human destiny, depending on the mentality, the mentality and the negative and positive, is to experience life, but also can grasp.  - Inscription a mediocre man, driven by things, being born in a mechanized, only when your commander orders, will work non-stop, resulting in irritability, should be able to find joy, negative mood will disappear.In fact, happiness is sleeping in mind the source of the sea, just a conviction thrown canoe, you can reach, and happy will be like water trickling out of.Therefore, to be issued such a determination: the difficulties encountered is the cornerstone of success.But a surprising difficulties in front of you, you can overcome, if millions of difficulty in the way of success as a wall, you do about it?I think it should be picked up the sword, every effort pixiang that wall, but also the difficulties will be solved, bright dawn ahead will greet you..(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) a person not to make important choices when bad mood.At this time, the choices made are often pessimistic and negative.And the choice made in good mood but contrary.In a book I read this sentence: to create a positive life, negative consumption life.I think this statement to clarify the truth, that is, “decide the fate mentality,” so it is necessary to make a choice in a good mood when, in order to Lingyun driving fog.However, life there are many people see no hope, because of the lack of awareness of self-regulation, leading to distant shore stranded on the sandbar hope.However, provided they have perseverance, perseverance and faith, it is entirely possible to control the negative attitude and continue to play a source of “trickle”.  Zi said: “The heart who shaped the king also, and also the main gods.”A philosopher said:” Your mind is your true master.”A great man said:” Either you go to control life, or life control you go.Your mind to decide who is the horse, who is the jockey.”Buddha said, was heart turn, throughout the building from the heart, from the heart trouble.That is a person, what kind of mentality will produce what kind of results.Fate is in the hands of the grasp, to see how you create.Attitude is the key determinant of success and failure, and success and failure is often an idea.However, there is a positive attitude does not necessarily mean success, but also have to pay real action, holding a “must” to defeat the idea of the difficulties of the wall.  So life can not lose a positive attitude, because it is a leaf boat, carrying hope to reach the other side, and “pick up” from happy.It is also a street light to illuminate and guide the way forward.  Therefore, we should face life with a smile.    [Part Three: decide the fate mentality] person’s life, one way or another will always encounter difficulties, in fact, is really very terrible difficulties.For money, for life, the desire to really make people become tired.Sometimes, I wonder: is not the money, all the problems will be solved, is not a good life, there is no worry; the desire is not achieved, all is well.However, the reality is not that the same thing as if they.Maybe they really all have been resolved, another problem has emerged.  If you want to change their world, first of all they should change their mentality.This is what I often said to myself and friends say a word, I have always believed that a good mentality, and will do something more with less; if the attitude is not good, no matter what the thing in itself, a bad attitude, doomed thing You will do well.  Recently, it seems to be free to recall all the past.Just close your eyes, unhappy things in the eyes, even if sometimes really do not want to think about it, that can be thought to stand, unable to stop you, unhappy things like a movie screen, like all swallowed up Happiness.Everyone will have their own troubles, in fact, there will always be unhappy when, like human life, can not be easy, in heaven, and life of pain and joy, sadness and joy.  I always thought I am a very optimistic person, I can dominate their minds, to make themselves happy.But the fact is not the case, when you are faced with this or that difficult, people can not help but have a complaining, complaining about this, complaining that, complain the world is so unfair.Attitude of their own destiny, when my heart can not calm down, I took the book, force yourself to stop and look, even though half past one can not look into it, but I still look at themselves, their own requirements to calm.When I feel very depressed, I will turn off all phone, a man hiding in the room, turn the music up to the loudest, because such troubles will run away.In fact, everyone decompression method is different, each person in the face of the problems the solution is different, but the key is the people, the mentality of good people, and do everything naturally smooth, when his mentality is not good, naturally feel anything bad, anything follow you, want to be shaken off, that would be very sad.  Finally “decide the fate mentality,” a book to read over, in fact, when crude read, really like to write a book on that, get rid of heart trouble.Perhaps, many people will think that you really are so magical?In fact, the book itself is no magic key is whether people read heart to see, hard to understand nothing.My people are very strange, friends say I’m too sensible a.Be regarded as a very sensible woman, you can always see his shadow, know their weaknesses, know your strengths.Sometimes really want to do so sane, sensible woman alive as a people is in itself a very painful thing.I often think: after all, I am just an ordinary woman, I do not detached thoughts, because I will not be happy because a little thing, also because of a little happy surprise waited a long time, but because of a belly laugh at a joke back cover.This is me, I will be angry when the phone who would not answer, I’ll be happy, happy chirping like a bird.  People do not worry be nice, do not worry that this worry.The reality of life is like a pile of scattered notes and each person has their own sheet music.In the symphonic variation and the fate of the emotions, the survival of the state can become a beautiful music, rather than rhythm disorder, not a melody hum noise, it all depends on whether we have a good mood.In fact, happy life, it is not a very difficult thing, as long as we open our hearts, with a good attitude to face the pain of life and joy, sadness and joy, life will be wonderful.    [Part Four: decide the fate mentality] witnessed the scenes on the first gold medal winner of the Olympic Games in London YiSiLing and 10m air pistol gold medalist Guo Wenjun stadium, I was amazed, especially Guo Wenjun, after nine behind 0.5 in the case of ring temporarily in second place, with wonderful last shot 10.8 ring lore successfully defended the go-ahead.The face of events, she is so calm, so sensible, because they have a good attitude.As YiSiLing said, to control themselves is the most important.  In the game, especially in this Olympic stadium, can participate in the competition to select hands on skills are superb, the key is good attitude than anyone else in the game, absolutely not be so anxious, that would be far away from success.In our lives, then why not do?  I am a workaholic, working together fully absorbed, because I want to be a best teacher.I love my family, I want to be a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter, a good daughter, a person’s energy is limited, trade-off long, do anything good.As fish and bear’s paw can not have both.In order to save the previous mistakes, no matter how I do not achieve the desired effects are felt very sad.May be more quick success, the more counterproductive.Now to get out of hand.  Calm down, I kept telling myself seven words: people will look to see not ring true along, the people who look down looks, to do bad things to do, to figure out things figured out, the export to criticize then recovered, put gas swallow swallow, put the heart back to indulge.Retired and sit on their own kept repeating.Try to make their detours, to control their own live their own, so they have a good attitude.  Olympic champion is a great man, of course I can not be compared with them.But the theory is the theory, after all, it applies to any person in need.  From junior high school had never been seen, I learned so famously, and recorded in the book, recorded in the heart – mind to decide behavior, behavioral determinants habits, habits decide character, character determines destiny, fate decided to human life.  Character determines our attitudes and methods to a large extent, this will be about our hobbies, circle of friends and so on, will also affect our life and values.These can decide what we will embark on the road, so if we want to achieve, then we have to have some sense, to be calm at the crucial moment, to think twice, not others, and not arrogant, not others look down, look down on themselves.They are their own masters, they have to be responsible for themselves, but to be fair to others.  Born Road, Yi Jing, born in Germany and humble, Chi was born in fraternity, goodness born in thanksgiving, blessing born indifferent, music was born healthy, life was born plain!This has fully demonstrated the importance of mindset.Human life, can be done tranquil, humble, love, gratitude, indifferent, healthy, plain, what can not meet?  On the road of life, let us live all the best, we must do: Do not get angry to live up to expectations, do not see through to break, not jealousy to appreciate, do not wait to be positive, not tears to smile, not to deep depression, Do not heart to action.Do these also have to worry about what does not?  Look at those Olympic champion, that is not calm water?That is not buckled?That is not to have a sense of balance?If they do not have a good attitude, gold tends to pass.  So, we want to have a happy family, want to have a better tomorrow, want to have some success, then from now on, we will first have a good attitude, because attitude is fate, destiny decided life!  My friends, as we have a better tomorrow and have a good attitude right!    [Part Five: decide the fate mentality] philosopher said: “Your mind is your true master.”.A great man said: “Either you go to control life, or life control you.Your mind to decide who is the horse, who is the jockey. “.An artist, said: “You can not extend the length of life, but you can extend its width; you can not change the weather, but you can influence your mood; you can not control the environment, but you can adjust their mentality.”Dickens said: a sound mind is more powerful than one hundred kinds of wisdom.Emerson said: a person toward their goals is always forward, the whole world gave way to him.These words are simple but classic, brilliant, a person, what kind of mental state will produce what kind of life a reality, it is undoubted.  Therefore, in our lives, any time to adjust their mentality is a very important thing.One can always have a good attitude, you can make your own outgoing and cheerful; one can always have a good attitude, you can make your own difficulties working life at any time to overcome, we can overcome even encountered various suffering; one can always have a good attitude, you can make your own fame status, the true happiness of life on too.  Has a positive, healthy, peace of mind not only help us get health and happiness, can also help us to be successful and hope.Therefore, we must change the old misconception, re-examine themselves and adjust themselves to do a inner harmony of man.  Attitude Life.A philosopher once said: “Your mind is your master.”In real life, we can not control their own experiences, but they can control their mind; we can not change others, but you can change yourself.In fact, there is no much difference between people, the real difference is the mentality.So, a person’s success or not, depending on his state of mind.Has a positive, healthy, progressive attitude, is an essential quality of a person’s success.  Angry is better to live up to expectations.There are also good times of adversity in life, adversity can not be everywhere; there is life there is also the peak of the bottom, the bottom can not be everywhere.Since the peak of prosperity or get puffed up or down in the dumps because of stress or low, are not properly look at life.The face of setbacks, if you just keep complaining and angry, but not the whereabouts of the fate of challenge, to fight, to struggle, and that ultimately nothing.  Confident to win.Throughout the ages, many others had failed, the reason, not because of incompetence, but because they do not self-confidence.Self-confidence is a force, but also a driving force.When a person is not confident, it is hard to do things; when one does nothing good, it will not be more confident.This is a vicious cycle.To escape from this vicious circle out, you have to struggle and fail, you have to establish a solid self-confidence.  Heart but also to action.Why not, although the action will not necessarily succeed, but they will not succeed without action.A person’s goal is a dream from the beginning, a person’s happiness is to grasp the mentality, and a person’s success is achieved in action.Only action, success is our source of strength.  Essential sense of balance.Life can not be smooth sailing, there are successes and failures; there are happy, there are lost.If we put these gains and losses and the ups and downs in life too seriously, and that life for us will never calm, never happy.Life should be pursued, but do not let go temporarily not affect our daily life happiness.  Give a timely manner will have a harvest.Do not bother to force things that are not their own, to learn to timely give up.Give a timely manner is a kind of wisdom.Give a timely manner so that we can examine their own internal and external factors that potential more clearly, let’s physical and mental fatigue can be adjusted, as a wise man happy.  Tolerance is a virtue.As the saying goes: “a step backward, so that sort of calm.”This means that the need for tolerance among people.Tolerance is a virtue that enables a person to be respected.Tolerance is a good medicine, it can save a person’s soul.Like a beacon of tolerance, the ability to emit a radiant light in the darkness, illuminating everyone’s mind.  Learn to give your heart deregulation.The human mind is fragile, often you need encouragement and comfort.Often self-motivation, self-praise, will make the soul delights.Learn to give your heart deregulation, it is to give yourself to create a warm haven, adjust the mind, relax.  Do setback when failure.Person’s life, no one will inevitably be setbacks and frustrations.The difference is that the loser always setbacks as failures, so each time was deeply frustrated win his courage; winners are never-say-die, again and again in the face of setbacks, always said to myself : “I have not failed, but had no success.”Happiness is actually very simple.It is said that happiness is the spring flowers, summer shade, autumn berries, winter sky snow.In fact, happiness is all around us.A knowing smile, a sincere handshake, a cordial conversation, is a very happy thing.    [Part VI: decide the fate mentality, attitude is everything in life] into the situation of adversity and good times.How to motivate yourself from failure to success in the face of adversity, in prosperity and how to prevent yourself from sliding into a successful failure.When people living in good times, I want to keep in mind the “wealth and arrogance, since leaving the blame” caveat, so that “the power is in the world, in order to keep the make”, “full of the whole world, to keep it modest.”To study the water spirit ‘Wan East will break’ when asked to Shih to ‘continue to face failure, there is no moment of despair’ issue, he calmly replied:” No.I have a goal, a direction, this road leads nowhere, I can give up, for the road, I fear, will go through.”Japan’s Yaohan Group, the former president Kazuo Wada was going through the three major defeat, but he dared to face failure, saying that” failure is not terrible, terrible loss of a leader should have the quality, it would become a real ‘pauper’ the.”After the collapse of Yaohan, exactly one year after his self-examination, re-start, just one year and nine months to lead the new company on the market, achieved his oath:” phoenix will rebirth, after burning themselves, will and create a new world, big deal from scratch.I am a phoenix.”A person’s knowledge, training, quality, temperament, character and so not all their remaining years, mostly acquired through the ‘practice’ come.From there any great man in the world is not the baptism of the book.Why do we want to study?Although there is no Premier Zhou Enlai grew up to study the rise of China’s spirit, but we do have a good knowledge of psychology.From the most simple “Why do birds fly?Why flooded dead fish?”The truth, the complex ‘God seven days to ask’ research projects, and both are taking the essence of the book, another extension of the results.  ”There is a road ground for the tracks, Boundless Learning bitter for the boat,” words of wisdom from an early age deeply grow along with each of us, whenever it comes to books, always used to praise Comment on “Marine Knowledge”.The kind of book complex, but some people think too many books, I do not know where to begin; the book is too complicated, I do not know where to choose to take, hard to read, the better to give up.In fact not, each of us is an ascetic, born of hardship.When you come into the world, is the flow of those who cry tears came to this new world, began the road of life, in one’s life, full of thorns, ridden misery.Since each person’s face engraved with a “bitterness”: Your bent eyebrows, together constitute a “grass” word; Your eyes are connected in a straight line, perpendicular to the nose, a configuration ” ten “; your mouth stands for ‘mouth’ word, as a whole constitute a ‘bitter’ word.Human life is “goods bitter”, “bitter read”.  No need to look at themselves as a person a flower, others see rubbish, always blames him for small government, less always blame their rights.As the saying goes: vanity greatly inflated, so they always and everywhere put their halo on his head.  Nameless grass, it is unknown to provide oxygen for mankind, for the earth to reduce the greenhouse effect, create a beautiful environment, it is possible to fixing, reducing dust weather, it can make livestock feed, grass is the people’s oxygen bar, when people are tired, sit resting on the green lawn for a while, it will reduce fatigue, short, grass body is a treasure, contribution to mankind is having big, but it never ask what to mankind, and this is the quality of the grass.Mr. Lu Xun once said, I eat “grass”, squeeze milk, squeeze the blood.  The so-called “moving good,” Heshang Gong release said: water “summer casual winter condensate, should be on the move, yet days.”Saints should be like water as good at finding opportunities, seize the opportunity to achieve movement and sometimes, in order to ultimately achieve their purpose in life.  When a person caught in adversity, to keep in mind “Failure is the mother of success,” the truth, I believe that stress can sharpen people, motivate people, people can achieve.Must not the mentality of the “nouveau riche”, always show off their wealth and credit publicity.Sports stars Zhao Junzhe after obtaining the “Mr. Football” honor, his oath is: “Mr. Forget football, forget captain.I was Zhao Junzhe, drop everything, and now newborn.”After the foreign sports stars Ljubicic get ‘ACE number one’ honorary title, is also said to myself:” Forget ACE number one, forget the Croatian artillery.I Ljubicic, drop everything, and now newborn.”Whether or Zhao Junzhe Ljubicic, through a ‘forgotten’ characters, put down all the honors ‘burden’, you can now” new.”IKEA owner Ingvar Kamprad said:” Success is the greatest enemy of success.”Li Ka-shing that” enterprises, ‘knowing only’ the most important word.”Because” A lot of companies around the world had failed, at least half of all because of greed.”The United States large retailers Kmart failure is not a ‘known only’ a typical case.  Confucius’s favorite student of Confucius Yan Yuan to ask: had been to a river, I saw a man boating, ferry too technical to understand, if God steer a boat, no matter what the wave crest valley, he was always able to get this boat ride as there is no earthly reason.I asked him to envy: Do you think I learn boating okay?The man told me that easily: will learn ah, but he said a secret, and if you swim, you learn this boat is particularly easy; you If we would dive, then, even if you’ve never seen the boat, you pick up the paddle to dare draw.I wanted to do not understand why he should say so?Confucius said: This is actually a person’s vision and experience.  Think about life, where the gap is not?Some gaps can rely on their own efforts to erase, to digestion, for example, low culture, you can read more books, more than a little bit of practice to improve themselves; for example, need the money, you can use their brains, legitimate business, industry rich.Can be chosen someone good attitude, unwilling to face the gap, even worse, to unwise or dishonorable means to hide, deny Gap: see people a little girl like grass, juicy, a hot head go lift, have to the whole out “twenty this year, next year eighteen”; see strong opponents ability, not to catch up, but it is trying to run people, falsely planted unscrupulous people to see each other down, party satisfied the workplace; see rich neighbors , wore designer clothes, open fashion cars, it was not jealous, do not hesitate to break the law themselves, and finally drop a repent.Than this ratio, the ratio should not be more than, than Bibi, was no more than a quiet, than get out of balance, than get lost in principle, final “plump” fall and get up again, such examples abound.  Whether in good times or in adversity, the ability to find business opportunities, seize opportunities, so that movement sometimes, the most frightening is not bad objective environment and their competitors, but their ability to have a positive good “mentality.”Here, attitude determines success or failure, decide the fate mentality, attitude is everything.Only first overcome their own bad “mentality” in order to eventually overcome others.This is the secret of success in life.    [Chapter Seven: decide the fate mentality] what life is?Perhaps a million people 000 answers.We feel like the feeling of love life will vary, each saying it is.I began to believe this answer: life is happy.  Some people may ask: “Life is happy, then laughter messenger racing season, Hou Wen Yue, high Xiumin, these happy people with fame, life is not how long?Happiness and success did not become prolong their lives feast.”Ah, perhaps because to manufacture, dedication happy, are not all equal and he is happy now?One of the more conditions, but also a necessary condition for happiness and longevity.  What is life?There is not only the amount of quality of life, there is a qualitative life is more valuable; quality and longevity of life is more fascinating.The point is that happiness is the quality of life of lies, life is growing in the state of happiness.  Happy come?From itself, from the community.  Happy first of all from itself, it is directly related to the individual’s thinking and personality character.Happiness is a state of mind, a feeling.Happy or not, often in the individual all-an idea, an idea given sad music.This is “an idea” that is natural, instantaneous, centralized outbreak individual ways of thinking and personality character.Western saying goes: “the same thing, want to open is heaven, take things too hard is hell.”The earthquake hit, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives, the loss of loved ones, appalling.Some people Zhazheng from the rubble to climb out again embrace the warm, toward a new life, and some lucky people unscathed, but because of the death of his wife and lost son lose, look for a short-sighted.The idea of opening and closing, a life long Sia!Failing to turn the corner and sometimes it is difficult to normal, always unhappy there is a danger, if a person is said to have “a little the meaning of life are not, it is better to commit suicide,” the idea of the duration of at least two weeks, then we must consider whether guilty of a depression.  Happiness and personal way of thinking is directly related to.I have seen things that everyone viewing angle, different ways of thinking, like, someone could thoroughly understand, take to heart, but the heart was the door locked, cocoon.  The current issue, no matter how not liking, but also take to heart, upset, relaxed, be happy to come and knock.Good way of thinking is the source of wisdom, wisdom is transformed Forces with great.Some people are good at positive thinking, with rational thinking saved the happiness, to find joy from grief, this is a commendable attitude to life.Hole opened their minds, what are the sight, to see light, peace of mind, fearless.Such people alive to have fun, so focus on improving the quality of life, to see the chic clothes, to buy, to see the funky pattern, school.Everything to the benefit of the doubt, thought a lot of the monthly income of one thousand eight hundred than others, step onto the motorcycle than the others wanted to walk, ride a bicycle more convenient, business, career setbacks, it is to pay tuition or financial loss to avoid disaster others abuse that his heart had my mouth I have, I did not look down.Matches in his pocket to ignite, but fortunately – there is no explosive; prick a finger prick – thank God not tie in the eye.The face of setbacks – to stop and reflect, in order to self-training, the temporary loss into positive action.This can not be happy?  The others are not installed in sets of houses themselves, but their own, is put on ourselves the yoke of the soul.Maybe you do not lack of achievement, but only too comparisons; maybe you do not lack beauty, but just enough self-confidence; perhaps life is not dark, but your mind is not open; maybe life is not too lonely, but you also I do not know how to choose retreat.Throwing troubles, bathing mind, let the sun shine into the hearts, so get psychological relief, only to do with a relaxed and happy people.  In general, life is but wishful ten second, but there are most likely unhappy.Then sighing a little unhappy, frustrated and even have to pay the price with their lives, how many lives it Keren?A celebrity take things too hard – a depression, a star take things too hard – committed suicide.Life “take things too hard” seems to be everywhere.Why would a little knot does not open?Contributing factors to knot nothing more than emotional breakdown, family conflict, the cause of frustration, interpersonal loss and so on, but that way of looking at the world get to the bottom of the method, the crux of the problem is the irrational belief that thinking as the dominant or reference.The pursuit of perfection, away from the actual reference standards, is the enemy of happiness.  A well-known cognitive therapist to common “take things too hard,” summed up into three.Think too much – that is sweeping, grabbed a little flawed to put things completely overturned; think less – is a muscle, nothing black and white, there is no room for maneuver; think bad – – thing there are two sides, but only think of the awful.Break the law lies: we have to be to look at the positive side.I want more people to look for evidence refute their irrational beliefs.I want less people to constantly remind ourselves that in fact there are other possible results.Want bad people go to look for the positive side of things.There is a very classic story, was once a love worry about the old woman, her eldest son, selling umbrellas, solar salt younger son, so the old lady sunny son to worry, worry about the small son on a rainy day, so every day are happy not up.After coaching wise man, old lady finally wake: sell umbrellas on rainy days, sunny good solar salt, and two sons, things do not worry, be happy old lady from.Thinking change of perspective, it is entirely two kinds of mind, two outcomes, you can see, your mind – thinking happy or not decisions.  Different people experience, but also significant differences in ways of thinking.People of all ages, will always view of life and society are not the same, as the years went by, people in the collision, sharpen, continue to examine, revise life, countless crossed the threshold, before entering a higher realm, people most of the middle-aged upset, realized the penetration, so “forty and perplexed”.Life is short, do not be too care about the pros and cons of advance and retreat, less desire, less some disappointed, some more than satisfied, and more likely to be happy.3lian.There is a realm called COM bent to bending transducer happy!To party work, circle of life, knowing too much, woolly-headed, these are the key to the wise.Take a step backward, to learn the wisdom of water, patience is also a state.  The simple things complicated, you will take things too hard; the complex things simple, but you can still light weightlifting, happy.Daily life must not be as trivial, petty and annoying the brain, some things can not be forced.Do not take life too complicated, get rid of unnecessary things in life, simple is not low-level, mundane is happy.To free like clouds, like time flying his own heart, to the heart holidays.Needs to be emphasized, honestly do not be enslaved by wealth!  Happy and is directly related to an individual’s personality character.Open-minded man, cheerful, optimistic, generous, and happy which.Churchill was a great man can go with the flow, he said: “If there is a place to sit, I will not stand; If you have a place to lie, I will not sit.”So I live 91 years old.China Deng Xiaoping’s life ill-fated revival standard-bearer, several ups and downs, but he is optimistic and open-minded, alcohol and tobacco brand line everything, saying that “there are breaking down from day to prop up tall”, lived 93 years.Zhang Xueliang most of their lives behind bars, are still comfortable with, its own way, he lived 103 years old.  Open-minded, cheerful, optimistic, generous, come?Personality, character dictates, culture dictates.  Everything is upset, are tolerance, which is the greatest wisdom, be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue.Happy is down, giving up is great wisdom of life, a kind of beautiful, dropped shoulders, the burden of heart, not external things tired, should not forget to remember things; fit, will have trouble.Live in the “now” is Zen, happy day, happy day was not to look ahead and behind, down to earth in order to realize their dreams.Go with the flow, enjoy themselves, do not worry about tomorrow.  The so-called upset is always cheerful, uplifting mood, and unexamined, muddling along, seemingly upset not really upset.Decadent and negative blindly bent on fame and fortune, are unhealthy psychological.Upset is not completely see through life, everyone can fathom life and death, life and death penetrated people what it’s like to live there, what joy?Arab girl covered with a veil, thus emitting a hazy beauty fragrance, people give birth to an imaginative.If there is no veil, perhaps disappointing; and if they are covered with a thick cloth, then they will lose the angry, beauty and attractiveness.Look at life, but also across the veil, often produce beautiful reverie, there is always a goal to attract their own to go, and not dwell on the immediate gains and losses.  Happy but also from the social environment.People have a natural and social properties.Community property is the most important person, the most fundamental attribute.Human social life is made up of all walks of life activities of an organic whole, any individual activities one way or another will always impact on the social development.Personal and social development activities there are interrelated and mutually constraining relations, social development depends on all members of society conscious effort to achieve.History shows that: First, the individual and society are interdependent and inseparable.The sum of all individual sports and activities integral development of society.The second is to correctly understand and handle the relationship between the individual and society.The activities of individuals is both a natural process of life, but also the historical process of social practice.Whether or upset, let go, it is the realm of the personal approach to life, and it is closely related to social environment.It can be said that the ultimate goal of all human behavior is to realize their own happiness, to meet the needs; happiness is the ultimate goal of human behavior and economic and social development.Delicious meals bring happiness taste, hearing wonderful music brings happiness, comfortable housing to bring home the joy of scientific research to create a desire to bring satisfaction and happiness.The human pursuit of happiness is endless, so there is both a happy power of behavior and social development, but also the source of progress in social development forever.  A healthy society is bound to become a harmonious society, it is both very hopeful about life, fame and fortune but also to get upset, it provides Shizhan De, the only opportunity and a good environment for everyone.We are the lucky generation, resurgent China, has opened up infinite joy of our social environment.We should always open arms to embrace social-given joy!  Life has three music: helping others, contentment, their own entertainment.Happiness is an indispensable partner’s life, our pursuit of happiness, we continue to pursue happiness, not just the immediate pleasure; our pursuit of happiness, we seek the greatest happiness of the greatest number.  Decide the fate mentality.Out of mind swamp, forget the past, the mentality of zero; sunshine state of mind, happy life.One report last year, “Guo Jian beat cancer with happiness”, introduced a stunning woman!She used to be a beautiful Guangzhou Army General Hospital’s famous eye Military.Unfortunately, in 2003, she was suffering from breast cancer surgery done right breast, after she began to breast cancer advocacy, a national anti-cancer Ambassadors.Bright color yoga clothes, child-like pure transparent smile, walking walking light, looked less than a 40-year-old beautiful woman, she has to tell you the real age is 56 years old and was once a breast cancer patient, people are shocked.Guo Jian said that a 50-year-old woman, loved, the United States had, very quiet and calm.”Singing, dancing, yoga, happy with my disease away.”In 1998, she heritage of the world cultural heritage yoga, yoga has become China’s famous industry leader, is the industry known as yoga guru.The disease to her flinch, vanished without a trace.Her motto is: happy to enjoy every day.There is no doubt happy to let her escape catastrophe, open-minded will grant her good health and longevity.  Every day to give yourself a hope, enjoy yourself a little bit every day, laugh about life, amplification happy, the happy as a habit, then your life will certainly be more shine.    [Part Eight: decide the fate mentality, mind decided realm] a person living in this society, they want to play the role of one or more of society, each person’s role, he or she will have their own special mentality, too With this attitude is bound to deal with life, career, feelings, etc..Why some people are more successful than others, make more money, have good jobs, good relationships, good health, happy day to live a high quality of life, it seems that their lives than others We had a good.Many busy people to labor but can only earn a living.In fact, there is not much difference between people.But why is there a difference?The secret is the people’s mentality.The so-called state of mind that is referred to as the attitude of the heart, is defined as: heart attitude kinetic energy mainly refers to the heart of complex factors and heart of many psychological factors included the quality of rest and abilities.In other words a state of mind and my heart is human consciousness, ideas, motivation, emotion, temperament, interests, etc..It is the human tendency to make a psychological response to various stimuli information.This psychological reaction of people tend to know whether, emotive, or sexual behavior, evaluative, both with action-oriented and dominated human thought, choice, speech and behavior.So we have every reason to believe that success or failure in life there are many factors, but play a decisive role is the mental attitude.  Human life is not just a helpless, but can be subjective by its own efforts to grasp and control, direction in life is determined by the attitude that life is good or bad enough to clear the merits of our building.Different personality and state of mind will inevitably lead to a different, but there is a big difference.Bad attitude is the main source of the formation of bad character and bad in life, attitude control tower is our destiny, and it is the only thing we can grasp things.  Each of us, through their own success or failure or frustration or course of life or fearless, you can see how the state of mind about our lives, how to determine our success or failure.  In short, there is little anyone can deny, and that is: decide the fate mentality!  First, optimistic attitude: the highest state of life is happiness, fun.Happiness is a positive attitudes, based on tolerance, acceptance, open-minded, cheerful attitude to see the world around.Optimism of people tend to feel the difference between living conditions and human life apart, think that life is an experience, is a psychological feeling, even if the person’s situation has changed due to external factors, people can not go through their own efforts to change their living conditions, people can go to regulate their psychological feelings through their own spiritual power, will try to adapt it to the best.  Eager joy of life, the pursuit of happiness in life, is human nature, everyone wants their life is happy, full of laughter.But in real life is not as simple vacuum Junichi, things go wrong is inevitable.To face the reality of the economic situation, as well as facing competition to survive, how to make their own adjustments to a state of happiness, the happiness become essential vitamins to nourish their lives.  Renda forgiveness mind to be satisfied that the commitments.Confucius said: benevolent love.Only fraternity of people would know how to treat yourself, treat others.Indeed life is like an echo, like, what you sow will harvest what you give something to get something.An optimistic person, when faced with suffering and misfortune, never Ziyuan Zi sad, but in a humorous attitude, open-minded, forgiving mind to bear Carolina.Optimistic attitude is when pain relief is to resist a smile, always in a good mood is a state.If a person’s personal life and human life profoundly torrent blend together, we will be able to enjoy the joyous life of supreme joy.  To have an optimistic attitude, we must first of all eyes fixed on the positive side that.In a different state of mind to look at things around, you will receive different results.Everything rarity own shortcomings, always love their people do not embarrass yourself happy.  Fu pleasures in Physics with wine, this body trip what is Fuming.Poem as a criterion.Careful scrutiny of the world the truth of all things, do some fun things, do some like to do their own happy, good things, a number of empty names do not have to give up his favorite thing to do.Happiness is a life attitude, true happiness comes from within, it can not be wealth, power, honor and conquest to measure.  Second, the pessimistic attitude: any kind of state of mind is everyone different views on life.A manifestation in real life, everyone can suffer from this or that combat and frustration, these people mostly psychological weak, immature mentality.These abnormal psychology, pessimistic attitude often leads to painful tragedy in life, often affect the correct perception of the environment.Who hold a pessimistic one hand, see their own strengths and advantages, often due to lack of confidence and courage and hard for the cause; on the other hand, such a person on the psychological orientation of their often negative attitude, you can not accept yourself, it is in the heart of long-term imbalances and lost state, appreciate life only pain, frustration and sense of failure.Over time people will have depression, anxiety, mental disorders and other psychological problems and diseases.  Causes frustration pessimistic scenarios are roughly three categories: one is in the natural environment, people can not achieve the desired objectives, then pessimism.Second, the situation is due to the frustration caused by social factors.Undoubtedly, the impact was profound than the former general and a lot of.Such as interpersonal tension, twists and turns social events, difficult economic behavior, Human Sympathy, customs, habits influence, conflict of interest groups and so on, can cause pessimistic scenarios.Third, it is the individual’s own internal factors, pessimistic scenarios such as intelligence, physical fitness, physical condition, mental status and the difference between the desired target, due to.  Frustration pressure on the capacity of poor people tend to look at things easy pessimistic.And have the pessimism of human destiny is often poor, because they doubt themselves, always choose the negative approach in a major decision in.A pessimistic would have been full of angry people become passive obedience, submissive, safe learning so often, do not like change and rigid, there is no sense of social responsibility.  Third, a positive attitude: There is a story is simple, but it implies a profound philosophy, that is a child running seriously, because he wanted to go beyond their own shadow.However, no matter how far ahead of his jump, run fast, always in front of him shadow.Later, an adult told him a simple way: you just have to face the sun, not the shadow behind you went to go.  Yes ah, the face of light, shadow behind us forever.A life plagued by all sorts of difficulties and setbacks, disappointments, romance, bankruptcy, illness and death should not impede, been trying not immune, but the more you want to escape, they just like the closer you are, the old is pestering you, do not let you get away, to the joy of the crowd will not let you go, let you enjoy joy of life.Why not a child face up to problems it?Success or failure turned empty, but the eternal history.Always calculated how much lost, too narrow.  From the struggle of countless successful people, we can draw: Success is by those who have made a positive mental attitude by those with a positive attitude held by the efforts of.We have a positive attitude, even if the encounter difficulties, you can get help, everything goes.  Life itself is short, but why some people life more colorful, vibrant and enterprising spirit, some people live dull, not a little beauty and vitality?Life can be a flute, a gong, blowing the sound, knock it has sound, it all depends on you is not positive to blow knock, to create their own life rhythm and melody.  People who have a positive attitude always filled with confidence.They will use their own action to tell you: have faith, confidence is the source of your infinite charm, to believe in yourself, the world’s most important person is you yourself, your success, health, happiness, wealth depend on how you use your watch but not magic, it is a positive attitude.  World no crying over spilled milk.Napoleon Hill once said: put your mind on what you want, make your mind away from what you do not want.Seeds For those who have a positive mental attitude, the face of adversity have each comprising equal or greater benefit.Sometimes, those things seem to be adversity, in fact, hidden opportunities.Since then, he will own all his heart into the goal in life to go into, to start against all odds, persevere until success so far.  Of course, the world may not be everything go smooth sailing, Faraday once said: go hard to succeed, but do not expect will be successful.When looking at things, you should consider living in both the good side and bad side, but stressed the good side, it will have good intentions and results.A positive attitude of people do not deny the existence of negative factors, he just learned not to indulge them.He can often feel bright prospects, even if troubled, he will take a pleasant and creative attitude out of the woods, Looking Bright.  Positive attitude towards life is the catalyst for their success, and actively make a coward to be a hero, from the mind becomes soft and strong-willed, so it becomes warm and lively personality, flexible, people full of enterprising spirit, full of momentum, ambition and boundless strength.  Fourth, the negative attitude: If a person holding a negative attitude towards life, will be subject to more failure than those with a positive mental attitude.Because they depressed mood, walking slowly, eyes glazed, their pessimism, despair.They often have such features: cynical, think human nature ugly, and not with the people; no goal, lack of motivation, complacency; lack of perseverance, constantly looking for reasons to rationalize and excuse for their own, avoiding work; luck, do not want to pay; opinionated, intolerant people; weak self-esteem, doing nothing; arrogant, aloof vanity, bad faith, etc..A negative attitude is troubled people, even though the mouth may often said success, but they can not succeed because they do not want to put into action, I do not know how action, they do not target.Because negative attitude deep in their subconscious, which directly affects their success.Although they want to overcome, but not resolved to overcome, so their life will never be involuntarily presented in this state.  Have negative attitude of people on their own also have a negative self-evaluation.A common feature of these negative self-evaluation is always felt inferior to others in some way.We know that everyone always others as a mirror to understand their own, that is, people always compare themselves with others, based on their own evaluation of others to know themselves, and self-evaluation.For inexperienced young people, the evaluation from others is very important.If others, especially the more a person of authority, such as parents, teachers or his own admiration of the people made their own assessment of the lower, it will affect their understanding of their own, making themselves underestimate their.Negative rating will make people self inferiority complex, research psychologist found more introverted people tend to judge others willing to accept low, and high evaluation of the outside world is easy to be skeptical.After they compare themselves with others, probably consciously or unconsciously take their own strengths weaknesses compared to the others, of course, the result of more than feel inferior to others, the more frustrated the more than more than more negative self-evaluation, inferiority complex also spontaneously.Some character is not introverted person, due to the negative self-evaluation will gradually become introverted up.  Of course, the negative attitude of the people are not people who have not transformed into a positive state of mind, as long as he earnestly self-psychological adjustment training, will get rid of sorrow, shadow, negative consciousness, without reservation, optimistic, self-confident mentality to face life.In the process of growing up, especially important to have a positive attitude.  If you find yourself have some negative state of mind, then we need to act quickly on their own to a clean-up, removing the brain all the negative things.Then, then vacated the place fitted with positive thoughts and ideas.If you are experiencing difficulties, but also to deal with a positive attitude, sometimes, subtle education more useful than a torrent of preaching.Happy and optimistic attitude is one of the key quality of successful.Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself a new.  Fifth, calm state of mind: to Xie Bing Xin Liang wrote: mind given the vicissitudes of life, but also chest dream Yue Fei.Although the vicissitudes of the world, my mind set, no matter how you change, I have a pretty good idea.Indeed, ancient and modern, all great men, will have failing to panic, calm characteristics, but also the only way they can judge the situation correctly, strain the situation, achievements.Calm state of mind is often necessary to success.In general, as long as people are not in a provoked, under crazy conditions, can maintain homemade and make the right decisions.Healthy, normal mood, usually brings to life not only happy, stable, fun, but also in the apocalyptic help you good luck, pull through.  The rest of us, in real life, inevitably would have been unfortunate and disturbing surprise attack.There are some people, in the face of disaster from the sky, take it easy, always make a calm and cheerful hearts forever; some people face a mutation in confusion, brought to its knees, from unexamined.Why subject to the same mental stimulation, different people will have such a contrast it?The reason is that the strain is able to learn to calm.  People static state gets those brain cell disorders due to excessive tension, excitement caused to return to normal, if you’re in a state of panic distracted, do not expect to use rational thinking.When you calm down, look at the misery and trouble, you might think that it really is no big deal.When in trouble, is rage, fear, jealousy, resentment, etc. while surrounded by mood disorders, not only to suppress them, and more importantly, do not be emotional, arbitrary decisions, to think more about others can ride out the storm, and I Why can not calm strain, to mobilize their own to deal with the enormous potential of mutation it?  Psychological balance is that anyone facing a mutation, but do not be overwhelmed by the mutation of essential psychological qualities.To learn self-tolerance, this world is not all-powerful people, people beyond Behind the desire to know everything, they have lost everything wishful only encourage mental calm.Understand this fact, not only to ensure that your own psychological balance, but also to make yourself more quickly to advance the goal of success.Do not expect too much of others, picking, I hope the language and actions of others must comply with their wishes, to cast their likes, is not possible, it would only make you look for trouble.To avoid trouble sometimes little things to do, and proud of it, this is fun, it is important to maintain their mental balance of a ring.  Ease of mind is calm strained premise, it is also the result of.But in the face of misfortune and trouble, how to make refreshing it?The most effective way is nothing more than: enjoy good in their own work and train a wide range of hobbies, temporarily forget everything and enjoy the thrill of entertainment.As long as you give people a sincere love and care, with the appreciation of the mood and well-intentioned words and deeds treat people and things around, and you’ll get the same in return.To learn to forgive those who have hurt you, do not bear a grudge thing of the past.Forgiveness can help us bridge the trauma.I believe their feelings, do not mean it, the line could not help himself, barely any, to suppress their emotions and distorted approach can only exacerbate their distress.  So, stay calm, keep my mood is more comfortable, balanced state of mind to find a fulcrum, so it will cool slowly approached you.  Sixth, peace of mind: Please tell me why I have never seen your frown, how your mood is always so good?I never lost it kind of makes me feel something regrets.Not pleased, not to have compassion, this is a realm of life.Fall is not terrible, it is important to know when to stand up and be able to catch the hands of a handful of sand.  Any successful are merely an inn journey of life, which comes plain, owned by finally plain, a create a social pattern of course, need a lot of ambitious character creation, but a society is capable of lasting stability, maintain cultural dignity and character, still we need to build the whole society to foster a peaceful state of mind.  Peace of mind of a positive effect on health, any medication can not be replaced, in an increasingly competitive today, we learn to calm their mind on health and the cause of success or failure are crucial.There is a saying: 心静自然凉, if the person’s mind, mood can be leisurely, quiet, positive, healthy, go with the flow, so even in the hot summer, there will be cool feeling.Some people may say that the ancients living between rural and lower mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain.In this typical agricultural civilization, people do not need to face so many temptations, naturally able to do peace of mind, these words may have some truth, in the materialistic, the temptation can do heavy today, peace is not easy.In the digital era, we continue to accept a variety of stimuli, continue to absorb a wide variety of information, constantly in pursuit and accumulation of so-called value of life.The face of complex worlds, over time, even we ourselves will be upsets confusing, in the end do not know what these are, what they need is.We have accumulated too much about desire fame, status, wealth, education, etc., but also accumulated a lot of excitement, pride, joy, happiness and trouble, depressed, regret, self-esteem, frustration, depression, anger, hatred, all sorts of complicated pressure mood.We will always moved by it, even captivated; get distracted by external stimuli even restless.To re-solid anyone of our lives, return to peace of mind, we often have to give their own psychological wash a bath, often these things accumulated classification and identification, after renewal, just as you wiped the dust off the windows and doors on the ground dirt, put into place after all, the people seem to get cleaned up mental haze as to obtain a release of pleasure very heart.  Is like a stringed instrument, string tight loose, to be transposed.Only to be tuning, pure string sound will from time to time.As said Yinchu: insulted not scared leisure, see Pretrial blossom; fate not, show the outer cloud concept look Yunshu.Only when peace of mind with aggressive string sound without losing face, we can have it both ways to survive in this society, many difficult problems will be solved, panoramic views to many of the world.Peace of mind is a supreme realm of life, is a face of honor, money, optimistic and open-minded interests.There is peace in life is not difficult to do for some time, but when the honor, status, money pour in flowers, praise can still maintain a peaceful state of mind, it is not easy a.