December Flore is feeling tired, but flowers year cycle

Plum laugh month raw pity, who is playing in the snow from the ice string of band?Affectionately struck sad heart.Cut a bloom, the snow to make Bob, to see her dance so lightly carved, in time and space Yun Xuan, and placed a gentle thoughts and exquisite poem.  February Apricot down the window, my body leaning white railing, really want to give birth to one pair of white wings, fly to the sky outside, flew up into the clouds, overlooking the lower bound of the Red Sunian three thousand, mercy to smile, smile to the raw pity.  Peach positive sometime in March, but it does not seem worth the roots of the roots.Piece lang petals, of rippling lingering spring.I would be that one of them, in clumps among the subtle fragrance faint breeze.Even if the wind is blowing, that is to pursue this season’s unique thoughts.  April peony offer all kinds of tempting, drawing near, stroking the strings, gorgeous and sensual.Suddenly Canhong off the shoulders, they quietly damp mood.Spring Flowers deep it will be old?Ten thousand kinds of sorrow, offer all kinds of heartache, then teetering on the edge of Lihen.Parting offer all kinds, such as the choke in the throat.Leila sounded, dropping cheeks, lost track of time.Time drifting away, I also silent.Even flower to open next year, may meet again, next year is also the end.  May flowers rhyme faint smile under pomegranate red core Pathetic, Whose woman, its shallow half of the volume, pomegranate, looks into the distance shy of the evening cloud cover cover.Nonetheless, rain gurgling water the flowers end, spotlessly clean Fallen flowers, and a one.Xiangxiaoyuyun owned by dust, who care about the earth residues?Deep courtyard, floral scene in the picture off, Sui Yu Shen Yan, skim red rain flap, how to forget that this world of lingering?  June Lotus fragrant garden, filled the air, stretch the deepest love.Sunset stream, sunset sky, between Ectocarpus, shallow smile, cry quiet sigh, substitution fleeting.Thousands of years ago, I was a white lotus Buddha, not the Red dye, the cold alone.You walk through the Red, he came to me, gave me a warm plume, and I whisper whisper.I am drunk, drunk in between you and stop gazing.However, the Buddha, you just simply miss.I have decided to die, just as it regrets lingering.Red walked, walked thousands of years, I am still a lotus flower in the pool, waiting thousands of years for you, take into Zen.  In July slightly hollyhock blossoms, open towards the heart does not turn off the twilight.Lady Ling Xi You Kui color, autumn overnight jealous roots.The former Mrs. Flora Lee, Unlucky hollyhock-like, there is brother Li Yan, one, the North has beauty assign it a song, ingenious and independent, a topple the men of the city, and then topple the men of the country, Allure and dumping country, beautiful woman finds it difficult to get.However, the beauty of that year, a legend, or dream, has gone with the wind, after a thousand years.  August osmanthus filled courtyard, but it is Manlongguiyu, but not cold bay, just smelling flowers tears splash.Miss hit sleepless night, love to the depths of the silent revolution.Tenderness lean on a railing, how much ecstasy, infatuation and dash?People have scattered, the night getting cold, thin shoulder drop Huazipiaoling.Tsang Lan Fen quiet, bedside light fragrance, only remnants of the season in love, stay in my heart…  September chrysanthemum hope Nanshan, clear autumn drinkers everywhere sigh.Bei Bei residual wine into the feeling of sadness, but it is tightly wrapped around the heart.Wind tireless, among fallen, Who alone?Unprovoked, desolate calling, but calls no fall of promises.Piles of thoughts like rain pharynx, routing away, into the mountains outside the mountain.Boarding nine days appear mildly peaks, gurgling water.But since Oliver bounds, repent nor shore.Lihen Chouyuan a cavity, not the end, with the sight drift five willow.  October magnolia dance lightly, trees and shore, hibiscus, such as Sin Fang Fei cover.Quiet night, when he heard the song Sheng keyed to the ear, do not mess free of dust, glass tactfully.I like music notes in touch with your holy face.Ray of cold, warmth, quietly spread in the darkness.Millennium was removed, and is Hibiscus flowers, the rain, Pik days, while the State is no longer the world, only in white hidden affection, only to hear complaints Resentment Sheng Qu.  November camellia hue Tuyan, flower Lingshuang wind was blowing, lovely flowers are everywhere, just like a warm spring day.Armbands white dress swaying volume, do not avoid anger Qunfang ZhengYan.Dressed totally dignified color, accompanied only envy the duck hi.So just, that if you camellia, I swam the boat away, afraid of cold wind and snow, to find you, to the south of the landscape.A fragrant, hue Millennium.  Narcissus Shiba between the twelfth lunar month, calendula silver dust is not dyed Taiwan.Red dream, my hiking horizon, stand it off the soul River, sleeves of Tears, look for the roots, silent and more bitter Yan.However, who knows which side trip Qingsi?Holding a woodwind playing chords faint, diffuse spreading after years of yearning.But I do not know for whom the roots of red, white hair and added a new mid.Eyes closed, filled with emotion, full of fragrance and smell, palpitations hope, the hope to meet, so affectionate like the sea, and finally the soul of Narcissus.The blockade is lingering, or regret?Life lamented that the end is Qingsi roots in the wind, ran aground.