All the rhetoric in the face of maternal love is so pale

Woman and her husband were bitter for many years, and once they get rich, but do not want her husband with the Gan.He filed for divorce, and insisted on his son’s custody.  In order to regain custody of his son, the woman decided to litigate.  Throw her own bottom line: As long as the son of an award of their own, what else can not.  That court, the man said that poor woman’s body, not with children, and took out her previous medical records as evidence.A few days ago a woman to produce examination results issued by a major hospital, refuted the man.  He added that a woman owes a huge debt, can not afford to raise his son.Woman man immediately show malicious transfer of property, passed the debt on their business surveys letter, once again crossed his trap.  Fierce war of words, seesaw debate, a woman has the upper hand.  Man Xianshibumiao resorted to killer: Women often beats a child, causing great harm to his son.I do not want to live with her son, just with me.  When the presiding judge passed their only son testified in court bailiff to witness room, ready to invite the child to appear in court, a woman’s face from red to white, and from white to purple, suddenly, she HUO Di stood up and loudly announced: the presiding judge, trial members, I withdraw!  Women hide their faces crying, she ran out of the court.  Later, a friend asked the woman: do you really abused son?  Woman shook her head feebly: I love my children, how he might abuse?  Friends of surprised: Why do you want to give up?  The woman said: I am timid child, once to testify, the mind inevitably injured.How can I bear her tear-generation language.  All the rhetoric, that motherhood in women weeping seemed so pale, so hypocritical.