Eighty percent of respondents intended to increase premium income

  Eighty percent of respondents intended to increase premium income Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Liu slowly) Insurance Association of Guangdong Province recently issued the "2018 Guangdong Insurance Consumer White Paper", and started this year's consumer protection work。   This white paper was collected through survey questionnaires online and offline the more than 20,000 consumers in Guangdong insurance consumer behavior, including nearly nine respondents believe it is necessary to purchase commercial insurance, while eighty percent of the respondents expect in the coming year consumer spending increased Insurance。
  Research results show that with the pricing advantages of the premium rate market-oriented, "Internet +" and electricity supplier has changed the way consumers buy, these changes eventually led initiative is quietly transferred from the hands of insurance institutions to policyholders。
  In addition, after 80, 90 after the insurance willingness significant, and to prevent and fight disease through the purchase of health insurance has become a major means of。
It is noteworthy that, in the main business rich, extensive sales channels, the insurance firms own influence has become an important factor in consumers to buy insurance Guangdong。