All over the world, is your voice

In the street, I was surprised to see her back.Just a skinny slender back, but he certainly knew her.Although they have not seen for 10 years.  His catch up, beat up a quick photo on her shoulder.A beautiful face turned from surprise to dismay, just for a second time.He laughed, she laughed.He said that 10 years have not seen it?She does not speak.He said you are so thin.She does not speak.He said the city also can not believe you!She does not speak.He said how you?Her puddle of tears as if to overflow.  They sat on the coffee flowing music.She used pen and paper to tell him her story: after graduation, an accident, she suddenly lost hearing, the world suddenly became silent, maddening.Then she stopped talking, and no one to talk to her.A few years later, she was unable to utter a word, even, unable to pronounce a complete word.  He was frozen in there.He remembered their high school.At that time she was always wearing a long ponytail, morning and evening, dressed in her flowing dress, she breezed into the school’s radio room, and big horn will be sounded in her sweet voice distant.He always giggle while listening, listen and giggle.He knew he was in love with her, but he did not dare to speak out.She is so charming and good, but he is so clumsy and humble.  He graduated from high school to keep the secret, then, he has waited until now.  After graduation, he never saw her again, nor any of her messages.He drift from one city to another, constantly changing their own living space and working environment.Of course, no shortage of pleasant around pretty girls, but to them, he did not always that special feeling of heart.  Think of today, even in the city, met her.She is still single, because the deaf and dumb.  He started dating her.Every day, he waited for her outside her work at the factory.When he was with her, and walked in the road reaped, how much he wanted her to his arm slung ah!But she was always careful, trying to keep his distance and just right between her and him.He knows, now, in her eyes, he is an excellent and handsome, and she is humble.Just because an accident, the world is upside down.  Coffee house, he wrote: You have to cheer up.She wrote: how Cheer?He wrote: you can re talking.She wrote: Maybe it?He wrote: certainly.I want to hear you speak.Your voice is so nice.She wrote: But he grabbed the pen, but do not, he wrote: Starting tomorrow, I’ll show you practice.  He really began to accompany her turn to speak.Difficult process, far more than his imagination.One month, six months, one year, complete sound, she turned again and speak fluent standard Mandarin.Sound, still so clear and touching.  Two people realize and validate a miracle birth.Later, they can talk face to face.In exchange for their efforts, not only is she can talk, you can also read lips.That day, the moonlight, he said, I love you.Her face is red, leaning over his shoulder, she discovered that, the silence of the world, actually can be so beautiful.  Radio City local news archives, is the lack of a broadcasting.He said to try.  She asked, all right?He shrugged Sure.  She said it would try.In fact, she did not own confidence, she just wanted to try to cope with what he, as well as their own.She was afraid he was sad.  Actually passed smoothly that even she felt incredible.She told them that he really can not hear any sound, at first they did not believe, then believe, but it is surprise and admiration.So they decided to try her probationary period is not full, just as she signed the contract.All good too unbelievable, two people cried.That the world is a meteor shower, they quietly to each other, a promise of good wishes.  He drove a cab for a long time every day no more lonely.Every news archives, he would turn on the radio, and then said to the guests on board, listen, my girlfriend in broadcasting it!He put down a half-hour festival catalog, listen to over and over again.Those boring monotonous local news became his favorite music.He gaily through the streets, humming a song, stop giggling.  That finished broadcast sound, directed told her at the time she made the program, the audience received a phone call the other party wish her happy forever.She asked to stay a name yet?Directed left called Chen Dong said, however, the sound does not seem quite right.The moment she had a sense of foreboding.She sent him a text message, did not return.5 minutes after the hair has not returned.5 minutes after the hair is still not back.She panicked, at this time the phone rang, she handed the phone directed, directed pick up on the white face.  She rushed to the hospital, his body was filled with tubes, motionless.She called his name, has been calling, kept shouting, but he did not wake up in the end.Send him to the hospital to tell her the good-hearted people, I found him, he is trying to climb out of the taxi and knocked deformation, covered in blood, even breathing becomes weak.However, he struggled to dial a phone.He said into the phone, I was Chen Dong for me to wish her happy forever.  Now, she leaned microphone mouth every day, on time to broadcast local news.Her voice was surprisingly calm.She would very much like him, very much like, but only quietly.  Six months ago I interviewed her.  She smiled and said, I can actually hear the sound, really.  She said with a smile, now, every day, including all night, my world, it was his voice.  She said with a smile, really.