All kinds of love

Sometimes I go to the shop dumplings, dumplings served, I always stared at it full of a transparent body, northerners call it “steaming ingot”, in fact, it is much better than the chilled ingot , dumpling itself is a perfect world, a thin cocoon, covered with an abundance of simple and delicious.    I especially like to see that side of kneading dumpling skin leaving fingerprints, the world’s so cold, and world civilization into charcoal may rob between the moment, but in any case, I sat at the table when someone above them in the hands kneading dumplings, steaming hot fog, the United States such as fingerprint marks carved on ancient pottery, eating dumplings can therefore simply divine up.    ”Shouze” Why must it be used to describe calligraphy?All traces of the perfect, or even fingerprints on the dumpling skin is beautiful Shouze do not?I suddenly feel the love of all things.    Alley sign a dumpling museum is authentic Sichuan, Shandong Dumpling House, perhaps a native of Sichuan, Shandong and a man and opened, and I like that sign, that you can simply draw a painting, and that there are even phone numbers, front Note the TEL, regarded with three letters, as the number itself, written in Arabic, of course, a small sign, can assimilative Sichuan, Shandong, Chinese, Arabic (the number of) word in English, say that it is a lovely.    Anyway, every school bus ride every day, but the car is reading some cases habit every day, one day, our car Zhongshan North Road, at the very start of his hand and called a leaf planted Song played with sound, how amazing punctuate law.    The original is a ventilation window in the fall, I do not know just new fall leaves, or the leaves on a tree in a place for a time, even on the occasional recreation off the roof, and now occasionally fall, I leaf crumple, it is premature death, at the moment, its aroma in my palms resurrection, my sheaf open micro green fingertips, actually conscious trance is a nascent tree, and just out of two shoots, green and fragrant, warm and much blood, studded with strange context and texture, leaf on the left, on the right leaf, I solemnly charge of co length of sprouts.    Two years ago in the summer, we went to Kansas to see Zhu and his family – the standard fairy dependents, Mr. Dr., master’s wife, the number of “just right” of children, reliable salary, a prestigious residential area of the house, the house blue sky outside the front lawn, trees outside the lawn, tree.Leaving, going to a photo, I look at the following four, unintentionally, said: “ah, good willow tree in your photo below?”” Our willow.”Zhu suddenly look back, Stern said: What is our willow?Anyway, we are ready to go!I can always make it not ‘our willow’.”A year later, he and his family are all back, I do not know the tree Kansas City now belongs to whom – but Zhu belongs to the land, he is no longer in front of the willow, he planted himself only as a piece of amidst greenery on land.    Spring, Zhongshan North Road, the red brick trail was hand holding a pocket with a thick wool selling long legs do strange bird, blowing a few birds thin shin, smug really like to walk the way.    Some foreigners can not help but stop to buy a.    Suddenly, there was a Chinese woman stopped, she did not top the young, about thirty, a glance is due to the shrewd life was very busy woman.    ”It’s a good thing,” she grabbed a small cast, “we must export, must make money, you go to ×××× × Lane Road, go up the second floor, there is a door × lady, you find her, she will think of ways to get you export!”Then she looked back once repeated addresses before they put away.    Taiwan, how can we not rich, even passers-by also pointing the way irrelevant how others do it for export, in fact, the kind of thing companies may already do export, but that woman’s enthusiasm was so cute tight grip.    To the middle of the summer countryside, bent into a fork, he sees a very small body frame of a child under the big banyan tree, put a few ropes hanging in the trees, he stood on a small stool, knot a simple knot, put it a few ropes woven mesh pots hanging baskets.    His mother sat in front of his front door, while taking care of the grocery store, while also edited a beautiful knot garden trees cicadas, I stopped to Yan stays with slander and talk to the woman and asked her you serve, she He told me not to sell, because the factory is a good sign contract to export, lead the way local friends say they are all rich man unemotional.    I remember that year to visit Macy’s in the United States, asked the counter lady that tape recorder is not Taiwan do, she retorted: “Of course, anyway, what with all the Japanese to Taiwan.”I always miss the nameless piece of country road, roadside that rich mother and child, as well as hanging baskets on the floor in the shade how they sit on opposite knitting fabric that is full of cicada.    I used to ask surnamed Lai painter, he is a Hakka, carpentry brother, the family business has to take care of each other.One year I called them, actually not, because to do the works of Guam.    After a year came back.    ”You also want to three-year apprenticeship it.”One time I chat with them Meihuazhaohua.    ”No, now two years on the line.”” How short?”” Of course, a modern, more intelligent!”Listen to what he said in all seriousness, suddenly feel optimistic about the future of mankind together, modern apprenticeship without the stove, not down the toilet, not for the boss wolf carrying children, of course, two years on the line.    I always remember the smile when they assert that a modern, more intelligent face share of dignity.Here is a large school hospital, dusk, patient out for a stroll, visiting some of the people walking in twos and threes.    That day, I met several of these people on the trails.    Traditionally, I like to go slower overheard someone talking.    One of them, the money does not go to complain, complain about complaining, like all the elderly, like, the topic suddenly went back forty years ago, a dollar can buy hundreds of eggs went up old story.    Suddenly, a man wait any longer, exclaimed: “You know, before the war, I was in junior high school, and once picked up a money on the street, oh, then I waited a Sunday, took the money goes into the the city, the restaurant and eat, and eat ice cream, and bought shoes, bought a dictionary, and saw the movie, oh, no money actually spent, na.”Trails getting high, getting cold evening.    I stationed offal, see them gradually gone, I do not know why, hearts full of love for Mosheng Ke Chung frost coming of dusk, forty years ago, a little boy, was sudden good fortune makes what a wonderful forty after years on the trails thin cold evening, he still can not forget.I do not know why, I suddenly felt the man was just a little boy, if possible, I would like that he is out of money people, people in the world for no more than the story of a legend.