All kinds of folk drinking customs

“Full moon wine” or “Days of Wine”, one of China ‘s Ethnic universal custom, have a baby, full moon, put a few tables banquet, invite friends and family to celebrate, friends and family are generally required with gifts, and some send red envelopes.”Send wine”: old child after birth, as calculated asked people to have hit nemesis, and more woe, to take him to a nearby temple, monks or priests as send, large families will have held a grand ceremony to send the name, after the audience with the Master, returned home, we should feast big way, worship gods and ancestors, and invite friends and family, the three pro-six dependents, paint the town red.”Life wine”: Chinese people have a custom birthday to the elderly, usually in the 60, 70-year-old birthday, etc., called birthday, organized by the children usually come forward or grandchildren, invite friends and family to attend the banquet.”Liang on wine” and “into the house wine”: In rural China, to build a house is a serious matter, the process of building houses, the upper beam is the most important of a process, it is on the beam this day, to do the beam wine in some places it has become popular with the custom of pouring wine beam.The house was built, when his family moved into their new homes, but also to run into the house wine, one to celebrate the completion of new homes, and Chi housewarming, one ancestor worship gods, in order to bless.”Opening wine” and “dividends wine”: This is a festive wine shop repairing workshop.Store opening, when the start of the workshop, the boss to repairing banquet to mark the happy celebration; shops or workshops by year-end Dividends on the shares, to do “bonus wine”.”Bolstering of wine”, also known as “off wine”, a friend to travel, organize a banquet, farewell express feelings.In the war years, battlefield warriors perform a major life-threatening and there is a great task, commanders will be for them poured a glass of wine, and of good courage as warriors off with wine.