Diet and sex have to do with it?

Diet and sex have to do with it?The impact of diet on the sex, far more than people's imagination。 Recently, published in the Web MD reports that the United States a number of common foods will affect people's sexuality。
To have a wonderful passion, we must properly control the intake of the following foods。
1 fried food。
French fries, potato chips, fried cakes and other foods not only difficult to digest, but also contains carcinogenic substances, affecting their health。 Eating too much of these foods easily lead to obesity, thereby affecting male sexual erectile function; make women appear endocrine disorders and other problems。 2 fat, sausage。
Big mouth to eat meat seem very manly, the opposite is true。 Eat lots of red meat, reduce the secretion of the male androgen, but also affect patency, making it difficult to fully erect penis。
Diet and sex have to do with it?3 Coffee。
A small amount of coffee can be refreshing, to promote sexual desire。
But drinking too much, it will affect the parasympathetic, resulting in reduced libido。
4 animal offal。 The latest study found that pigs, cattle, sheep liver, kidneys, etc., with different levels of heavy metals cadmium, scientific evidence shows that cadmium can cause a fertilized egg is not easy implantation, affect pregnancy。
5 tofu。 Harvard University School of Public Health, George·Dr. Charles Navarro from mid-2006 follow-up survey in 2000 of 99 men found that men eat soy products every day, every milliliter of semen, only 41 million sperm, significantly lower than men eat soy products。
Three times a week to eat less, eat 100 grams each will be able to avoid this from happening。