All kinds of expectations and had not yet withered unknown

Yesterday downstairs to a table upstairs today to bid farewell to a number of people carried away the bitterness and joy do not know how to talk to who should belong irrespective of how difficult their primary concern, “colon” vain have kept their promises to implement just unconscionable mission in the shoulder away from the heart of music sounded wish shackled to dance I do not know whether heavy footsteps stepping on drums askew seemingly robust physique dust thrown down at any time may have flooded the face of mischievous ghost upstairs window and bright autumn Lian Lian Hai thrown far from the sports venues sometimes at a loss the moment the atmosphere of people laughing surplus green house bursts as if the ancient myth of the words and eyes are outraged by solidification bloodshot eyes swam in those who play it safe corridor heels towards a piece of plaque Zhigongzhijia has dim color dusty fitness equipment farewell blurred dream huge plastic flowers appear helpless rolling bearing in mind that the first day of autumn, after all, all kinds of new and unknown is not expected to have withered (2012.08.31)