all is meant to be

A little while ago, Wu Feifei romance.She got depressed and had focussed on the network every day.By chance, Wu Feifei in the city met online Nvwang called Rose.At first, Wu Feifei just to pass the time, just talk to her talk.Unexpectedly, the more they talk the more speculative.  Three months later, they have become girlfriends talk about anything.By QQ chat, Miss Fifi probably understand the situation rose: her 28-year-old, who has suffered emotional harm on several occasions, so far one person alone.Online, rose like an intimate sister.Wu Feifei regardless of any problems, she can always easily resolved.Slowly, Wu Feifei feel increasingly inseparable from her.  That day, Miss Fifi sudden impulse to say: Sister Rose, I really want to know what you look like?They were right video?Who knows, Rose politely refused, saying: Fifi, we do not do it?Saying is not to say, from the United States to produce it!  After that, Wu Feifei good times request video, however, he was rejected each time.Wu Feifei not help but have doubts.Could this have any problems sister Rose?  Finally one day, Wu issued an ultimatum Fifi.She said: Sister Rose, if you do this video, I told you to sever contacts.Rose said bitterly: Sorry, Fifi!In fact, my face was burned three years ago, so, not easily seen by others.I beg you, let me retain the dignity of the final bar.Miss Fifi, too, that the original, roses really have difficulties.Miss Fifi truthfully say: In any case, we are best friends.Video does not matter, at least we can call it?  Soon, Rose called on the phone.Over the phone, Wu Fifi heard a gentle female voice: Fifi Hello, my sister Rose!Miss Fifi very happy voice on the other there is a sense of intimacy.However, Wu Fifi or more of a mind.She pretended to casually asked about some details of previous chat.Each time, the other side are fluent.Finally, Miss Fifi believe, and she is my rose.  After that, their relationship better.Every few days, they will pass the phone.Holidays, it is constantly short message.Fifi Wu also think, not very good meet, are best read to keep each other.Unconsciously, two years later.  That day, rose suddenly on QQ anxiously said: Fifi, do me a favor it?Originally, before Rose chatted for a field of male friends warrior.Talk down a few times, warriors actually deeply in love with Rose.Tomorrow, the warrior would take the train to come here, when Rose for confession.Rose pleaded: Fifi, how I can stop him, but to ask you to come forward, for me to refuse him.I really do not want to scare him!Wu Feifei readily agreed.  The next afternoon, Miss Fifi came to the appointed time grove.Sure enough, a handsome boy wearing jeans is holding roses, journeying waiting there.At this time, the boy subconsciously looked up, surprised and asked: you are you ‘roses’ it?I am a ‘warrior’.Miss Fifi nodded coldly said: say, I have to say on the Internet!I came to see you, but you do not want Baipaoyitang.Us is impossible, so, you still go back!When he finished, he turned away.The boy hastily caught up, grabbed Miss Fifi’s hand tightly: Wait!Fifi Wu shouted: you were let go, or I shout indecent assault!The struggle, the boy finally let go.Wu Feifei fled.  Two hours later, Miss Fifi is the unit to work, suddenly, colleagues said it was looking for her.He looked up, turned out to be the boy.Wu Feifei nervously: you how you got here?The boy said angrily: Well, you are not the roses, quickly said, where the real roses?  Originally, Fifi Wu left the boy in the woods like a long time.Finally, he decided not to pester.Before I left, the boy called Rose goodbye.Phone, rose sincerely wish him bon voyage, to find their true love.Got off the phone, the boy was about to leave.Suddenly, the ground was found hanging from a women’s cell phone cartoon doll.The boy understand, this phone is just left behind Wu Feifei.It turned out that she was not really roses.So the boy open the phone, the election of a number of relatives in the bar played in the past.The boy said he picked up the phone, hope returned to the owner.So, the boy told the relatives that Wu Wu Fifi Fifi Address impressed by the boy’s infatuation.Finally, she could not help but tell all the boys.However, she deliberately concealed details Rose burns.Because she did not want to destroy the good image of the boy’s heart rose.Fifi advised Wu: I know that you are infatuated with ‘Rose’.However, the ‘Rose’ really do not like you, you still go back.The boy shook his head: No, I must see her.Otherwise, I will regret it forever!Wu Feifei difficult to say: But, I do not know where she is.At this time, the boy suddenly outright: This is something to say tomorrow.I put the phone back to you, do not invite me to dinner it?Wu nodded Fifi.  At this time, it happens to be off work.Miss Fifi do the honors with the boy to wangzhuang food stalls to taste local snacks.Boy bluntly, waving chopsticks to eat porch.The dinner table, Miss Fifi know, boy named Peifei Yang.After dinner, Peifei Yang wiped his mouth, said: Tonight, I find a hotel stay.Tomorrow is Saturday, to accompany me to find you ‘roses’ together.Wu Feifei no choice but to answer.  The next morning, Miss Fifi and Peifei Yang ate breakfast together.Wu Feifei reluctantly Q: Let’s where to find it?Peifei Yang said: ‘Rose’ is not it like to go to Internet cafes?I’m a computer expert, just check her IP address, you probably know your bearings!  Wu Feifei immediately with mobile phones to log QQ, however, Rose is not online.Peifei Yang then said: What do you call her, she said, need to talk to chat online.Who knows, rose unexpectedly shut down.Peifei Yang discouraged to say: I see!She was afraid I did not go, deliberately cut off all ties!Wu Feifei Q: how to do it?Peifei Yang looked up at the sky, smiled and said: such a good weather, can not be wasted!Here’s what attractions, you accompany me to visit your fill, as long as she was on the line, we went to her!  The same day, Wu Feifei became a full-time tour guide Peifei Yang.Tour eight Wolf, Western Hills Park, plum and other places along the lake.Peifei Yang generous food and drink are rushing to pay the bill.Play the gap, Wu Feifei dig the phone from time to time to see, however, Rose has not been on the line.Nevertheless, Miss Fifi still very happy.To be honest, she was busy working on weekdays, never visited these places of interest.The Peifei Yang came, which happened also to relax a bit.