All in the circle

Text / Zhaoyuan Bo He Yan is a person of the late Han Dynasty period, who grew up in the Prime Minister’s palace in Cao Cao.It is wise beyond the age of seven, like a child prodigy, won the favorite Cao Cao, he did want to close godson.He Yan little people knew that he did not want a change of surname Cao Cao do not want godson, his mouth did not say, but drew a circle on the ground, put his ring on the inside.Someone asked him what that meant, he replied: This is what my house.Cao Cao heard about it, not force him, then sent him home.For the inconvenience of unspoken words, He Yan might like the same things with a certain to pass the relevant information, and let people know what you mean, to not more than that, nothing at all, people will be able to understand the purpose of what you mean.