All break the curse words

I will not speak, I can not express!To interpret how I love you, what means to prove my love for you!Writing?!Text will only inflame!At this moment, I began to hate me these are piled up text.What humor, what humor, what fond…..Give in to prove my innocence!Writing?!Text only quibble tools!I was too self-righteous.I thought you would understand my feelings.I thought you would understand my feelings.I thought, you must understand how much I love you!I thought?I think it really is.Writing?Text is all this fuse!Vivid descriptions will become a curse.Text was really alive buried in a grave!vilify?!I actually make you feel that way?!Ah damn!Damn text!When beautify became vilify.When looking into a disgust.How to accurately convey to you my goodwill?The text of how to end this disaster?Gosh.I really can not express.I have flawless tongue.I’m sorry, I love you – my favorite teacher!- “Red Beans” Reflection.Postscript: Pinghuqiuyue attracted a small controversy.Tender writing is not my interpretation of love for you, brains also did not think the right word to describe you.Beautify, to adorn those things just had not the United States.I am not willing to use too many qualifiers, I’m afraid my overly modified destroyed your most natural beauty, not enough time to interpret.Let it all makes you mistaken vilify.However, you send on my dictionary, never that ugly word.The original junior high school, I still can not express that in your eyes.