All because of love

Wife dead.  This is his mind the only thing I remember.  Just five days ago, his wife returned from the field, sitting in the car was rear-ended by a truck, she died on the spot.  Alcohol made him forget the day and night.All he knew was drunk able to see the beautiful and gentle in her dreams.  Whenever he was holding his wife to say I love you in a dream, the dream will be broken, he was mercilessly beaten back to reality.  The seventh night, the wife of Huihun night.Like the previous nights, he drank a lot of wine, his wife is still waiting for him in a dream.  do not leave me.Holding his wife, not love her because he did not want to end this dream early.  Honey, will you promise me one thing?His wife’s smile made him forget the sad.  What do you say I promise you.He hugging his wife.  Tomorrow there will be a man came to our house, when you see her to remember: “You come back?”It’s that simple, how?Young wife with a straight face, mischievous smile.  Well, I promise you anything.He would like to hold a tight grip of some, but the dream is always so short.When he woke up, his arms still remained his wife seemed to breath.  He kissed his wife’s photo: I will do that.  The next day, the doorbell ringing unhurried, he walked over to open the door Lower the photo.A woman standing outside the door, easy to see her decadence, he smelled her body exudes a strong alcohol.  You’re back?He said to the woman in front of.  I am back.Woman dark eyes suddenly bright.  Woman handed him a ticket and she left his business card.  From that day, his wife never appeared in his dream.  A month later, he and a woman walking together, he suddenly pulled the woman’s hand: I love you!  The woman said: you said to me, ‘You come back’ at the moment I have been in love with you.  His face bitter: but I still can not let go of my wife.  Woman laughed language.  He took his wife on a dream he had to say and told the woman.  Amazed to hear a woman’s face made him feel uneasy.  The woman said: I tell you one thing, every day I go home, my husband would say to me, very gently, ‘You come back’, that night, I dream of my husband, he told me your address, He told me to give you a ticket goes on.  I have not seen the ticket goes on.He took from his wallet goes ticket, tears glide cheek and landed on his arm slung woman hands.  what happened?The woman asked with concern him.  My wife also this car.  He looked at the woman, they suddenly understood his wife and her husband’s intention.  All because of love.